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20 Fields found in Australia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Enoggera Barracks (YENO)27.42753792S 152.97160339EMIL
Garden Island (Military) Airport (YGAD)32.24071884S 115.68523407EMIL
Holsworthy AHP (YSHW)33.99574661S 150.95225525EMIL
Nowra Airport (NOA/YSNW)34.94218063S 150.54438782ECIV/MIL
Oakey Air Base (OKY/YBOK)27.41139984S 151.73500061EMIL
Puckapunyal Air Base (YPKL)36.99780655S 145.06437683EMIL
Puckapunyal Helipad37.00326538S 145.04852295EMIL
RAAF Base Amberley (YAMB)27.63744545S 152.71221924EMIL
RAAF Base Curtin (DCN/YCIN)17.58049965S 123.82881927EMIL
RAAF Base East Sale (YMES)38.09856033S 147.15158081EMIL
RAAF Base Edinburgh (YPED)34.70426178S 138.61585999EMIL
RAAF Base Glenbrook (YGNB)33.76163483S 150.63624573EMIL
RAAF Base Pearce (YPEA)31.67331696S 116.01516724EMIL
RAAF Base Richmond (YSRI)33.60464096S 150.78285217EMIL
RAAF Base Tindal (KTR/YPTN)14.52168179S 132.37722778EMIL
RAAF Base Williamtown (NTL/YWLM)32.79597855S 151.83496094ECIV/MIL
RAAF Gingin (YGIG)31.4643116S 115.86316681EMIL
RAAF Scherger (YBSG)12.62322998S 142.08837891EMIL
RAAF Williams Point Cook Base (YMPC)37.93125534S 144.7537384EMIL
Wagga Wagga Airport (WGA/YSWG)35.1640358S 147.46743774ECIV/MIL