Worldwide airfield directory

The biggest international airport, small farm fields in the jungle of Brazil, the police heliport of Los Angeles, or a new air base in the middle of the desert. Find them all in this Worldwide Airfield Directory. Over 40.000 locations at the moment. This is a work in progress, so the numbers below will change on a daily basis.

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Last updated airfields

Field nameCoordinatesLast update
Kalahari Game Lodge Airport (FYKE)25.63779068S 19.85801506ECIV26 May 2018
South Big Horn County Airport (GEY/KGEY)44.52065277N 108.07883453WCIV26 May 2018
Alor Island Airport (ARD/WATM)8.1325531S 124.5970459ECIV26 May 2018
Three Rivers Homestead Airport (YTHR)25.13897324S 119.10339355ECIV26 May 2018
Ministro Pistarini International Airport (BAI/MRBA)9.16331387N 83.3302002WCIV26 May 2018
Delmore Downs Airport (YDLD)22.46066093S 134.88708496ECIV26 May 2018
Kassala Airport (KSL/HSKA)15.38749981N 36.3288002ECIV26 May 2018
Rendani Airport (MKW/WASR)0.89183301S 134.04878235ECIV26 May 2018
London-Corbin Airport (LOZ/KLOZ)37.08718109N 84.07666779WCIV/MIL26 May 2018
Metropolitan Business Center Helipad (SSLV)21.19342995S 47.80149078WCIV26 May 2018
Fazenda do Jacuí Airport (SSJC)29.98327827S 51.30113602WCIV26 May 2018
Kasane Airport (BBK/FBKE)17.83204079S 25.16510391ECIV26 May 2018
Mpika Airport (FLMP)11.89936829S 31.43457031ECIV26 May 2018
Mvula Sanda Airport (FZAY)5.80004978S 13.44043159ECIV26 May 2018
Aragarças Airport (SJVO)15.89939976S 52.24110031WCIV26 May 2018
Casterton Airport (YCTN)37.61278152S 141.36231995ECIV26 May 2018
Wollogorang Airport (WLL/YWOR)17.21990013S 137.93452454ECIV26 May 2018
Forquilhinha Airport (CCM/SBCM)28.72579765S 49.42413712WCIV26 May 2018
Bowman Field (LOU/KLOU)38.22754288N 85.66481781WCIV26 May 2018
Upper Horton Wyl Airport (YUPH)30.10618591S 150.40438843ECIV26 May 2018
Wilpena Pound (HWK/YHAW)31.85590744S 138.46807861ECIV26 May 2018
Pottstown Limerick Airport (PTW/KPTW)40.23944473N 75.55666351WCIV26 May 2018
Salgueiro Airport (SNSG)8.047925S 39.1325798WCIV26 May 2018
Hospital Esperança Helipad (SNHY)8.06720161S 34.89546967WCIV26 May 2018
Mamburao Airport (MBO/RPUM)13.20787048N 120.60551453ECIV26 May 2018

Last updated spotting hotels

Holiday Inn Express @ London Luton Airport (LTN/EGGW)

Hotel description: Standard Holiday Inn, Bar serving food has runway views and is open to non residents, 80GBP a night

Spotting opportunities: Third floor rooms give views of the runway on one side, Biz jet parking and the terminal from the other.

Room information:

Hotel J Green Bay @ Green Bay International Airport (GRB/KGRB)

Hotel description: Motel right next to the airport. Clean, well maintained and nice indoor pool.

Spotting opportunities: Next to the airport, on final approach to runway 24.

Room information: Rooms facing north have an airport view

Motel Istros Aviaparkas @ Panevežys Istra Airport (EYPI)

Hotel description: Simple, but clean and comfortable motel right at the airfield.

Spotting opportunities: In the middle between the museum and the ramp, rooms have a view on either of those. For spotting... just step outside.

Room information:

Ramada Wichita Airport @ Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (ICT/KICT)

Hotel description: Good quality hotel right at the edge of the airport.

Spotting opportunities: Good views of the airport from the parking lot and rooms on the southside should have good views as well. Landings on 19L can be observed from here as well.

Room information:

Citotel Les Alizés @ Limoges-Bellegarde Airport (LIG/LFBL)

Hotel description: Inexpensive hotel right next to the airport with own restaurant and swimming pool.

Spotting opportunities: No views from the rooms itself, but the platform is less than 50m away.

Room information:

Alexis Park Inn @ Iowa City Municipal Airport (IOW/KIOW)

Hotel description: Decent quality hotel for good prices. Easy to get to and close to city center.

Spotting opportunities: Hotel is situated right next to the airport, but views from the rooms are limited. Only rooms on the east have some views of landings on Runway 25. No rooms facing the airport directly.

Room information: