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22 Unpaveds found in Angola. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Ambriz Airport (AZZ/FNAM)7.86345243S 13.11610031ECIV
Andulo Airport (ANL)11.47229958S 16.71089935ECIV
Bibala Airfield14.74670887S 13.34542179ECIV
Cacolo Airfield10.10960102S 19.2855587ECIV
Cafunfo Airport (CFF/FNCF)8.78352547S 17.99073029ECIV
Camabatela Airport (FNCM)8.17834568S 15.3831892ECIV
Camaxilo Airport (CXM/FNCX)8.37316418S 18.9237709ECIV
Camembe Airport (FNCB)8.11719608S 14.50107288ECIV
Camucuio Airstrip14.10267735S 13.24628925ECIV
Cangamba Airport (CNZ)13.7105999S 19.86109924ECIV
Cazombo Airport (CAV/FNCZ)11.89315224S 22.91622925ECIV
Chitato Airport (PGI/FNCH)7.35786867S 20.80401421ECIV
Coemba Airport12.14370441S 18.08536339ECIV
Cubal Airfield13.01658058S 14.25185966ECIV
Jamba Airport (JMB)14.69810963S 16.06877518ECIV
Luau Airport (UAL/FNUA)10.71588421S 22.23084259ECIV
Lukapa Airport (LBZ/FNLK)8.44271374S 20.73285866ECIV
Lumbala N'guimbo Airport (GGC)12.63903999S 22.58875084ECIV
Luzamba Airport (LZM/FNLZ)9.11596012S 18.04938507ECIV
Nzagi Airport (FNZG)7.71651459S 21.35811424ECIV
Sanza Pombo Airport (FNPB)7.28901768S 15.93063927ECIV
Virei Airstrip15.72292709S 12.96809292ECIV