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20 Fields found in Cameroon. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bafoussam Airport (BFX/FKKU)5.53692007N 10.35459995ECIV
Bali Airport (BLC/FKKG)5.89527798N 10.03388882ECIV
Bamenda Airport (BPC/FKKV)6.03923988N 10.1225996ECIV
Banyo Airport (FKAB)6.77499008N 11.80700016ECIV
Batouri Airport (OUR/FKKI)4.47559881N 14.36262894ECIV
Bertoua Airport (BTA/FKKO)4.54861021N 13.72609997ECIV
Bétaré Oya Airport (FKAO)5.50416994N 14.09829998ECIV
Douala Airport (DLA/FKKD)4.00524569N 9.7208643ECIV
Garoua International Airport (GOU/FKKR)9.33588982N 13.37010002ECIV/MIL
Kaélé Airport (KLE/FKKH)10.09249973N 14.44559956ECIV
Kribi Airport (KBI/FKKB)2.87388992N 9.97778034E
Mamfe Airport (MMF/FKKF)5.70489597N 9.30669022ECIV
N'Gaoundéré Airport (NGE/FKKN)7.35700989N 13.55920029ECIV
Nkounja Airport (FOM/FKKM)5.63709068N 10.75092888ECIV/MIL
Salak Airport (MVR/FKKL)10.4513998N 14.25739956ECIV
Salak Heliport10.46738529N 14.24180317EMIL
Tiko Airport (TKC/FKKC)4.08931828N 9.36009026ECIV
Yagoua Airport (GXX/FKKJ)10.35664845N 15.23745728ECIV
Yaoundé Airport (YAO/FKKY)3.83604002N 11.52350044ECIV/MIL
Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport (NSI/FKYS)3.72255993N 11.5532999ECIV