Worldwide airfield directory

The biggest international airport, small farm fields in the jungle of Brazil, the police heliport of Los Angeles, or a new air base in the middle of the desert. Find them all in this Worldwide Airfield Directory. Over 40.000 locations at the moment. This is a work in progress, so the numbers below will change on a daily basis.

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Seaplane base6002793020

Last updated airfields

Field nameCoordinatesLast update
Satara Sainik School Helipad17.6911602N 74.01886749ECIV16 January 2018
Walton Airport (OPLH)31.49480057N 74.34619904ECIV16 January 2018
Chignik Airport (PAJC)56.31150055N 158.3730011WCIV16 January 2018
Chignik Lake Airport (KCQ)56.25538254N 158.77793884WCIV16 January 2018
Perryville Airport (KPV/PAPE)55.9066658N 159.16055298WCIV16 January 2018
Ivanof Bay Seaplane Base (KIB)55.89749908N 159.48861694WCIV16 January 2018
Port Moller Airport (PML/PAAL)56.00583267N 160.56056213WCIV16 January 2018
Nelson Lagoon Airport (NLG/PAOU)56.00749969N 161.16027832WCIV16 January 2018
Herendeen Bay Airport (HED)55.80229187N 160.90142822WCIV16 January 2018
Squaw Harbor Seaplane Base55.23329926N 160.55200195WCIV16 January 2018
Sand Point Airport (SDP/PASD)55.31361008N 160.52139282WCIV16 January 2018
Blinn Lake Seaplane Base55.25159836N 162.75300598WCIV16 January 2018
Cold Bay Airport (CDB/PACD)55.20505142N 162.72602844WCIV16 January 2018
Pauloff Harbor Seaplane Base (KPH)54.45909882N 162.69400024WCIV16 January 2018
False Pass Airport (KFP/PAKF)54.84786224N 163.40710449WCIV16 January 2018
Cape Sarichef Airport (PACS)54.58364487N 164.90576172WCIV16 January 2018
Akutan Seaplane Base (KQA)54.13200378N 165.77928162WCIV16 January 2018
Nikolski Air Station (IKO/PAKO)52.94138718N 168.84889221WCIV16 January 2018
Chernofski Harbor Seaplane Base (KCN)53.39819717N 167.54544067WCIV16 January 2018
Driftwood Bay AFS (PAAM)53.97257233N 166.85792542WMIL16 January 2018
Unalaska Airport (DUT/PADU)53.89888763N 166.54499817WCIV16 January 2018
Sheboygan County Memorial Airport (SBM/KSBM)43.76888657N 87.85321045WCIV16 January 2018
Seymour Johnson AFB (GSB/KGSB)35.33916855N 77.96055603WMIL11 January 2018
Hood Field35.17503357N 77.48352051WCIV11 January 2018
Lenoir Memorial Hospital Helipad35.28990173N 77.58442688WCIV11 January 2018

Last updated spotting hotels

Ramada Wichita Airport @ Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT/KICT)

Hotel description: Good quality hotel right at the edge of the airport.

Spotting opportunities: Good views of the airport from the parking lot and rooms on the southside should have good views as well. Landings on 19L can be observed from here as well.

Room information:

Citotel Les Aliz├ęs @ Limoges-Bellegarde Airport (LIG/LFBL)

Hotel description: Inexpensive hotel right next to the airport with own restaurant and swimming pool.

Spotting opportunities: No views from the rooms itself, but the platform is less than 50m away.

Room information:

Alexis Park Inn @ Iowa City Municipal Airport (IOW/KIOW)

Hotel description: Decent quality hotel for good prices. Easy to get to and close to city center.

Spotting opportunities: Hotel is situated right next to the airport, but views from the rooms are limited. Only rooms on the east have some views of landings on Runway 25. No rooms facing the airport directly.

Room information:

Hof von Hannover @ Wittmundhafen (ETNT)

Hotel description: Ok hotel from a price and quality perspective. Cheap, good breakfast. Please note the check in times, otherwise reception is closed.

Spotting opportunities: Close to the Airfield, just 3 miles on the same road.

Room information:

Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Maine @ Portland International Jetport (PWM/KPWM)

Hotel description: High end hotel right at the airport.

Spotting opportunities: Rooms on the eastside have a view on the general aviation platforms, as well as the departures/arrivals on runway 18.

Room information:

Madrid Marriott Auditorium @ Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD/LEMD)

Hotel description: Good quality hotel and conference center, just south of Madrid airport. Free shuttle busses every half hour between all terminals and the hotel.

Spotting opportunities: Rooms facing the airport have a decent view of the airport, though good binoculars are needed to read most traffic. Taking pictures is all but impossible due to windows that cannot open and the distance.

Room information: Rooms on 2nd and 3rd floor facing the airport