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The biggest international airport, small farm fields in the jungle of Brazil, the police heliport of Los Angeles, or a new air base in the middle of the desert. Find them all in this Worldwide Airfield Directory. Over 40.000 locations at the moment. This is a work in progress, so the numbers below will change on a daily basis.

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Last updated airfields

Field nameCoordinatesLast update
Tarnow Airfield50.00160217N 21.00434685ECIV22 March 2017
Brzesko Helipad49.9684639N 20.59049034ECIV22 March 2017
Kraków-Łęg Heliport50.06071091N 20.01242256ECIV22 March 2017
Beauvais Hospital Helipad49.44934082N 2.06849694ECIV22 March 2017
Rouen Hospital Helipad49.4404335N 1.11123872ECIV22 March 2017
Usine Renault Helipad49.4766655N 0.30250001E22 March 2017
L'estuaire Hospital Helipad49.38529205N 0.202464ECIV22 March 2017
Caen Hospital Helipad49.20628357N 0.355012W22 March 2017
Caen - Carpiquet Airport (CFR/LFRK)49.17563629N 0.45510691WCIV22 March 2017
Saint Malo Hospital Helipad48.63801193N 2.00893211WCIV22 March 2017
Saint Brieuc Airport48.51277161N 2.80525804W22 March 2017
Lannion Hospital Helipad48.72294998N 3.46489167WCIV22 March 2017
La Cavale Blanche Centre Hospitalier Helipad48.40353012N 4.52956676WCIV22 March 2017
Cornouailles Heliport47.98513031N 4.09580946WCIV22 March 2017
Villarrobledo Hospital Helipad39.27952957N 2.602566WCIV21 March 2017
Tordera Airfield41.68716431N 2.74789095ECIV21 March 2017
Mahon Hospital Helipad39.88269806N 4.25223017ECIV21 March 2017
Binissalem Airfield39.68151093N 2.87785912ECIV21 March 2017
Inca Hospital Helipad39.71628189N 2.92336011ECIV21 March 2017
Cartagena Hospital Helipad37.59951019N 0.960998WCIV21 March 2017
Murcia-Corvera International Airport (RMU)37.80299759N 1.125W21 March 2017
Alicante Hospital Helipad38.36275101N 0.48592901WCIV21 March 2017
Xàtiva Hospital Helipad39.00540543N 0.51036698WCIV21 March 2017
San Torcuato Airfield42.47522354N 2.87290502WCIV21 March 2017
Usansolo Hospital Helipad43.2238884N 2.81938195WCIV21 March 2017

Last updated spotting hotels

Oryx Rotana @ Doha International Airport (DOH/OTBD)

Hotel description: 5 star hotel with a pool, restaurants and bar. Located right next to the runway of the old airport.

Spotting opportunities: From the hotel rooms, you will have a good view on the northern part of the airport, including the Qatar helicopters. When landing from the north, you can easily spot anything from the pool or rooms. The rooms on top of the entrance facing the outside are preferable. There are even more expensive rooms with a balcony, which are top locations to view the movements. When aircraft take of to the north, they fly already pretty high when passing the hotel, especially the jets.

Room information: all rooms on the outside above the entrance

Thon Hotel Høyers @ Skien Airport, Geiteryggen (SKE/ENSN)

Hotel description: In the heart of Skien, just 5 kilometers from Geiteryggen Airport.

Spotting opportunities: No spotting opportunities from the hotel, sadly.

Room information:

Skagen hotel @ Bodø Airport (BOO/ENBO)

Hotel description: Rooms are available from 75 euro, good breakfast, within walking distance of the airport and harbor.

Spotting opportunities: Walking distance to the airport, there are spotting opportunities at the approach at the eastern side, and possible to see aircraft of Wideroe plius the resque heli at the western side of the airport.

Room information: none

Citizen M @ Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG/LFPG)

Hotel description: Hotel is located in the middle of the airport, with views on the taxiways. Price is decent for a CDG hotel. You can reach the hotel with the small shuttle train which runs between T1 and T2.

Spotting opportunities: You can opt for a room with an airfield window or a parking lot view, choosing for no extra charge. However, the parkinglot also faces the taxi tracks. So spotting from your hotel room is possible. For registrations reading of aircraft taking off a strong binocular is needed. However, you can always take the shuttle train to go to terminal 1 (including views on the military platform) or terminal 2.

Room information:

Vila Gale Santa Cruz @ Madeira Airport (FNC/LPMA)

Hotel description: Very good quality hotel with breakfast only, half board or even all inclusive. Hotel features several extras including a large outdoor pool, restaurants and a nearby golf course. Location is in the center or Santa Cruz, right next to the airport.

Spotting opportunities: The hotel is situated right next to the approach. The airport is on high ground which means the hotel does not offer views onto the airport, but all aircraft approaching from the south come right in front of the hotel. All sea view rooms offer good views, but perhaps the best spotting is simply from the large infinity pool!

Room information: All sea view rooms

Queen's Garden Resort @ Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK/VTBS)

Hotel description: Decent hotel, but fairly basic. Price is good, facilities are simple. The hotel does have a restaurant with good food and there are some other places around too. It is too far from Bangkok itself to be a good hotel to explore the city as well.

Spotting opportunities: The hotel is underneath the approach to runway 19R of Bangkok Airport. It does not offer any views to the airport itself from the rooms, but the rooftop provides a good viewing point. From there the landing planes (or planes taking off) can be seen and most can be read. Distances are probably a bit too far for taking pictures.

Room information: none