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The biggest international airport, small farm fields in the jungle of Brazil, the police heliport of Los Angeles, or a new air base in the middle of the desert. Find them all in this Worldwide Airfield Directory. Over 40.000 locations at the moment. This is a work in progress, so the numbers below will change on a daily basis.

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Last updated airfields

Field nameCoordinatesLast update
Piraeus Heliport (LGLX)37.99154663N 23.57445717EMIL18 September 2017
Amphiali Heliport (LGAM)37.96686172N 23.53181648EMIL18 September 2017
Alcalá del Río Airfield37.55324173N 5.98085403WCIV18 September 2017
Badajoz Barracks Helipad39.02278519N 6.89682913WMIL18 September 2017
Marín Naval Base Helipad42.39668274N 8.7084856WMIL18 September 2017
Pontevedra Barracks Helipad42.38623428N 8.65274525WMIL18 September 2017
McNary Field (SLE/KSLE)44.91011047N 123.00177002WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE/KEGE)39.64250183N 106.91583252WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
Eastern Oregon Regional Airport (PDT/KPDT)45.69499969N 118.84139252WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
Selah Creek Landing Zone46.71310043N 120.3259964WMIL9 September 2017
Vagabond AHP (FCT/KFCT)46.66942978N 120.45595551WMIL9 September 2017
Helena Regional Airport (HLN/KHLN)46.60593033N 111.98207092WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
Capital City Airport (FFT/KFFT)38.1819458N 84.90611267WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
Boone National Guard Heliport38.18927002N 84.90552521W9 September 2017
Godman AAF (FTK/KFTK)37.90748596N 85.96975708WMIL9 September 2017
McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport (MKL/KMKL)35.59944534N 88.91521454WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
Jackson-Evers International Airport (JAN/KJAN)32.31111145N 90.07583618WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
Martin Army Hospital Helipad32.37558365N 84.92835236WMIL9 September 2017
Lawson AAF (LSF/KLSF)32.33166504N 84.98694611WMIL9 September 2017
Palm Beach International Airport (PBI/KPBI)26.68255806N 80.09375763WCIV9 September 2017
Hernando County Airport (KBKV)28.47360039N 82.45539856WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
MacDill AFB (MCF/KMCF)27.84916687N 82.52111053WMIL9 September 2017
Rowan County Airport (SRW/KRUQ)35.64583206N 80.52027893WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU/KRDU)35.88034821N 78.78769684WCIV/MIL9 September 2017
Vicksburg Municipal Airport (VKS/KVKS)32.23884964N 90.92822266WCIV9 September 2017

Last updated spotting hotels

Hof von Hannover @ Wittmundhafen (ETNT)

Hotel description: Ok hotel from a price and quality perspective. Cheap, good breakfast. Please note the check in times, otherwise reception is closed.

Spotting opportunities: Close to the Airfield, just 3 miles on the same road.

Room information:

Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Maine @ Portland International Jetport (PWM/KPWM)

Hotel description: High end hotel right at the airport.

Spotting opportunities: Rooms on the eastside have a view on the general aviation platforms, as well as the departures/arrivals on runway 18.

Room information:

Madrid Marriott Auditorium @ Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD/LEMD)

Hotel description: Good quality hotel and conference center, just south of Madrid airport. Free shuttle busses every half hour between all terminals and the hotel.

Spotting opportunities: Rooms facing the airport have a decent view of the airport, though good binoculars are needed to read most traffic. Taking pictures is all but impossible due to windows that cannot open and the distance.

Room information: Rooms on 2nd and 3rd floor facing the airport

Aviotel @ Marina di Campo Airport (EBA/LIRJ)

Hotel description: [no description given]

Spotting opportunities: Hotel is right at the airport, next to the tiny terminal building. The pool is just a few meters from the runway!

Room information:

Oryx Rotana @ Doha International Airport (DOH/OTBD)

Hotel description: 5 star hotel with a pool, restaurants and bar. Located right next to the runway of the old airport.

Spotting opportunities: From the hotel rooms, you will have a good view on the northern part of the airport, including the Qatar helicopters. When landing from the north, you can easily spot anything from the pool or rooms. The rooms on top of the entrance facing the outside are preferable. There are even more expensive rooms with a balcony, which are top locations to view the movements. When aircraft take of to the north, they fly already pretty high when passing the hotel, especially the jets.

Room information: all rooms on the outside above the entrance

Thon Hotel Høyers @ Skien-Geiteryggen Airport (SKE/ENSN)

Hotel description: In the heart of Skien, just 5 kilometers from Geiteryggen Airport.

Spotting opportunities: No spotting opportunities from the hotel, sadly.

Room information: