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26 Fields found in Burkina Faso. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Arly Airport (ARL/DFER)11.59674835N 1.4811976ECIV
Banfora Airport (BNR/DFOB)10.68299961N 4.71700001W
Bobo Dioulasso Airport (BOY/DFOO)11.16035175N 4.3303566WCIV
Boulsa Airport (XBO/DFEA)12.64999962N 0.56699997W
Dano Airport (DFOA)11.13830566N 3.07369471WCIV
Dedougou Airport (DGU/DFOD)12.4599638N 3.48995709WCIV
Diapaga Airport (DIP/DFED)12.06095409N 1.78527451ECIV
Didyr Airport (DFCD)12.55103683N 2.61889911WCIV
Diebougou Airport (XDE/DFOU)10.94999981N 3.25W
Djibo Airport (XDJ/DFCJ)14.12615871N 1.62426674WCIV
Dori Airport (DOR/DFEE)14.02227879N 0.06756831WCIV
Fada N'gourma Airport (FNG/DFEF)12.03954792N 0.3634325ECIV
Gorom Gorom Airport (XGG/DFEG)14.45457077N 0.21840878WCIV
Kantchari Airport (XKA/DFEL)12.46444416N 1.49332666ECIV
Kaya Airport (XKY/DFCA)13.06700039N 1.10000002W
Leo Airport (XLU/DFCL)11.10507488N 2.10274649WCIV
Nouna Airport (XNU/DFON)12.74351215N 3.86360979WCIV
Orodara Airport (DFOR)10.98578072N 4.92527533WCIV
Ouagadougou Airport (OUA/DFFD)12.35287189N 1.51462817WCIV/MIL
Ouargaye Airport (DFEY)11.5170002N 0.05E
Pama Airport (XPA/DFEP)11.25530338N 0.69778985ECIV
Po Airport (PUP/DFCP)11.17916679N 1.14840138WCIV
Poura Airport (DFCR)11.61751461N 2.75320792WCIV
Tenkodogo Airport (TEG/DFET)11.80000019N 0.36700001W
Titao Airport (DFCI)13.7670002N 2.08299994W
Zabré Airport (XZA/DFEZ)11.16965199N 0.62197816WCIV