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13 Fields found in Brazil. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bacacheri Airport (BFH/SBBI)25.40509987S 49.23199844WCIV/MIL
Brasília International Airport (BSB/SBBR)15.8698988S 47.91738129WCIV/MIL
Campo Dos Afonsos Airbase (SBAF)22.87509918S 43.38470078WMIL
Campo Fontenelle (QPS/SBYS)21.98460007S 47.33480072WMIL
Capitão PM Cidimar Antunes de Almeida Heliport (SJPM)22.87083817S 43.13554382WMIL
Comando do 8º Distrito Naval Helipad (SDMI)23.59371185S 46.64642715WMIL
Lagoa Santa Airport (SBLS)19.66198349S 43.89635849WMIL
Natal Augusto Severo International Airport (NAT/SBNT)5.9108429S 35.2442894WCIV/MIL
Recife International Airport (REC/SBRF)8.12555408S 34.92347717WCIV/MIL
Rio de Janeiro - Galeão International Airport (GIG/SBGL)22.81392479S 43.24987411WCIV/MIL
Rio de Janeiro Heliport22.87343788S 43.21593475WMIL
São Paulo - Guarulhos International Airport (GRU/SBGR)23.42961502S 46.48248291WCIV/MIL
São Pedro da Aldeia Air Base (SBES)22.81305885S 42.09277344WMIL