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16 Unpaveds found in Bolivia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bulo Bulo Airport (SLBB)17.25591469S 64.3685379WCIV
Cerdas Airport (SLCS)20.80833244S 66.40110779WCIV
Chacobos Airport (SLHS)19.5996933S 62.5633812WCIV
Copacabana Airport (SLCC)16.19052124S 69.09456635WCIV
El Escondido Airport (SLEE)21.46556091S 63.35245514WCIV
El Salvador Airport (SLEV)14.49800873S 66.76260376WCIV
Florida Airport (SLFL)14.60743904S 61.19835663WCIV
Porvenir Norte Airport (SLPN)13.98924923S 61.54219055WCIV
Saipiru Airport (SLSS)19.39512634S 63.07175827W
San Borja Airport (SRJ/SLSB)14.85739517S 66.73760223WCIV
San Ignacio de Moxos Airport (SNM/SLSM)13.99317074S 65.64428711WCIV
San Javier Airport (SJV/SLJV)16.2661438S 62.47055817WCIV
San Lorenzo Airport (SLLZ)15.38751221S 65.74867249WCIV
Santa Rosa Del Sara Airport (SLSK)17.10451317S 63.60861588WCIV
Teoponte Airport (SLTE)15.49184036S 67.82748413WCIV
Venecia Airport (SLVE)14.63637352S 66.75025177WCIV