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1662 Airfields found in Brazil (showing 1 to 1000). Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
14 Bis Airport (SSOK)23.21416664S 51.18583298W
Aba Airport (SNDH)12.16027832S 45.02249908W
Abaeté Airport (SNLI)19.15559959S 45.49480057W
Abaré Airport (SDLI)8.73698997S 39.11539841WCIV
Açu Airport (SNUC)5.59509277S 36.96098328WCIV
Adhemar de Barros Airport (PPB/SBDN)22.1751194S 51.42415237WCIV
Adhemar Ribeiro Airport (SDRD)21.64249992S 47.4711113W
Adustina Airport (SNAH)10.58090019S 38.08879852WCIV
Aéreo Amazônia Airport (SSXN)8.29833317S 55.11472321W
Aero Agrícola Fulanete Airport (SWMA)11.83361053S 46.26666641W
Aero Agrícola Gaivota Airport (SJTL)22.9804287S 51.54191589WCIV
Aero Resende Airport (SIQQ)18.13361168S 49.79611206W
Aeroclube Airport (SDBI)21.28194427S 50.32694244W
Aeroclube Airport (QNV/SDNY)22.74530029S 43.46030045W
Aeroclube Airport (SSCE)31.32777786S 54.13472366W
Aeroclube da Bahia Airport (SNVR)13.02470016S 38.66579819W
Aeroclube de Alagoas Airport (SNGS)9.58749962S 35.75777817W
Aeroclube de Eldorado do Sul Airport (SIXE)30.05027771S 51.44361115W
Aeroclube de Itápolis Airport (SDIO)21.59972191S 48.83277893W
Aeroclube de Rio Negrinho Airport (SSRN)26.32130814S 49.52145767WCIV
Aeroclube de Rondônia Airport (SWRO)8.79361057S 63.85805511W
Aeroclube de Santa Catarina Airport (SSKT)27.61166763S 48.67277908W
Aeroclube de Santana do Livramento Airport (SSDM)30.82222176S 55.57638931W
Aeroclube de São José do Rio Pardo Airport (SIPA)21.64472198S 46.93333435W
Aeródromo Nacional de Aviação Airport (SWNV)16.62540054S 49.34930038W
Aeromis Airport (SJXA)31.29222107S 54.15611267W
Aeropel Airport (SJGH)28.7163887S 55.99250031W
Aeroporto de Sinop Airport (OPS/SWSI)11.88500023S 55.58610916WCIV
Aeroporto Elias Breder Airport (SNJM)20.25972176S 42.18388748WCIV
Aeroporto Estadual Arthur Siqueira Airport (BJP/SBBP)22.97904015S 46.53697205WCIV
Aeroporto Estadual Arthur Siqueira Airport (SDBP)22.97879982S 46.53710175W
Aeroporto Hugo Cantergiani (CXJ/SBCX)29.19721603S 51.1876297WCIV
Aeroportobelo Airport (SDYS)27.17361069S 48.63111115W
Aerorural Floramazon Airport (SJGA)3.70222211S 56.05389023W
Afogados da Ingazeira Airport (SNTB)7.72361088S 37.61888885W
Afrânio Airport (SNTG)8.61055565S 41.00027847W
Agromineral Mutum Airport (SJRJ)7.64027786S 56.78777695W
Agropalma Airport (SNTP)2.52527809S 48.7519455W
Agropastoril Monte Alegre Airport (SNMF)21.35055542S 46.25055695W
Agropecuária Monte Alverne Airport (SSYQ)28.37888908S 52.87944412W
Agrorural Sol Nascente Airport (SDUA)3.50861096S 56.31583405W
Agrosserra Airport (SIUL)6.77555609S 45.89166641W
Agrovale Airport (SNAV)9.50417042S 40.36943817W
Água Boa Airport (SIKB)14.0199337S 52.15196228WCIV
Água Branca Airport (SILS)6.3908329S 56.28499985W
Água Fria Airport (SJYE)4.62056017N 60.27719879W
Águas Frias Airport (SJXH)27.21694374S 53.27249908W
AHE Peixe Angical Airport12.2031002S 48.46969986W
Ajarani Airport (SJYF)2.00778008N 61.47579956W
Alagoinhas Airport (QGS/SDUO)12.17631721S 38.37994003WCIV
Alcimar Leitão Airport (SWFJ)8.16508579S 70.35292816W
Alcoolvare Airport (SIQU)20.08638954S 51.30888748W
Aldeia Kubenkroke Airport (SDWJ)8.7252779S 53.39027786W
Aldeia Nacepoti Airport (SDNV)9.50388908S 54.01194382W
Aldeia Pykany Airport (SJBN)8.16666698S 54.82972336W
Alegrete29.80027771S 55.76305389W
Alegrete Federal Airport (ALQ/SSLT)29.81270027S 55.89339828W
Alenquer Airport (ALT)1.91750002S 54.72109985W
Alexânia Municipal Airport16.06184959S 48.52939987W
Alfenas Airport (SNFE)21.43164062S 45.93227005WCIV
Almenara Airport (AMJ/SNAR)16.16550636S 40.68378448WCIV
Alta Floresta Airport (AFL/SBAT)9.87109661S 56.10791016WCIV
Altamira Airport (ATM/SBHT)3.25309587S 52.25382996WCIV
Alto Mucajaí Airport (SJYG)2.7650001N 62.22140121W
Alto Paraíso Airport (SDXF)14.11875248S 47.52952576WCIV
Amapá Airport (SBAM)2.07751012N 50.85820007W
Amargosa Airport (SNAZ)12.99359989S 39.63990021W
Americana Airport (SDAI)22.75597763S 47.26941299WCIV
Ana Paula Airport (SIAP)31.73777771S 54.08944321W
Anápolis Air Base (APS/SWNS)16.22734642S 48.96399689WMIL
Andirá Airport (SSAN)23.02744865S 50.22725296WCIV
Andradina Airport (SDDN)20.92506027S 51.38199997WCIV
Angra dos Reis Airport (SDAG)22.97529984S 44.30709839W
Antônio Guerreiro Airport (SNYW)2.1094439S 44.6511116W
Antônio João Airport (SSHG)22.35801125S 55.76381683WCIV
Aplicação Aviação Agrícola II Airport (SSPO)22.00916672S 54.78972244W
Apucarana Airport (APU/SSAP)23.60906792S 51.3844986WCIV
Aracati Airport (SNAT)4.56872272S 37.80459213WCIV
Araçuai Airport (SNUI)16.8526001S 42.04510117W
Aragarças Airport (SJVO)15.89939976S 52.24110031W
Araguacema Airport (SJAU)8.83771992S 49.55788422WCIV
Araguari Airport (SNAG)18.66830063S 48.19049835W
Araguatins Airport (SJGU)5.68444014S 48.11560059W
Arapiraca Airport (APQ/SNAL)9.77652359S 36.62808228WCIV
Arapongas Airport (APX/SSOG)23.35289955S 51.49169922WCIV
Araraquara Airport (AQA/SBAQ)21.81180191S 48.13321304WCIV
Araras Airport (SDAA)22.33806801S 47.35835648WCIV
Araripina Airport (SNAB)7.58637714S 40.53545761WCIV
Araxá Airport (AAX/SBAX)19.5632S 46.96039963W
Arcoverde Airport (SNAE)8.40787983S 37.08819962W
Arenhart Airport (SJDJ)29.88861084S 57.13999939W
Ariquemes Airport (AQM)10.17805576S 62.82555771W
Ariquemes Airport (SJOG)9.88087463S 63.04726028WCIV
Arraial d`Ajuda Airport (SSTI)16.45551491S 39.15510178WCIV
Arraias Airport (AAI/SWRA)13.02388859S 46.88555527W
Arrozeira Airport (SSYN)20.08138847S 56.66777802W
Aruanã Airport (SWNH)14.93249989S 51.04809952WCIV
Assis Airport (AIF/SBAS)22.63881111S 50.45515823WCIV
Atena Airport (SDPC)22.15278053S 51.02861023W
Atibaia Airport (SDTB)23.1277771S 46.57472229W
Auaris Airport (SWBV)4.00354576N 64.4943161WCIV
Aurea Airport19.28739929S 46.51169968W
Avaré-Arandu Airport (QVP/SDRR)23.09227371S 48.98732376WCIV
Bacabal Airport (SNBI)4.22770977S 44.81999969W
Bacacheri Airport (BFH/SBBI)25.40509987S 49.23199844WCIV/MIL
Bagé Airport (BGX/SBBG)31.39049911S 54.11220169WCIV
Baião Airport (SNBW)2.80027795S 49.66722107W
Baixo Catrimani Airport (SJYK)1.07111001N 62.21829987W
Baixo Guandu - Aimorés Airport (SNBG)19.49900055S 41.04180145W
Baixo Mucajaí Airport (SJYL)2.73693991N 62.01940155W
Bala Airport (SJYM)3.83721995N 60.60329819W
Balbina Airport (SWBL)1.92481005S 59.41230011W
Balneário São Januário Airport (SDBV)24.87083244S 47.7583313W
Balsas Airport (BSS/SNBS)7.52603006S 46.05329895W
Bambuí Airport (SNBY)20.03639984S 45.97230148W
Bananal Airport (SJYO)4.63278008N 60.58560181W
Bananeira Airport (SJYP)4.32110977N 60.19390106W
Bandeirantes Airport (SSBR)23.07279968S 50.42309952W
Barcelos Airport (BAZ/SWBC)0.98129201S 62.91960144W
Bariri Airport (SDBY)22.06920052S 48.70640182W
Barra Airport (BQQ/SNBX)11.08082104S 43.14732742WCIV
Barra do Corda Airport (BDC/SNBC)5.50250006S 45.21583176W
Barra do Garças Airport (BPG/SBBW)15.86130047S 52.38890076WCIV
Barra do Vento Airport (SJQK)2.69555998N 60.81420135W
Barra Grande Airport (SIRI)13.90361118S 38.93583298W
Barragem Manoel Alves Airport (SWYI)11.5567131S 46.98530579WCIV
Barreiras Airport (BRA/SNBR)12.07919407S 45.00921249WCIV
Barreirinha Airport (SWBI)2.79241991S 57.05789948W
Barreirinhas Airport (BRB/SBRR)2.75555563S 42.81000137W
Bartolomeu Lisandro Airport (CAW/SBCP)21.69905472S 41.30247116WCIV
Bauru - Arealva Airport (JTC/SBAE)22.16685867S 49.05028534W
Bauru Airport (BAU/SBBU)22.34499931S 49.05379868W
Bauru-Arealva Airport (SBAE)22.16091919S 49.07025909WCIV
Bebedouro Airport (SDBB)20.90040016S 48.47330093W
Bela Vista Airport (SSBV)22.08160019S 56.53860092W
Belém de São Francisco Airport (SNFR)8.76959038S 38.94960022W
Belém Novo Airport (SSBN)30.18777847S 51.1827774W
Belmonte Airport (BVM/SNBL)15.87170029S 38.87189865W
Belo Horizonte-Pampulha Airport (PLU/SBBH)19.85109138S 43.94990921WCIV
Belo Jardim Airport (SNBJ)8.34527016S 36.44120026W
Benedito Leite Airport (SNBT)7.21694422S 44.55055618W
Benedito Mutran Airport (SIBD)5.75857019S 49.17620087W
Bento Gonçalves Airport (BGV)29.14784622S 51.53982162WCIV
Berlin Ltda Airport (SNND)18.93593025S 49.47274017WCIV
Bittencourt Airport (SWJP)1.40392995S 69.42379761W
Blumenau Airport (BNU/SSBL)26.83205605S 49.09347916WCIV
Boa Vista Airport (SIWV)7.85611105S 56.71444321W
Boa Vista International Airport (BVB/SBBV)2.84562802N 60.69130325WCIV/MIL
Bocaíuva Airport (SNBK)17S 43W
Bom Jesus Airport (SSBJ)28.61277771S 50.44944382W
Bom Jesus da Lapa Airport (LAZ/SBLP)13.26210022S 43.40810013W
Bom Jesus do Gurguéia Airport (SNGG)9.05746174S 44.37101746WCIV
Bonacin Airport (SJQE)25.41036797S 49.04601669W
Bonito Airport (BYO/SBDB)21.24729919S 56.45249939WCIV
Bonito Airport (SJDB)21.24729919S 56.45249939W
Borba Airport (RBB/SWBR)4.40634012S 59.60240173W
Botelho Airport (SIQE)15.93712711S 47.72753143WCIV
Botucatu Airport (QCJ/SDBK)22.93950081S 48.4679985W
Brasileia Airport (SWBS)11.01690006S 68.73390198W
Breves Airport (BVS/SNVS)1.63653004S 50.4435997W
Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes Airport (SWIW)13.81940842S 56.03751373WCIV
Brigadeiro Francisco Pinto de Moura Airport (SDCU)22.55416679S 42.11500168W
Brigadeiro Lysias Rodrigues Airport (PMW/SBPJ)10.29150009S 48.35699844WCIV
Brotas de Macaúbas Airport (SNKO)11.99940014S 42.63489914W
Bunge Airport (SJHF)7.37222195S 44.39611053W
Bunge Fertilizantes Airport (SIBF)24.71916771S 48.11861038W
Buriti Alegre Airport (SWBA)18.12560081S 49.0428009W
Buritirama Airport (SNTQ)10.72420025S 43.65470123W
C.F. de Souza Bais Airport (SWWD)1.69138885S 63.78499985W
Cabo Frio International Airport (CFB/SBCB)22.92173958S 42.07382584WCIV
Caçador Airport (SBCD)26.78840065S 50.93980026W
Caçapava do Sul Airport (SSWS)30.54940033S 53.45920181W
Cáceres Airport (CCX/SWKC)16.04360008S 57.62990189W
Cachimbo Airport (SBCC)9.33393955S 54.9654007W
Cachoeira Airport (CCQ)10.03999996S 36.32638931W
Cachoeira do Sul Airport (QDB/SSKS)30.00193596S 52.94067001WCIV
Cachoeiro de Itapemirim Airport (CDI)20.83429909S 41.18560028W
Cacoal Airport (SSKW)11.49575615S 61.45090103WCIV
Cacoal Airport (SWKK)11.43273449S 61.47768021W
Caculé Airport (SDLK)14.48120022S 42.26470184W
Caetité Airport (SNIE)14.01243305S 42.49412537WCIV
Caicó Airport (SNKK)6.43916988S 37.07830048W
Caima Airport (SIRJ)4.30358982S 56.2181015W
Caju Airport (SJYR)4.7058301N 60.51530075W
Calcário Vale do Araguaia Airport (SIZO)14.19067478S 51.64381409WCIV
Calçoene Airport (SNCC)2.51471996N 50.95220184W
Caldas do Jorro Airport (SDLH)11.04416656S 38.78416824W
Caldas Novas Airport (CLV/SWKN)17.72529984S 48.60749817W
Camapuã Airport (SSBE)19.59840012S 54.02109909W
Camará Airport (SJYS)3.99082994N 60.18170166W
Camocim Airport (CMC/SNWC)2.89549422S 40.859375WCIV
Campina Verde Airport (SNCV)19.53809929S 49.49499893W
Campo Alegre Airport (CMP/SNKE)9.31997013S 50.32849884W
Campo Alegre de Lourdes Airport (SSRK)9.51391029S 42.99509811W
Campo Belo Airport (SNCA)20.89229965S 45.33509827WCIV
Campo da Praia Airport (SNCY)10.22083282S 36.28610992W
Campo de Boi Airport (SNBV)2.52330995S 47.51739883W
Campo Dos Afonsos Airbase (SBAF)22.87509918S 43.38470078WMIL
Campo dos Amarais Airport (CPQ/SDAM)22.85947037S 47.10805511WCIV
Campo Fontenelle (QPS/SBYS)21.98460007S 47.33480072WMIL
Campo Maior Airport (SDYX)4.85416698S 42.26055527W
Campo Mourão Airport (CBW/SSKM)24.00919914S 52.35680008WCIV
Campo Novo Airport (SSKN)27.66720009S 53.80899811W
Campos Belos Airport (SWCB)13.0088892S 46.77472305W
Campos Gerais Airport (SNCG)21.22611046S 45.77916718W
Campos Sales Airport (SNCS)7.05174208S 40.35798645WCIV
Canã Airport (SJKL)4.61888981N 60.07170105W
Canarana Airport (CQA)13.57444382S 52.2705574W
Canavieiras Airport (CNV/SNED)15.66699982S 38.95470047W
Canawapai Airport (SJKM)4.80806017N 60.02220154W
Candiota Airport (SSIO)31.49385643S 53.69134903WCIV
Canela Airport (QCN/SSCN)29.3701992S 50.83200073W
Cangapara Airport (FLB/SNQG)6.84638977S 43.07730103W
Canoas Airport (QNS/SBCO)29.94589996S 51.14440155WMIL
Canudos Airport (SNKU)9.90055561S 39.13360977W
Capão Alto Airport (SJZA)30.67638969S 51.52527618W
Capão Bonito Airport (SDCA)24.03619957S 48.3567009W
Capão da Cruz Airport (SWMC)21.45833206S 47.88777924W
Capinópolis - Aviação Agrícola Buttarello Ltda. Airport (SIMJ)18.65920067S 49.54759979W
Capivari Airport (SSCV)30.13472176S 50.50860977W
Caracanã Airport (SJKN)4.70472002N 60.26530075W
Caracaraí Airport (SWQI)1.84286809N 61.12208939WCIV
Carajas Airport (CKS/SBCJ)6.11527777S 50.00138855W
Caraparu Airport (SJKP)4.54111004N 60.46310043W
Carauari Airport (CAF/SWCA)4.87152004S 66.89749908WCIV
Caravelas Airport (CRQ/SBCV)17.65229988S 39.25310135W
Carazinho Airport (SSKZ)28.32250023S 52.81620026W
Carlos Prates Airport (SBPR)19.90929985S 43.99069977W
Carneirinho Agroindustrial Airport (SSZY)19.80999947S 50.78138733W
Carolina Airport (CLN/SBCI)7.32043982S 47.45869827WCIV
Carolina de Assis Repetto Airport (SJXM)21.7322216S 43.89444351W
Casa Nova Airport (SDFX)9.15709019S 40.93769836W
Cascavel Airport (CAC/SBCA)25.00040436S 53.50108719WCIV
Cassilândia Airport (CSS/SSCL)19.14638901S 51.68527985W
Castanhal Airport (SNCB)2.52361107S 53.93972015W
Castro Airport (QAC/SSQT)24.80750084S 49.96030045W
Catalão Airport (TLZ/SWKT)18.21680069S 47.89970016W
Catanduva Airport (SDCD)21.14920044S 48.98870087W
Catolé da Rocha Airport (SIBU)6.36253023S 37.75619888W
Cavalcante Airport (SWCW)13.76609993S 47.42860031W
CAVU - Clube de Aviação Ultraleve Airport (SIPB)2.44873095S 44.12131119WCIV
Caxambu Airport (SNXB)21.91699982S 44.96820068WCIV
Ceará-Mirim Airport (SNOG)5.66121006S 35.41389847WCIV
Cedrolância Airport2.53888988S 51.94670105W
Centenário do Sul Airport (SSZS)22.8307991S 51.60359955W
Centro de Lançamento de Alcântara Airport (SNCW)2.37299991S 44.39640045WCIV
Chácara Paraíso Airport (SNYP)1.31777799S 48.29888916W
Chácara Serradinho Airport (SDXE)21.26479912S 48.35609818W
Chafei Amsei Airport (BAT/SBBT)20.58457947S 48.59414291WCIV
Chapada Diamantina Airport (LEC/SBLE)12.4822998S 41.27700043W
Chapadão do Sul Airport (SSCD)18.83777809S 52.48666763W
Cianorte Airport (SSCT)23.69149971S 52.64189911WCIV
Cibrasa Airport (SNCI)1.23099995S 47.20059967W
Cidade Capelinha Airport (SICK)17.6827774S 42.53111267W
Cikel Brasil Verde Airport (SNXY)2.70027804S 50.52861023W
Cipó Airport (SNIO)11.12555981S 38.48638916WCIV
Cirrus Sociedade Aerodesportiva Airport (SIVJ)19.45277786S 43.89972305W
Clube de Esportes Aéreos e Náuticos do Pará Airport (SJNA)1.26722205S 48.43000031W
Clube de Ultraleves Aeroleve Airport (SILQ)24.92666626S 53.49833298W
Coari Airport (CIZ/SWKO)4.13405991S 63.13272858WCIV
Cobrape Airport (SWKE)11.50860977S 49.84222031W
Cocorobó Airport (SNCQ)10.52722168S 39.03305435W
Cocos Airport (SNKC)14.17277813S 44.54666519W
Codenorte Airport (SIML)3.28555608S 49.20611191W
Colatina Airport (QCH/SNCX)19.48699951S 40.57939911W
Colider Airport (SIKC)10.75927639S 55.46239471WCIV
Colonial Airport (SIED)15.45138931S 43.40527725W
Comandante Carlos Inácio Agnes Airport (SIME)5.57666683S 47.42277908W
Comandante Carmelo Airport (SSOW)6.84000015S 56.58666611W
Comandante Marilda Zaiden de Mesquita Airport (SSCO)31.77416611S 52.45138931W
Comandante Vittorio Bonomi Airport (SJCA)21.53039932S 47.04650116W
Companhia Agrícola de Quatá Airport (SDQQ)22.28572273S 50.639328WCIV
Comunidade São Leopoldo do Tapajós Airport (SIXM)4.97222185S 56.92083359W
Conceição Airport (SIBW)7.55822992S 38.49649811W
Conceição do Araguaia Airport (CDJ/SBAA)8.34834957S 49.30149841W
Conceição do Mato Dentro Airport (SNKD)19.01881981S 43.43514252WCIV
Concórdia Airport (CCI/SSCK)27.18008423S 52.05246353WCIV
Condomínio Boa Esperança Airport (SJRI)8.40638924S 45.44138718WCIV
Condomínio Fly-In Community Airport (SJGP)16.44640541S 54.66394424W
Condomínio Menega Airport (SIFQ)29.04444313S 51.13888931W
Conselheiro Lafaiete Airport (QDF/SNKF)20.73859978S 43.79748917WCIV
Contão Airport (SJKT)4.17166996N 60.54359818W
Continental Airport (SNCF)3.29527807S 52.25916672W
Coribe Airport (SDKE)13.77722168S 44.46444321W
Cornelio Procopio Airport (CKO/SSCP)23.15265846S 50.60263062WCIV
Coroatá Airport (SNOA)4.14110994S 44.11560059W
Coronel Alexandre Raposo Airport (SNOZ)2.5208416S 44.12117004WCIV
Corrente Airport (SNKR)10.45194435S 45.13639069W
Correntina Airport (SNTY)13.38001347S 44.62185669WCIV
Corumbá International Airport (CMG/SBCR)19.01194382S 57.67139053W
Cosmos Aviação Agrícola Airport (SJNX)18.40805626S 52.63027954W
Costa dos Coqueiros Airport (SNME)12.48972225S 38.02360916W
Costa Marques Airport (CQS/SWCQ)12.42109966S 64.25160217W
Country Club Orgabil Airport (SDCC)21.21999931S 50.40999985W
Coxim Airport (SSCI)18.47769928S 54.71469879W
Crateús Airport (SNWS)5.21134996S 40.70420074W
Crepurizão Airport (SIID)6.82000017S 56.84222031W
Creputiá Airport (SNKH)8.11694431S 57.11722183W
Crispiano Airport (SIVK)13.22277832S 46.95305634W
Cristal Airport (SJTA)22.18166733S 50.49250031W
Cristalina Airport (SDXB)16.79100037S 47.6448555WCIV
Cristiano Ferreira Varella Airport (SNBM)21.12610054S 42.39440155W
Cruzeiro do Sul International Airport (CZS/SBCZ)7.60008001S 72.7707901WCIV
Cucuí Airport (SWKU)1.12061N 66.84179688W
Cumaipá Airport (SJKU)4.81388998N 60.47359848W
Curiaú Airport (SJKI)0.20888899N 51.00920105W
Curitibanos Airport (QCR/SSKU)27.28688622S 50.60509109WCIV
Currais Novos Airport (QCP/SNKN)6.28083277S 36.54027939W
Cururu Airport (SNQW)7.56444407S 57.74222183W
Cururupu Airport (CPU)1.82111096S 44.86694336W
Curvelo Airport (SNQV)18.74939919S 44.45700073WCIV
Cutia Airport (SJKX)4.17000008N 59.74860001W
Darinha Airport (SWWZ)4.1163888S 38.2508316W
Destilaria Medasa Airport (SJNQ)17.48500061S 40.15777969W
Destilaria São Luiz Airport (SJZC)8.7788887S 35.78499985W
Dezoito Airport (SNEO)16.4389286S 49.19950867WCIV
Diamantina Airport (DTI/SNDT)18.23200035S 43.65039825W
Diamantino Airport (DMT/SWDM)14.37689972S 56.40039825WCIV
Dianopolis Airport (DNO/SWDN)11.59539986S 46.84669876W
Dionísio Cerqueira Airport (SSDC)26.28702354S 53.63090897WCIV
Divinópolis Airport (DIQ/SNDV)20.1807003S 44.8708992W
Divisa Airport (SNDW)15.71722221S 41.01722336W
Dix-Sept Rosado Airport (MVF/SBMS)5.20196295S 37.36399841WCIV
Dom Eliseu Airport (SJTZ)4.30277777S 47.58166885W
Dom Pedrito Airfield30.99531364S 54.66733551W
Domingos Rego Airport (SNDR)5.07979012S 42.87369919W
Dona Iracema Airport (SJQZ)10.60638905S 48.34860992W
Dores Do Indaia Airport (SNDY)19.45622826S 45.58435822W
Dos Galpoes Airport (LVB/SSLI)13.65060043S 41.83390045W
Dourados Airport (DOU/SSDO)22.20190048S 54.92660141WCIV
Doutor Almir Lopes de Oliveira Melo Airport (SIDB)4.26888895S 43.00055695W
Doutor Heráclito da Motta Luiz Airport (SIII)20.43309975S 48.22439957W
Doutor José Augusto de Arruda Botelho Airport (SDJA)22.19471931S 47.86167145W
Doutor Walter Beckert Airport (SICP)23.97166634S 51.32361221W
Dracena Airport (QDC/SDDR)21.46050072S 51.60689926W
Ecotur Univini Park Airport (SWEU)0.80138898N 61.66059875W
Edmar Ferreira18.25749969S 48.90800095W
Eirunepe Airport (ERN/SWEI)6.63953018S 69.87979889W
El Dorado Airport (SSMK)30.07333374S 51.40972137W
Eldorado Airport (SJEL)6.95555592S 56.4711113W
Eldorado Airport (SJGO)23.81861115S 54.25249863W
Eletro Primavera LTDA Airport (SIYN)11.90083313S 61.23055649W
EMAL - Pimenta Bueno Airport (SJPA)11.68611145S 60.6297226W
EMBRAER - Unidade Gavião Peixoto Airport (SBGP)21.77370071S 48.40510178W
Encanta Moça Airport (SNEM)8.09416962S 34.89279938W
Encruzilhada do Sul Airport (SSES)30.55888939S 52.58250046W
Engenheiro Joaquim Martins Airport (SJIR)13.30777836S 40.88277817W
Erechim Airport (ERM/SSER)27.6631546S 52.27211761WCIV
Esplanada Airport (SNES)11.75055599S 37.95027924W
Espumoso Airport (SSEZ)28.73749924S 52.85638809W
Estância Ayrton Senna Airport (SIDZ)22.65611076S 54.82222366W
Estância Caiman Airport (SSEX)19.96611023S 56.31083298W
Estância Ema Airport (SSCS)20.61972237S 54.7219429W
Estância Esmeralda Airport (SJEG)20.16055679S 57.15805435W
Estância Hércules Airport (SSFE)25.46066093S 54.59848022WCIV
Estância Itapororó Airport (SSEY)29.43388939S 56.30055618W
Estância J.D.S Airport (SSOO)22.33722115S 49.54305649W
Estância Machado Airport (SDEM)22.10111046S 51.45166779W
Estância Miranda Airport (SSNA)19.97999954S 56.43388748W
Estância Norteagro Airport (SWQR)2.67583299N 60.77861023W
Estância Regina Airport (SIAD)21.00888824S 57.34805679W
Estância Santa Maria Airport (SSKG)20.50413513S 54.52391434WCIV
Estância Santa Rita Airport (SJCY)15.67965126S 55.95714188WCIV
Estirão do Equador Airport (SWEE)4.52360868S 71.56079865WCIV
Estrela Dalva Airport (SSBB)20.67499924S 56.62969971W
Eunápolis Airport (SNEP)16.32920074S 39.57690048W
Everaldo Moras Barreto Airport (SDAD)21.69479942S 51.09730148W
Fábrica Fortaleza Airport (SJDS)3.92722201S 38.50055695W
Fazenda 3M Airport (SJXW)21.67361069S 54.03583145W
Fazenda Abath Airport (SJED)18.68000031S 57.22499847W
Fazenda Acará Airport (SJUS)15.07556248S 51.1570015WCIV
Fazenda Adriana Airport (SWYW)16.83452606S 53.8357048WCIV
Fazenda Agro-Maratá Airport (SNHW)4.32222223S 46.22833252W
Fazenda Agronet Airport (SJEY)19.99055672S 50.26610947W
Fazenda Agropecuária Crioulo Airport (SNOQ)23.5988884S 55.14250183W
Fazenda Agropecuária Lobo Ltda Airport (SSAG)19.71666718S 52.72555542W
Fazenda Agropecuária Rossignolo Airport (SSWH)21.91222191S 47.82361221W
Fazenda Água Branca Airport (SSUR)21.58361053S 52.8722229W
Fazenda Água Doce Airport (SIWP)22.86722183S 54.44083405W
Fazenda Água Fria Airport (SWGU)12.39888859S 50.05472183W
Fazenda Água Preta Airport (SIPG)14.13735104S 51.46871948WCIV
Fazenda Água Santa Airport (SNHR)19.36305618S 47.35944366W
Fazenda Água Verde Airport (SWAV)14.07234097S 57.4507103WCIV
Fazenda Águia Branca Airport (SNAD)3.3277781S 46.77972031W
Fazenda Aimorés Airport (SJSA)22.78972244S 54.59777832W
Fazenda Alamo Airport (SDAL)21.81520081S 47.90190125W
Fazenda Aldeia Airport (SSLK)18.2163887S 55.15888977W
Fazenda Alegrete - Retiro Carabda Airport (SSQU)20.06472206S 55.70166779W
Fazenda Alvorada Airport (SDGT)22.52499962S 50.04583359W
Fazenda Alvorada Airport (SSVD)24.2947216S 53.25W
Fazenda Alvorada Airport (SWFQ)10.3920002S 48.67919922WCIV
Fazenda Amália Airport (SDFH)21.44400024S 47.3708992W
Fazenda Amazonas Airport (SIWR)13.79972172S 50.48916626W
Fazenda Amonguijá Airport (SSAV)21.69083214S 57.47416687W
Fazenda Anahí Airport (SDWU)21.70833206S 57.74055481W
Fazenda Andorinha I Airport (SSYD)7.54805613S 49.2080574W
Fazenda Angico Airport (SSJO)19.37638855S 57.45277786W
Fazenda Anhangaí Airport (SDGY)20.92749977S 50.74333191W
Fazenda Anhanguera Airport (SWYM)14.64212608S 59.44948578WCIV
Fazenda Anhumas Airport (SDZU)22.12192345S 52.19803238WCIV
Fazenda Anhumas II Airport (SIEC)22.04249954S 52.29138947W
Fazenda Antônio Andrade Airport (SIXI)15.18027782S 40.09277725WCIV
Fazenda Aparecida Airport (SJCO)21.49805641S 50.10111237W
Fazenda Araçatuba Airport (SJGZ)22.09000015S 52.67499924W
Fazenda Araçatuba Airport (SNVP)6.97694397S 49.19944382W
Fazenda Aracoxim Airport (SIIQ)17.39749908S 53.71861267W
Fazenda Araras Airport (SIAO)19.6297226S 55.2519455W
Fazenda Araruna Airport (SSBK)17.58277893S 54.64083481W
Fazenda Aratau Airport (SNRR)4.15130997S 50.16329956W
Fazenda Arco de Canto Airport (SSTD)28.55083275S 51.5961113W
Fazenda Arrossensal Airport (SWRZ)14.35330772S 56.71405411WCIV
Fazenda Aurora Airport (SSLU)21.5233326S 56.61166763W
Fazenda Aurora II Airport (SSUC)21.49111176S 53.20388794W
Fazenda Aurora III Airport (SNUL)21.45249939S 53.35333252W
Fazenda Avanhandava Airport (SDWH)21.19028091S 49.93708801WCIV
Fazenda Baessa Airport (SSTP)17.97083282S 50.32055664W
Fazenda Baia da Bugra Airport (SNWE)20.27805519S 57.23389053W
Fazenda Baluarte Airport (SJBU)17.01277733S 44.79027939W
Fazenda Bananeira Airport (SDZS)20.57999992S 49.07970047W
Fazenda Bandeira Airport (SNZY)22.00055695S 50.59777832W
Fazenda Bandeirantes Airport (SIWM)17.99138832S 49.53527832W
Fazenda Bandeirantes Airport (SJDX)19.41222191S 55.54972076W
Fazenda Bandeirantes Airport (SSDS)13.70722198S 50.64777756W
Fazenda Barbacena Airport (SJBW)23.83944321S 51.90277863W
Fazenda Barra do Agudo Airport (SDJZ)20.80830002S 48.22190094W
Fazenda Barra Dourada Airport (SSDE)21.98805618S 54.23860931W
Fazenda Barra Nova Airport (SSFQ)21.31972122S 54.73527908W
Fazenda Barranco Alto Airport (SSOQ)19.57777786S 56.15222168W
Fazenda Barreiro Airport (SNRW)9.90711594S 48.63519287WCIV
Fazenda Barro Preto Airport (SWQX)13.33527756S 46.9011116W
Fazenda Baunilha Airport (SSIF)23.56132317S 54.03072357WCIV
Fazenda Bebida Velha Airport (SNZO)5.29694414S 35.53666687W
Fazenda Beija-Flor Airport (SJIU)11.79416656S 38.09083176W
Fazenda Beira Rio Airport (SIAX)7.55027819S 56.17250061W
Fazenda Beira Rio Airport (SIKY)18.71944427S 53.33750153W
Fazenda Bela Vista Airport (SB2)6.87094021S 48.53490067W
Fazenda Bela Vista Airport (SJXV)22.93111038S 55.05444336W
Fazenda Bela Vista Airport (SNGK)19.04833221S 48.97222137W
Fazenda Bela Vista Airport (SSBA)19.03194427S 53.67111206W
Fazenda Bela Vista Airport (SSZB)18.20666695S 56.80944443W
Fazenda Boa Esperança Airport (SSBS)21.24916649S 52.28944397W
Fazenda Boa Sorte Airport (SIGL)21.91527748S 53.51750183W
Fazenda Boa Sorte Airport (SIHV)17.21111107S 46.61444473W
Fazenda Boa Sorte Airport (SNKW)21.91888809S 50.63639069W
Fazenda Boa Sorte Airport (SSBW)20.91305542S 55.01361084W
Fazenda Boa Vista Airport (SDXT)19.43555641S 55.06277847W
Fazenda Boa Vista Airport (SSMV)22.04249954S 47.56000137W
Fazenda Boca da Mata Airport (SNLZ)9.43194389S 49.59111023W
Fazenda Boca da Onça Airport (SIEV)20.76694489S 56.70611191W
Fazenda Bom Jardim Airport (SDCZ)22.93611145S 44.09860992W
Fazenda Bom Jardim Airport (SIQM)17.90027809S 50.12361145W
Fazenda Bom Jesus Airport (SJEQ)18.1827774S 56.78250122W
Fazenda Bom Pastor Airport (SWMH)15.54222202S 51.01777649W
Fazenda Bom Retiro Airport (SIAR)22.79916763S 50.04611206W
Fazenda Bom Sucesso Airport (SNXO)7.89361095S 56.38750076W
Fazenda Bonança Airport (SDFA)20.67639923S 51.03079987W
Fazenda Bonanza Airport (SDBN)23.68611145S 47.55749893W
Fazenda Bonanza Airport (SJEJ)22.15500069S 49.28777695W
Fazenda Bonito Airport (SNWM)20.38277817S 51.19555664W
Fazenda Brinquinho Airport (SJOX)12.82499981S 46.24499893W
Fazenda Brumado Airport (SDFB)20.42309952S 48.56719971W
Fazenda Buriti Airport (SIZT)19.3544445S 56.79305649W
Fazenda Buriti Airport (SSNW)12.30249977S 45.51390076W
Fazenda Buritiz Airport (SDYI)17.91749954S 45.40250015W
Fazenda Busato I Airport (SJGC)12.90166664S 45.5W
Fazenda Caçadinha Airport (SSCM)21.62388992S 54.81083298W
Fazenda Caçapava Airport (SWZH)17.57500076S 50.17499924W
Fazenda Cachoeira Airport (SIOF)21.43111038S 54.3769455W
Fazenda Cachoeira Airport (SWAT)17.09581184S 53.34514236WCIV
Fazenda Cachoeira do Lontra Airport (SINS)21.28833389S 53.71055603W
Fazenda Cachoeirinha Airport (SIFC)20.38222122S 56.26889038W
Fazenda Cacique Airport (SJJB)20.77666664S 52.77722168W
Fazenda Califórnia Airport (SDWD)20.43083382S 48.60499954W
Fazenda Califórnia Airport (SSWE)21.74388885S 50.94749832W
Fazenda Calumbi Airport (SNEN)5.81333303S 44.13777924W
Fazenda Cambuhy Airport (SDMY)21.63290024S 48.47909927W
Fazenda Campana Airport (SSWR)21.8880558S 54.29527664W
Fazenda Campanário Airport (SSLQ)22.78472137S 55.07416534W
Fazenda Campina Airport (SWKB)9.14249992S 67.4458313W
Fazenda Campo Aberto Airport (SJJL)11.78829956S 45.96469879W
Fazenda Campo Alegre Airport (SDCL)23.15416718S 49.20888901W
Fazenda Campo Bom Airport (SSCA)18.73944473S 52.61999893W
Fazenda Campo Grande Airport (SDKO)20.25769997S 48.78860092W
Fazenda Campo Hélio Airport (SIYE)19.09638977S 55.56972122W
Fazenda Campo Oliva - Nhecolândia18.50099945S 55.45029831W
Fazenda Campo Vitória Airport (SDVA)21.83222198S 46.95555496W
Fazenda Cana Brava17.41839981S 39.58179855W
Fazenda Cana Brava Airport (SNNB)17.17378807S 46.30170441WCIV
Fazenda Canadá Airport (SNZK)15.0244236S 44.03905869WCIV
Fazenda Canadá Airport (SWKA)15.59527779S 51.25722122W
Fazenda Canadazinho Airport (SWXA)15.04222202S 51.40055466W
Fazenda Canel Airport (SJZS)7.53999996S 44.82249832W
Fazenda Cangaia Airport (SJKJ)17.44277763S 53.80888748W
Fazenda Canuanã Airport (SWCU)11.97749996S 49.90805435W
Fazenda Capão Alto Airport (SSGT)21.69888878S 54.81388855W
Fazenda Capão Verde Airport (SSGH)20.07361031S 56.06833267W
Fazenda Caraíbas Airport (SNJT)15.65416718S 43.40166855W
Fazenda Caraíbas Airport (SWMG)13.38555622S 46.77500153W
Fazenda Caramuru Airport (SDRU)21.69315147S 50.93613434WCIV
Fazenda Carolina Airport (SIQZ)15.64916706S 46.4430542W
Fazenda Carolina Airport (SIZR)12.90055561S 61.13000107W
Fazenda Carvalho Airport (SJSN)14.83666706S 49.36138916W
Fazenda Carvalho Airport (SWVY)17.56805611S 56.48805618W
Fazenda Cataco Airport (SDTO)21.2635994S 49.79309845W
Fazenda Catelani Airport (SJVV)13.47333336S 48.45916748W
Fazenda Cedro Airport (SWCE)16.20458794S 55.39874268WCIV
Fazenda Celeiro Airport (SSCJ)21.54166794S 54.66166687W
Fazenda Cerro Azul Airport (SDQL)21.18861008S 55.7344017W
Fazenda Chão de Estrelas Airport (SNOK)2.33245349S 47.65608978WCIV
Fazenda Chaparral Airport (SDRH)20.84444427S 54.5261116W
Fazenda Cikel Airport (SNKY)3.66444397S 48.83444214W
Fazenda Citrícola Airport (SJAW)21.72527885S 48.45194244W
Fazenda Citropar Airport (SNFG)1.84166706S 47.18416595W
Fazenda Clarim Airport (SJQA)13.2122221S 46.23888779W
Fazenda Colibri Airport (SWJQ)20.22694397S 51.84583282W
Fazenda Colorado Airport (SSUU)10.74166679S 49.47999954W
Fazenda Colorado Airport (SWOR)15.45083332S 51.22333145W
Fazenda Concórdia Airport (SJDI)22.84916687S 54.20611191W
Fazenda Conforto Airport (SNLQ)14.06579971S 50.41590118W
Fazenda Conforto Airport (SNXR)7.39333296S 56.52305603W
Fazenda Congonhas Airport (SNEW)19.66259956S 50.95130157W
Fazenda Córrego Azul Airport (SSZL)21.45444489S 52.16860962W
Fazenda Córrego Limpo Airport (SITR)20.17333221S 55.06944275W
Fazenda Cristo Airport (SILU)19.86583328S 56.98722076W
Fazenda Cruzeiro Airport (SJDA)19.1922226S 48.11722183W
Fazenda Cypi Airport (SJGI)19.33805656S 56.90777969W
Fazenda da Barra Airport (SJDY)18.66305542S 54.06861115W
Fazenda da Coxilha Airport (SSDX)31S 51.70055771W
Fazenda Damaro Airport (SSIW)19.97750092S 56.43611145W
Fazenda das Represas Airport (SDRA)23.87560081S 48.05179977W
Fazenda Depósito Airport (SITF)4.10832977N 60.73329926W
Fazenda Divisão Airport (SSDZ)23.13388824S 54.63388824W
Fazenda do Brejo Airport (SWZT)19.25520134S 44.47337341WCIV
Fazenda do Café Airport (SSYF)18.87166786S 48.72055435W
Fazenda Do Cantagalo Airport (SNPH)15.39589977S 44.14519882W
Fazenda do Cedro Airport (SICY)28.10833359S 53.19638824W
Fazenda do Jacuí Airport (SSJC)29.98305511S 51.30055618W
Fazenda do Rochedo Airport (SNJL)21.84555626S 43.1875W
Fazenda Dom Francisco Airport (SSHI)23.25111008S 54.04833221W
Fazenda dos Castanhais Airport (SNXG)6.77486992S 49.36130142W
Fazenda Dos Sonhos Airport (SSRI)20.75888824S 56.03250122W
Fazenda dos Três Rios Airport (SIVD)16.94499969S 46.2737999W
Fazenda Eldorado Airport (SNDD)3.69222212S 45.27000046W
Fazenda Eldorado Airport (SWED)7.7584343S 49.12679291WCIV
Fazenda Entre Rios Airport (SDEO)21.87859917S 48.65940094WCIV
Fazenda Escalada Airport (SSED)17.95666695S 54.41916656W
Fazenda Esmeralda Airport (SDYN)22.58888817S 51.29888916W
Fazenda Esperança Airport (SDQX)23.86777878S 48.80527878W
Fazenda Esperança Airport (SINH)22.64944458S 53.5644455W
Fazenda Esperança Airport (SSAJ)22.27555656S 53.31194305WCIV
Fazenda F5 Airport (SJAK)18.36416626S 48.87194443W
Fazenda Fartura Airport (SDGF)22.36722183S 49.94694519W
Fazenda Fartura Airport (SSXU)3.15777802S 48.54000092W
Fazenda Fazendinha Airport (SIWZ)19.48555565S 56.48666763W
Fazenda Fenix Airport (SIZC)20.77944374S 41.99555588W
Fazenda Figueira Airport (SDUE)21.51194382S 50.12111282W
Fazenda Firme Airport (SIFF)19.25944328S 57.01166534W
Fazenda Fittipaldi Citrus Airport (SDFF)21.8544445S 48.29583359W
Fazenda Flamboyant Airport (SDXQ)20.90694427S 51.57555771W
Fazenda Flávia Airport (SNMV)18.35000038S 53.75W
Fazenda Flexas Airport (SNYM)16.37638855S 45.1230545W
Fazenda Flor Airport (SJWI)21.49694443S 53.74972153W
Fazenda Flores Airport (SITL)5.04916716S 40.23416519W
Fazenda Floresta do Lobo Airport (SNHD)19.07749939S 48.13027954W
Fazenda Floresta Negra Airport (SSQF)23.81410027S 54.69879913W
Fazenda Formosa Airport (SSGF)20.19760704S 53.22360992WCIV
Fazenda Formosa Airport (SWYT)10.0130558S 47.68166733W
Fazenda Forquilha Airport (SNFC)19.8516674S 46.70999908W
Fazenda Forquilha Airport (SWMN)15.2163887S 50.83666611W
Fazenda Fortaleza Airport (SDPP)23.29299927S 48.8157959WCIV
Fazenda Fortaleza Airport (SSIH)20.94638824S 52.72222137W
Fazenda Fortaleza de Santa Terezinha Airport (SNJI)17.1868S 44.64935303WCIV
Fazenda Furna Azul Airport (SWUL)6.21566725S 48.42628098WCIV
Fazenda Gaia Airport (SJFV)18.76000023S 48.75527954W
Fazenda Galiléia Airport (SSDN)9.10439968S 45.41666794W
Fazenda Goiabeira Airport (SIGT)23.98944473S 49.1791687W
Fazenda Goiasa Airport (SWBY)18.05055618S 49.70055771W
Fazenda Granja Santiago Airport (SIGS)17.16222191S 46.65999985W
Fazenda Guaciara Airport (SSXM)22.78666687S 53.88277817W
Fazenda Guadalupe Airport (SJOW)20.98322868S 50.52548599WCIV
Fazenda Guaivira Airport (SNVM)20.66444397S 52.76722336W
Fazenda Guanabara Airport (SIOB)20.82111168S 51.2705574W
Fazenda Guanabara Airport (SJRS)21.34361076S 51.40333176W
Fazenda Guanabara Airport (SJTJ)21.11666679S 54.44972229W
Fazenda Guanabara Airport (SSFG)22.65833282S 52.1305542W
Fazenda Guaporeí Airport (SNOM)15.00728035S 60.22061539WCIV
Fazenda Guará do Pinhal Airport (SDEJ)23.66583252S 48.07361221W
Fazenda Guarani Airport (SSJH)22.16583252S 53.57305527W
Fazenda Haras RPC Airport (SJQT)20.16861153S 43.92694473W
Fazenda Herdade Airport (SDHE)22.49250031S 46.84361267W
Fazenda Hora Airport (SSOV)16.14483261S 45.82034302WCIV
Fazenda Horita Airport (SJEW)13.01111126S 46.23805618W
Fazenda Iapó Airport (SJTI)24.52777863S 50.36583328W
Fazenda Ibia Airport (SWJE)16.39694405S 52.32860947W
Fazenda Ilha Verde Airport (SIXB)18.50555611S 57.40222168W
Fazenda Imbaúba Airport (SSYS)19.90888977S 52.5363884W
Fazenda Indiara Airport (SWID)13.3149004S 49.77498627WCIV
Fazenda Inhumas Airport (SSOU)17.03694344S 46.26027679W
Fazenda Inhumas do Chapadão Airport (SNHE)19.3022213S 48.20416641W
Fazenda Ipameri Airport (SDFY)21.63138962S 50.80888748W
Fazenda Ipanema Airport (SDZW)20.81166649S 51.29416656W
Fazenda Ipanema Airport (SJUA)13.62583256S 46.13972092W
Fazenda Ipiranga Airport (SSME)20.98055649S 55.56583405W
Fazenda Iporã Airport (SNWG)23.58694458S 54.0577774W
Fazenda Irohy Airport (SDIH)23.56555557S 46.06944275W
Fazenda Itaipavas Airport (SIHI)6.6163888S 48.99583435W
Fazenda Itália Airport (SJZR)7.44472218S 44.35333252W
Fazenda Itamaratí Airport (SSFI)22.1882S 55.57758713WCIV
Fazenda Itamarati Norte Airport (SWIN)14.24324989S 57.99517059WCIV
Fazenda Itapiranga Airport (SDWG)22.06305695S 51.92472076W
Fazenda Itaquere Airport (SDFI)21.65460014S 48.2663002W
Fazenda Itatuba Airport (SNVU)20.43083382S 46.86000061W
Fazenda Itumbiara Airport (SNXM)6.42027807S 53.61138916W
Fazenda Izaura - Usina Cocal Airport (SWHU)22.50666618S 50.86527634W
Fazenda J.K. Airport (SJBF)15.15888882S 48.28388977W
Fazenda Jacaré Airport (SSAR)21.50305557S 53.96749878W
Fazenda Jacareúna Airport (SDLX)11.44111061S 52.20472336W
Fazenda Jaguarandy Airport (SSHK)22.58972168S 55.56944275W
Fazenda Jaibense Airport (SNNS)14.94611073S 43.68111038W
Fazenda Jamaica Airport (SDKP)22.18972206S 50.2788887W
Fazenda Jamaica Airport (SNZV)3.7255559S 47.47611237W
Fazenda Jamanxin Airport (SJJA)8.375S 55.30611038W
Fazenda Janaína Airport (SJHA)22.98305511S 55.02000046W
Fazenda Japecanga Airport (SSAW)20.80527878S 54.07805634W
Fazenda Jaqueline Airport (SNIZ)12.88249969S 60.1194458W
Fazenda Jatiuca Airport (SSEL)20.1697216S 52.93305588W
Fazenda Jatobá Airport (SIBA)20.09916687S 55.92694473W
Fazenda Jatobá Airport (SJKG)3.51333308S 54.09555435W
Fazenda Jatobá Airport (SSHX)23.92379951S 55.30189896W
Fazenda Jatobasso Airport (SIDG)22.42916679S 55.53333282W
Fazenda Jauru Airport (SSTU)18.72999954S 54.10499954W
Fazenda JL Airport (SSBF)20.00444412S 51.38666534W
Fazenda Joana Estãncia Airport (SIJE)20.00694466S 57.39166641W
Fazenda Jopejó Airport (SIGF)15S 55.82500076W
Fazenda Juliana Airport (SJJJ)12.68249989S 61.08889008W
Fazenda Jumari Airport (SNIV)18.64638901S 49.88249969W
Fazenda Jumbo Airport (SJDD)22.51388931S 53.34194565W
Fazenda Junqueira Airport (SSJP)22.89282608S 51.92749405WCIV
Fazenda Jurema Airport (SIFJ)21.80527878S 54.24638748W
Fazenda Jussara Airport (SWZQ)15.84527779S 50.07194519W
Fazenda Karajá Airport (SDMW)14.11250019S 50.68083191W
Fazenda Lageado Airport (SSBM)20.29750061S 55.42583466W
Fazenda Lageado Airport (SSBX)18.44166756S 54.79999924W
Fazenda Lago Grande Airport (SWXL)12.10138893S 49.95111084W
Fazenda Lago Vermelho Airport (SNUK)17.03527832S 45.48638916W
Fazenda Lagoa da Capa Airport (SIPU)19.44833374S 47.36277771W
Fazenda Lagoa das Antas Airport (SNLA)6.56481409S 49.7248497WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa do Barro Airport (SJTT)13.23861122S 49.70944214W
Fazenda Lagoa do Campo Airport (SISS)20.38472176S 53.4011116W
Fazenda Lagoa do Cavalo Airport (SDWI)8.17547989S 35.62940216WCIV
Fazenda Lagoa do Triunfo Airport (SNXK)6.53694391S 52.76916885W
Fazenda Lagoinha Airport (SJUH)19.23861122S 47.49777985W
Fazenda Lapa do Lobo Airport (SSZX)19.52722168S 50.97027969W
Fazenda Lilliani Airport (SJLI)4.21361113S 46.97499847W
Fazenda Livramento Airport (SJBS)19.26861191S 56.03111267W
Fazenda Logradouro Vereda da Ponte Airport (SNYO)16.29916763S 46.1594429W
Fazenda Lontra Airport (SSEK)20.0177784S 53.25249863W
Fazenda Lucero Porã Airport (SSLP)21.91083336S 57.64666748W
Fazenda Macaraí Airport (SSHW)23.41749954S 54.01250076W
Fazenda Mamoneira Airport (SNTD)16.58620071S 46.50109863W
Fazenda Manchete Airport (SWFH)9.74694443S 49.98083115W
Fazenda Mandioré Airport (SIMA)17.92777824S 57.6241684W
Fazenda Manduri Airport (SSVX)18.51000023S 56.42889023W
Fazenda Mapisa Airport (SINO)4.4130559S 46.51805496W
Fazenda Marambaia Airport (SDCE)17.43886566S 44.93719864WCIV
Fazenda Marazul III Airport16.59185219S 55.98678207W
Fazenda Mariad Airport (SILZ)9.3922224S 40.35749817W
Fazenda Maristela Airport (SDMA)22.95416641S 45.6016655W
Fazenda Marocopa Airport (SNMP)17.32305527S 46.53805542W
Fazenda Marreco Airport (SIPJ)18.10861015S 45.2155571W
Fazenda Mato Alto Airport (SIOQ)23.50388908S 54.31416702W
Fazenda Mercedes Estância Airport (SIQO)18.33416748S 55.48500061W
Fazenda Mestiça Airport (SSKJ)24.30722237S 51.41083145W
Fazenda Mimoso Airport (SIRB)21.77111053S 54.38166809W
Fazenda Mimoso S/A Airport (SNFS)11.87138939S 45.73722076W
Fazenda Mizote Airport (SJMZ)12.95750046S 45.98472214W
Fazenda Modelo Airport (SJOK)19.31555557S 52.9766655W
Fazenda Monte Alegre Airport (SJZQ)10.56416702S 44.94694519W
Fazenda Morada da Lua Airport (SIRH)18.26722145S 54.31361008W
Fazenda Morrinhos Airport (SSMI)22.08388901S 56.30055618W
Fazenda Morro Vermelho Airport (SDMV)22.2772007S 48.60449982W
Fazenda Mosquito Airport (SDOR)20.74729347S 47.88978577WCIV
Fazenda Mundo Acabado Airport (SJMA)17.93555641S 54.92610931W
Fazenda Mutum Airport (SIMU)22.28249931S 52.84277725W
Fazenda Naisa Airport (SSNF)20.33076859S 48.80970001WCIV
Fazenda Nazaré Airport (SJNO)18.67361069S 57.12333298W
Fazenda Nhu-Verá Airport (SJNH)18.02722168S 55.46027756W
Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida Airport (SISN)17.54500008S 53.89389038W
Fazenda Nossa Senhora da Candelária Airport (SIWU)18.51861191S 57.59833145W
Fazenda Nossa Senhora da Conceição Airport (SDSM)22.76472282S 48.54249954W
Fazenda Nossa Senhora da Muxima Airport (SJWC)19.58722115S 52.95194244W
Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima Airport (SICM)21.53888893S 52.11055756W
Fazenda Nova Airport (SNGO)19.04777718S 48.58222198W
Fazenda Nova Airport (SWGT)17.18805695S 50.21333313W
Fazenda Nova Aurora Airport (SNUV)22.21694374S 52.74027634W
Fazenda Nova Califórnia Airport (SDEG)22.4666996S 51.20080185W
Fazenda Nova Conceição Airport (SNZU)2.85555553S 48.23277664W
Fazenda Nova Damasco Airport (SDND)22.48277855S 51.53027725W
Fazenda Nova Floresta Airport (SDQG)21.89888954S 51.18638992W
Fazenda Nova Larga Airport (SWZS)16.66856956S 57.67542648WCIV
Fazenda Novilho Airport (SSFN)22.61916733S 54.92583466W
Fazenda Novo Horizonte - TATTERSAL Airport (SINJ)18.36805534S 54.77694321W
Fazenda Novo Horizonte Airport (SSNR)18.31787872S 54.93598175WCIV
Fazenda Olho D`Água Airport (SIKZ)5.66666698S 43.53499985W
Fazenda Olho D`Água Airport (SWTX)16.14173317S 52.96688461WCIV
Fazenda Olhos D`água Airport (SWHP)14.0195694S 52.15179443WCIV
Fazenda Ourissanga Airport (SJEE)20.42027855S 51.44527817W
Fazenda Ouro Verde Airport (SNVY)23.97694397S 55.36527634W
Fazenda Pacuruxu Airport (SNPL)21.25638962S 51.72888947W
Fazenda Paiaguás Airport (SIXP)14.07229996S 57.45069885WCIV
Fazenda Paiquerê Airport (SDDX)19.8880558S 50.51416779W
Fazenda Palma Airport (SJPH)16.18944359S 48.07805634W
Fazenda Palmeira Airport (SSLF)22.54361153S 53.42944336W
Fazenda Palmeira do Capim Airport (SNEZ)15.95944405S 50.71389008W
Fazenda Palmeiras Airport (SDAF)22.15670013S 47.71929932W
Fazenda Palmeiras Airport (SDRX)17.96694374S 57.03305435W
Fazenda Palmeiras Airport (SIPH)9.60194397S 49.77388763W
Fazenda Palmital Airport (SIAM)20.69669151S 48.28656006WCIV
Fazenda Panorama Airport (SSZQ)22.03899956S 56.26940155W
Fazenda Parabúfalos Airport (SJOR)1.01944005N 50.21390152W
Fazenda Paraíso Airport (SIQC)19.15722275S 52.99583435W
Fazenda Paraíso Airport (SSHQ)20.56166649S 54.86416626W
Fazenda Paraná Airport (SJUU)14.02805614S 46.87111282W
Fazenda Passaredo Airport (SSEF)21.32694435S 47.23110962W
Fazenda Paulo Abreu Airport (SWPH)15.22665977S 52.12881088WCIV
Fazenda Pedra Branca Airport (SDIL)22.90340042S 44.28900146W
Fazenda Pedra Branca Airport (SIEZ)24.62416649S 50.45916748W
Fazenda Penedo Airport (SJFG)5.52111101S 57.10749817W
Fazenda Pequena Holanda Airport (SNZH)9.01000023S 46.14472198W
Fazenda Perdizes Airport (SIOA)17.67250061S 44.59305573W
Fazenda Pião Airport (SSKL)23.40694427S 55.2266655W
Fazenda Pilar Airport (SJJV)3.29333305S 56.1847229W
Fazenda Pingo D`Água Airport (SJCD)17.7211113S 53.9375W
Fazenda Piquiri Airport (SIOO)22.02388954S 57.90277863W
Fazenda Pixoxó Airport (SDOX)21.78111076S 47.88444519W
Fazenda Planalto Airport (SSMX)21.12000084S 46.41999817W
Fazenda Planeste Airport (SIUM)8.55611134S 46.84999847W
Fazenda Planura Airport (SIFN)3.593611S 59.65222168W
Fazenda Ponderosa Airport (SIHG)10.07166672S 49.99555588W
Fazenda Pontal Airport (SDLO)13.56494617S 38.93993378WCIV
Fazenda Pontal Airport (SNVO)19.97805595S 50.9683342W
Fazenda Ponte Funda Airport (SDFU)21.87055588S 52.16305542W
Fazenda Ponte Preta Airport (SDJG)22.73333359S 49.48333359W
Fazenda Ponte Quinhá Airport (SNWU)23.00861168S 55.50972366W
Fazenda Ponto de Apoio Airport (SJJN)20.4663887S 52.6875W
Fazenda Porto Oculto Airport (SIMY)23.21249962S 54.09527969W
Fazenda Portobello Airport (SDPA)22.92749977S 44.08000183W
Fazenda Poruína Airport (SJHH)18.12000084S 52.21777725W
Fazenda Pouso Redondo Airport (SWRL)12.97722244S 61.04916763W
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SDWR)21.07777786S 51.14444351W
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SIUQ)20.97750092S 54.33416748W
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SSFX)23.45583344S 50.57583237W
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SSNJ)19.50749969S 55.90528107W
Fazenda Primavera Airport (SSQR)21.38861084S 53.60055542W
Fazenda Primavera do Terebinto Airport (SWKL)12.55777836S 61.99611282W
Fazenda Primavera I Airport (SNLX)4.80055618S 48.39333344W
Fazenda Primeiro de Maio Airport (SIMZ)17.87555695S 54.94111252W
Fazenda Princesa do Sul Airport (SSPZ)23.77109909S 54.67779922W
Fazenda Procomp II Airport (SSYZ)22.85111046S 55.39611053W
Fazenda Progresso Airport (SDPG)21.05444336S 51.40611267W
Fazenda Progresso Airport (SIGY)7.50250006S 44.20333481W
Fazenda Progresso Airport (SIPN)21.51000023S 57.69055557W
Fazenda Progresso Airport (SSYV)19.72638893S 52.85139084W
Fazenda Pupila Airport (SWWM)18.77194405S 40.94944382W
Fazenda Quatro Irmãos Airport (SWQZ)20.87833214S 53.55333328W
Fazenda Querubim Airport (SJAZ)12.76888943S 46.02138901W
Fazenda Ranchinho Airport (SNWL)18.83333206S 51.79111099W
Fazenda Rancho Belo Airport (SSRA)21.70833206S 53.09944534W
Fazenda Rancho do Planalto Airport (SIXV)18.13944435S 53.36472321W
Fazenda Rancho Estrela Airport (SIPQ)16.99833298S 48.73805618W
Fazenda Rancho Estrela IV Airport (SIRE)13.65194416S 46.54138947W
Fazenda Rebeca Airport (SNRE)12.68270016S 43.87149811W
Fazenda Rebojo Airport (SJZX)20.02638817S 57.91888809W
Fazenda Recanto Airport (SINR)18.01138878S 54.01610947W
Fazenda Recanto Feliz Airport (SDRF)22.74611092S 44.05083466W
Fazenda Recreio 3 Airport (SSFV)20.20750046S 53.77939987W
Fazenda Recreio Airport (SNZT)3.5063889S 48.33333206W
Fazenda Regina Airport (SJZW)23.28666687S 48.73805618W
Fazenda Remanso Airport (SJHJ)11.18222237S 61.08889008W
Fazenda Remanso do Pito Airport (SNKZ)23.20138931S 53.85555649W
Fazenda Renascença Airport (SJAQ)16.1202774S 46.36000061W
Fazenda Retiro do Cervo I Airport (SIMW)20.3544445S 53.96777725W
Fazenda Reunidas Airport (SIMR)17.75250053S 51.15194321W
Fazenda Ribeirão Airport (SIFU)22.41555595S 43.77467728WCIV
Fazenda Ribeirão Airport (SIUR)19.60750008S 53.49972153W
Fazenda Ribeirão Airport (SSAD)18.76399994S 52.91759872WCIV
Fazenda Ribeiro do Céu Airport (SWYP)13.9532156S 55.77828979WCIV
Fazenda Rio Brilhante Airport (SJGD)12.80333328S 45.72360992W
Fazenda Rio Capim Airport (SILN)3.55861092S 48.65638733W
Fazenda Rio das Pedras Airport (SNYN)19.55166626S 48.83750153W
Fazenda Rio Dourado Airport (SNKJ)8.34416676S 51.45138931W
Fazenda Rio Lages Airport (SNAY)6.28111076S 51.74611282W
Fazenda Rio Lagoa Airport (SSJT)20.8488903S 53.20666885W
Fazenda Rio Largo Airport (SNIS)5.19694424S 43.59777832W
Fazenda Rio liberdade Airport (SJGK)9.4286108S 51.02694321W
Fazenda Rio Vermelho Airport (SNRV)6.88277817S 49.46389008W
Fazenda Rodoserv I Airport (SWZU)22.47277832S 52.59583282W
Fazenda Rodoserv III Airport (SWZV)21.86222267S 56.77388763W
Fazenda Romaria Airport (SIFR)18.87275124S 47.55849838WCIV
Fazenda Roncador I Airport (SWRI)12.15556812S 52.27942657WCIV
Fazenda Rosa Mística Airport (SSNT)23.29249954S 55.05583191W
Fazenda S.M. Airport (SJDH)14.55000019S 45.76666641W
Fazenda Saco da Tapera Airport (SSOT)16.3442688S 45.34326553WCIV
Fazenda Sagrado Coração de Jesus Airport (SJVB)15.0899477S 60.11582947WCIV
Fazenda Salamanca Airport (SIJJ)22.80861092S 55.53333282W
Fazenda Samambaia Airport (SWJS)15.48611069S 51.26944351W
Fazenda Samaúma Airport (SIKQ)7.23611116S 57.10583115W
Fazenda Samello Airport (SNHX)17.36249924S 47.44083405W
Fazenda San Marino Airport (SSSF)20.10219955S 52.44390106W
Fazenda Sangrilá Airport (SDSH)22.29555511S 49.21222305W
Fazenda Sans Souci - Retiro Mutum Airport (SSSX)18.93333244S 57.01666641W
Fazenda Sans Souci - Sede Airport (SSOC)19.03333282S 56.95000076W
Fazenda Sansara Airport (SIVN)16.59999275S 43.76822662W
Fazenda Santa Ada Airport (SILA)22.75833321S 53.8441658W
Fazenda Santa Adélia Airport (SINT)15.19472218S 49.37944412W
Fazenda Santa Adriana Airport (SSZP)22.69611168S 54.21583176W
Fazenda Santa Albana Airport (SDFL)23.57111168S 48.28333282W
Fazenda Santa Ana Airport (SIZN)13.0041666S 61.24000168W
Fazenda Santa Ana Airport (SSJG)21.2163887S 57.68138885W
Fazenda Santa Ana Airport (SSRL)22.03722191S 54.18888855W
Fazenda Santa Bárbara Airport (SJIL)19.09861183S 55.84777832W
Fazenda Santa Cândida Airport (SDSV)21.32777786S 48.17111206W
Fazenda Santa Carolina22.13100052S 48.31930161W
Fazenda Santa Claudina Airport (SSVL)22.52166748S 54.67777634W
Fazenda Santa Cruz Airport (SNNJ)14.21777821S 46.8386116W
Fazenda Santa Delfina Airport (SSSP)20.04027748S 56.31000137W
Fazenda Santa Dulcina Airport (SJWN)23.54999924S 49.25W
Fazenda Santa Elisa Airport (SJRO)20.53055573S 50.63499832W
Fazenda Santa Eliza Airport (SJEH)22.10180473S 48.22696686WCIV
Fazenda Santa Elza Airport (SSYB)18.68333244S 53.28333282W
Fazenda Santa Emília Airport (SJJW)19.50555611S 55.61305618W
Fazenda Santa Escolastica Airport (SWEX)16.84662437S 54.4582901WCIV
Fazenda Santa Helena Airport (SDZH)22.89079475S 45.49300003WCIV
Fazenda Santa Helena Airport (SIOD)21.9972229S 53.42472076W
Fazenda Santa Ilídia Airport (SSBT)22.32430077S 53.09500122W
Fazenda Santa Inês Airport (SDJR)20.88249969S 49.39250183W
Fazenda Santa Inês Airport (SSRC)21.70305634S 54.36833191W
Fazenda Santa Isabel Airport (SWVP)1.15666699N 50.33027649WCIV
Fazenda Santa Júlia Airport (SDTZ)20.11916733S 57.11194229W
Fazenda Santa Lúcia Airport (SNNQ)23.03888893S 54.74750137W
Fazenda Santa Luíza Airport (SDLU)22.4832592S 48.52458572WCIV
Fazenda Santa Luzia Airport (SITW)6.82333279S 45.41194534W
Fazenda Santa Luzia Airport (SJBR)17.87666702S 56.38888931W
Fazenda Santa Luzia Airport (SWXP)13.73365307S 58.88758469WCIV
Fazenda Santa Márcia Airport (SWFT)16.58083344S 52.14250183W
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SDZA)22.00555611S 49.41110992W
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SNGP)18.58694458S 48.86916733W
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSCB)13.77583313S 49.94694519W
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSDV)18.21611023S 55.46527863W
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSIG)20.27000046S 55.72833252W
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSMH)31.92944336S 52.4636116W
Fazenda Santa Maria Airport (SSWM)23.5S 51.29999924W
Fazenda Santa Maria da Mata Airport (SDXO)20.72750092S 50.97166824W
Fazenda Santa Marina Airport (SDAJ)20.8470993S 50.7879982W
Fazenda Santa Marina Airport (SSCU)8.8680563S 50.4794426W
Fazenda Santa Marta Airport (SDVJ)8.71590328S 50.45566559WCIV
Fazenda Santa Mônica Airport (SNJV)16.00273705S 43.74664688W
Fazenda Santa Mônica Airport (SNVQ)6.52305603S 48.26583481W
Fazenda Santa Mônica Airport (SWCD)15.93529987S 48.64659882W
Fazenda Santa Odila Airport (SSSO)21.41111183S 52.03250122W
Fazenda Santa Olinda Airport (SSUQ)20.75499916S 55.04333115W
Fazenda Santa Otília Airport (SSIP)21.19055557S 57.04166794W
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SDLT)22.19939995S 50.37360001W
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SINV)8.22833347S 37.75638962W
Fazenda Santa Rita Airport (SSHJ)22.26722145S 55.48805618W
Fazenda Santa Rita do Araguaia Airport (SIFH)17.32527733S 53.19694519W
Fazenda Santa Rita do Araguaia Airport (SWGW)15.43777847S 51.59860992W
Fazenda Santa Rosa Airport (SJSR)13.99222183S 49.76305771W
Fazenda Santa Rosa Airport (SNAC)7.03667021S 50.08890152W
Fazenda Santa Rosa Airport (SSKQ)14.54111099S 50.46194458W
Fazenda Santa Rosa Airport (SSXZ)19.74749947S 50.12916565W
Fazenda Santa Sílvia Airport (SWSV)14.38881874S 51.38034058WCIV
Fazenda Santa tereza Airport (SJTQ)22.36888885S 43.25138855W
Fazenda Santa Terezinha Airport (SSTG)18.46944427S 57.05500031W
Fazenda Santa Thereza Airport (SDTQ)18.23277855S 51.20222092W
Fazenda Santa Vergínia Airport (SIOT)21.48944473S 52.38388824W
Fazenda Santa Virgínia Airport (SSVG)22.28388977S 55.65333176W
Fazenda Santana Airport (SDRC)22.18164635S 50.86527634WCIV
Fazenda Santana Airport (SSAC)19.7080555S 55.42111206W
Fazenda Santângelo Agropecuária Airport (SJRP)20.13249969S 56.37111282W
Fazenda Santíssima Trindade Airport (SDVN)23.28694344S 54.84111023W
Fazenda Santo Ambrósio Airport (SISO)0.091667S 49.58055496W
Fazenda Santo André Airport (SSEI)20.3386116S 56.69833374W
Fazenda Santo Ângelo Airport (SDAN)22.2452774S 48.26004028WCIV
Fazenda Santo Ângelo Airport (SJFX)12.79833317S 46.09583282W
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SDAS)21.27569962S 51.28319931W
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SNFA)16.71619987S 46.52119827W
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SNFD)17.0802784S 45.44722366W
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SWNT)18.96500015S 50.79861069W
Fazenda Santo Antônio Airport (SWSD)15.61698723S 51.8143158WCIV
Fazenda Santo Antônio Diamandoré Airport (SITN)18.24305534S 57.55611038W
Fazenda Santos Reis Airport (SNSR)17.54789925S 46.97869873W
Fazenda São Benedito Airport (SSNE)18.42000008S 56.45999908W
Fazenda São Braz Airport (QXC/SNXS)9.37527752S 35.54166794W
Fazenda São Cristóvão Airport (SJEU)17.86916733S 56.19388962W
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SDLV)22.92083359S 51.35194397W
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SJEV)17.6483326S 56.88611221W
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SJNV)18.43138885S 50.25611115W
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SSFF)21.17861176S 54.29305649W
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SSGQ)19.38083267S 53.04166794W
Fazenda São Francisco Airport (SWIE)13.91944408S 50.00999832W
Fazenda São Gabriel Airport (SITJ)7.49055576S 46.14444351W
Fazenda São Geraldo Airport (SDSO)22.00388908S 51.81111145W
Fazenda São João Airport (SING)20.55666733S 49.28833389W
Fazenda São João Airport (SNYL)18.42694473S 46.05194473W
Fazenda São João Airport (SWBO)14.2747221S 49.64916611W
Fazenda São João Airport (SWHS)18.05333328S 50.38694382W
Fazenda São João do Jatobazinho Airport (SIJO)18.57722282S 57.51111221W
Fazenda São Joaquim Airport (SJVR)21.49194336S 56.48722076W
Fazenda São Joaquim Airport (SSJE)20.35222244S 51.55583191W
Fazenda São Joaquim O.B. Airport (SDJQ)20.82839966S 51.00799942W
Fazenda São José Airport (SDOB)21.42519951S 46.75429916WCIV
Fazenda São José Airport (SDTX)20.5419445S 51.35749817W
Fazenda São José Airport (SIEF)20.57333374S 54.71694565W
Fazenda São José Airport (SIPR)17.00111008S 50.74277878W
Fazenda São José Airport (SNSY)20.94499969S 56.49611282W
Fazenda São José Airport (SWDG)21.74444389S 49.16472244W
Fazenda São José da Lagoa Airport (SNJG)14.57666683S 50.70555496W
Fazenda São José do Barreiro Airport (SDYB)23.78449249S 48.33828354WCIV
Fazenda São José do Cangalha Airport (SJSJ)19.51555634S 52.60472107W
Fazenda São José do Parnaíba Airport (SNFI)18.38750076S 48.86166763WCIV
Fazenda São Judas Airport (SJWV)13.37805557S 50.42444229W
Fazenda Sao Judas Tadeu12.61779976S 60.9007988W
Fazenda São Luiz Airport (SDJN)21.10055542S 47.75055695W
Fazenda São Luíz do Matão Airport (SSKX)19.8722229S 50.65472412W
Fazenda São Marco Airport (SWSK)3.04972005N 60.48389816W
Fazenda São Marcos Airport (SDZM)23.92243958S 48.81816864WCIV
Fazenda São Marcus Airport (SJSU)23.56416702S 53.79722214W
Fazenda São Mateus Airport (SNWH)22.96666718S 53.54333115W
Fazenda São Matheus Airport (SIUV)20.31777763S 51.7836113W
Fazenda São Miguel Airport (SIOR)18.09805679S 57.15333176W
Fazenda São Miguel Airport (SJOY)12.6072216S 46.23944473W
Fazenda São Miguel Airport (SNTA)21.86861038S 50.11639023W
Fazenda São Miguel da Catequese Airport (SSMC)22.08777809S 53.52000046W
Fazenda São Paulino Airport (SSLB)19.02527809S 55.92610931W
Fazenda São Paulo Airport (SDIZ)20.15555573S 49.9347229W
Fazenda São Paulo Airport (SDRY)22.95277786S 54.84527969W
Fazenda São Paulo Airport (SSFP)20.86416626S 52.17472076W
Fazenda São Paulo Airport (SWJK)14.97638893S 51.33555603W
Fazenda São Rafael Airport (SSPF)24.76950073S 54.11869812W
Fazenda São Roque Airport (SJAS)21.6602726S 49.16451645WCIV
Fazenda Sao Sebastiao Airport12.73630047S 61.11019897W
Fazenda São Sebastião Airport (SIRS)19.64249992S 48.78944397W
Fazenda São Sebastião Airport (SISD)18.14805603S 51.27166748W
Fazenda São Sebastião Airport (SSRM)21.01944351S 56.2761116W
Fazenda São Sebastião do Castelo Airport (SJSC)18.66111183S 57.62388992W
Fazenda São Vicente Airport (SJHS)19.31749916S 48.34860992W
Fazenda Sapucaí Airport (SIVY)8.29888916S 45.76333237W
Fazenda Serinhaém Airport (SNFT)13.83666706S 38.99361038W
Fazenda Serra Azul Airport (SJCQ)11.93550014S 40.05070114W
Fazenda Serra do Cabral Airport (SSVU)17.69888878S 44.35027695W
Fazenda Serra Grande Airport (SNQE)6.06888914S 49.84000015W
Fazenda Serra Vermelha Airport (SIRW)6.87277794S 45.30277634W
Fazenda Serrinha Airport (SICH)20.66083336S 52.34000015W
Fazenda Sertão do Formoso Airport (SNJE)14.79361057S 46.00305557W
Fazenda Sete Ilhas Airport (SISI)17.63416672S 50.47055435W
Fazenda Sibéria Airport (SDOE)5.72222233S 45.79138947W
Fazenda Silvana Airport (SSSY)22.51666641S 53.51166534W
Fazenda Simarelli Airport (SWSG)13.60500622S 59.31813049WCIV
Fazenda Sol Nascente Airport (SSRD)23.39749908S 55.24833298W
Fazenda Sonho Dourado Airport (SDLR)20.46722221S 50.14222336W
Fazenda Sonora Estância Airport (SSUA)17.63111115S 54.77000046W
Fazenda Sorte Grande Airport (SSWB)24.61000061S 52.36000061W
Fazenda Soya Airport (SNDQ)12.92111111S 45.56944275W
Fazenda Spartacus Airport (SIXZ)24S 48.60833359W
Fazenda Sperafico Airport (SIWB)23.1902771S 55.28666687W
Fazenda Suely Airport (SSIB)19.47999954S 52.8125W
Fazenda Suíssa Airport (SDGJ)21.91222191S 49.85749817W
Fazenda Symalu Airport (SJQB)8.32750034S 51.10499954W
Fazenda Tangará Airport (SDQN)20.89861107S 55.70999908W
Fazenda Tapijara Airport (SDTE)23.22007751S 49.07598495WCIV
Fazenda Tempero Seco Airport (SJQH)9.39638901S 66.67972565W
Fazenda Terra Alta Airport (SJQQ)2.86500001S 50.99277878W
Fazenda Thália Airport (SSTH)25.52050018S 49.68199921W
Fazenda Thoma Airport (SSFT)21.65920067S 53.51110077W
Fazenda Torrão de Ouro Airport (SSZJ)18.1807003S 54.50180054W
Fazenda Treis Coringas Airport (SNUF)19.52444458S 47.85250092W
Fazenda Três Barras Airport (SSVY)20.93779945S 48.1733017W
Fazenda Três Companheiros Airport (SWQL)16.68250084S 52.25249863W
Fazenda Três Marias Airport (SILY)23.51194382S 53.8041687W
Fazenda Três Marias Airport (SSZU)19.49500084S 53.04055786W
Fazenda Três Minas Airport (SSMP)23.67277718S 52.00972366W
Fazenda Três Perobas Airport (SJNK)12.08166695S 61.63999939W
Fazenda Três Pontes Airport (SSYU)19.82694435S 52.58666611W
Fazenda Três Unidos Airport (SSJZ)24.05166626S 54.00666809W
Fazenda Trêz Irmãos Airport (SILT)20.22777748S 50.9683342W
Fazenda Triângulo Airport (SWIO)17.62138939S 50.14166641W
Fazenda Triunfo Airport (SSTF)17.87249947S 57.13000107W
Fazenda Tucunaré Airport (AZL/SWTU)13.46627903S 58.86668015WCIV
Fazenda Tupanciretan Airport (SSKB)19.47444344S 56.37722015W
Fazenda Turmalina Airport (SNOW)21.9822216S 50.97222137W
Fazenda União Airport (SSKC)19.29249954S 52.06083298W
Fazenda União Suzanópolis Airport (SIXA)20.53166771S 51.09166718W
Fazenda Vaca Branca Airport (SSVB)23.0672226S 53.81999969W
Fazenda Vaca Mocha Airport (SDXR)22.22555542S 57.15472031W
Fazenda Val Paraíso Airport (SNQB)3.16833305S 48.07138824W
Fazenda Vale Eldorado Airport (SDVH)23.00416756S 46.63472366W
Fazenda Vale Verde Airport (SDNA)19.67194366S 48.99472046W
Fazenda Vale Verde Airport (SJJT)9.96111107S 49.7519455W
Fazenda Vargem das Flores Airport (SIWN)17.84277725S 49.58194351W