Worldwide airfield directory

The biggest international airport, small farm fields in the jungle of Brazil, the police heliport of Los Angeles, or a new air base in the middle of the desert. Find them all in this Worldwide Airfield Directory. Over 40.000 locations at the moment. This is a work in progress, so the numbers below will change on a daily basis.

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Seaplane base6132663020

Last updated airfields

Field nameCoordinatesLast update
Ianca Air Base45.15869904N 27.43090057E25 November 2017
Suceava Airport (SCV/LRSV)47.6875N 26.35409927ECIV25 November 2017
Chernovtsy Airport (CWC/UKLN)48.26011276N 25.97956848ECIV25 November 2017
Stryi Air Base49.24330139N 23.7866993EMIL25 November 2017
Liubsha Air Base49.28932953N 24.19771957E25 November 2017
Satu Mare International Airport (SUJ/LRSM)47.70330048N 22.88570023ECIV24 November 2017
Sălicea Airfield46.68497849N 23.50704765ECIV24 November 2017
Oradea International Airport (OMR/LROD)47.02529907N 21.90250015ECIV24 November 2017
Cluj-Napoca International Airport (CLJ/LRCL)46.78519821N 23.68619919ECIV24 November 2017
Benefis Healthcare Helipad47.49184036N 111.25983429WCIV24 November 2017
Sakesar Helipad32.54893112N 71.942276EMIL24 November 2017
Tablada Helipad37.36375809N 6.0052762WMIL24 November 2017
Harare International Airport (HRE/FVHA)17.93053246S 31.09436607ECIV/MIL24 November 2017
Fylde Air Base18.16444588S 29.96460152EMIL24 November 2017
Thaba Tshwane Hospital Helipad25.77688026S 28.15941238EMIL24 November 2017
Clinton County Airport39.5028038N 83.86314392WCIV24 November 2017
Lone Pine Airport36.59036636N 118.04667664WCIV24 November 2017
Kingman Airport (IGM/KIGM)35.25748444N 113.94067383WCIV24 November 2017
Queen Sirikit Naval Hospital Helipad12.68968773N 100.98335266EMIL24 November 2017
U-Tapao International Airport (UTP/VTBU)12.67990017N 101.00499725ECIV/MIL24 November 2017
Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE/KABE)40.65169907N 75.44272614WCIV23 November 2017
Okeechobee County Airport (OBE/KOBE)27.26596832N 80.85114288WCIV23 November 2017
Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB/KDAB)29.18286896N 81.05238342WCIV23 November 2017
Toluca Helipad19.32813454N 99.66661072WCIV23 November 2017
Puerto Belgrano Naval Base Heliport38.88873291S 62.1086731WMIL22 November 2017

Last updated spotting hotels

Citotel Les Alizés @ Limoges-Bellegarde Airport (LIG/LFBL)

Hotel description: Inexpensive hotel right next to the airport with own restaurant and swimming pool.

Spotting opportunities: No views from the rooms itself, but the platform is less than 50m away.

Room information:

Alexis Park Inn @ Iowa City Municipal Airport (IOW/KIOW)

Hotel description: Decent quality hotel for good prices. Easy to get to and close to city center.

Spotting opportunities: Hotel is situated right next to the airport, but views from the rooms are limited. Only rooms on the east have some views of landings on Runway 25. No rooms facing the airport directly.

Room information:

Hof von Hannover @ Wittmundhafen (ETNT)

Hotel description: Ok hotel from a price and quality perspective. Cheap, good breakfast. Please note the check in times, otherwise reception is closed.

Spotting opportunities: Close to the Airfield, just 3 miles on the same road.

Room information:

Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Maine @ Portland International Jetport (PWM/KPWM)

Hotel description: High end hotel right at the airport.

Spotting opportunities: Rooms on the eastside have a view on the general aviation platforms, as well as the departures/arrivals on runway 18.

Room information:

Madrid Marriott Auditorium @ Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD/LEMD)

Hotel description: Good quality hotel and conference center, just south of Madrid airport. Free shuttle busses every half hour between all terminals and the hotel.

Spotting opportunities: Rooms facing the airport have a decent view of the airport, though good binoculars are needed to read most traffic. Taking pictures is all but impossible due to windows that cannot open and the distance.

Room information: Rooms on 2nd and 3rd floor facing the airport

Aviotel @ Marina di Campo Airport (EBA/LIRJ)

Hotel description: [no description given]

Spotting opportunities: Hotel is right at the airport, next to the tiny terminal building. The pool is just a few meters from the runway!

Room information: