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85 Heliports found in Chile. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aerorescate Heliport (SHAE)33.43994522S 70.83175659WCIV
Anguila 1 Heliport (SHAG)52.49944305S 68.72555542W
Asistencia Pública Dr. Alejandro del Río Heliport (SHAP)33.43999863S 70.63722229W
Asociación Chilena de Seguridad Heliport (SHAC)33.44361115S 70.63222504W
Bahía Los Primos Heliport (SHBP)34.11083221S 71.53527832W
Banco Exterior Heliport (SHBE)33.43611145S 70.64499664W
Batería Dungenes Nº 1 Heliport (SHDG)52.38083267S 68.43138885W
Carabineros de Chile Heliport (SHHR)53.15638733S 70.92222595W
Catalina Norte 1 Heliport (SHNC)52.56361008S 68.67555237W
Catalina Norte 2 Heliport (SHNO)52.57527924S 69.66361237W
Cerro Sombrero Heliport (SHSB)52.76666641S 69.28888702W
Clínica Las Condes Heliport (SHCC)33.38527679S 70.53083038W
Clínica Santa María Heliport (SHMA)33.43222046S 70.62833405W
Corporativo Mutual Heliport (SHCM)33.4402771S 70.63777924W
Cuartel Gral. I División De Ejercito Heliport (SHEJ)23.68239975S 70.4138031WMIL
Cuartel Gral. VI División de Ejercito Heliport (SHIQ)20.22999954S 70.14499664W
Daniel 1 Heliport (SHDN)52.36472321S 68.76499939W
Del Pacifico Heliport (SHDP)38.75416565S 72.80249786W
Edificio Bank Boston Heliport (SHEC)33.41249847S 70.59111023W
Edificio Corpgroup Heliport (SHGR)33.40444565S 70.57305908W
Edificio Corporativo CTC Heliport (SHTC)33.43694305S 70.63249969W
Edificio Huidobro Heliport (SHEH)33.4038887S 70.57277679W
Edificio Torre San Ramón Heliport (SHSR)33.41666794S 70.60388947W
Edificio Torre Santa María Heliport (SHSM)33.41666794S 70.6166687W
El Conquistador Heliport (SHEQ)33.37055588S 70.65055847W
El Mercurio Heliport (SHEM)33.38077164S 70.59612274WCIV
Escuela de Investigaciones Policiales Heliport (SHEI)33.45944595S 70.71666718W
Esmeralda Heliport (SHEE)35.72000122S 71.50971985W
Eso Heliport (SHES)24.63833427S 70.38471985W
Gertrudis Echeñique Heliport (SHGE)33.40892029S 70.58079529WCIV
Gral. Humberto Arriagada Heliport (SHGA)33.44749832S 70.60694122W
Helicopters Heliport (SHHE)34.21067047S 70.71620941WCIV
Hospital Clínico Regional de Concepción Heliport (SHHC)36.82083511S 73.03500366W
Hospital de Coyhaique Helipad (SHCY)45.56881332S 72.07562256WCIV
Hospital del Imponente Heliport (SHHI)33.41722107S 70.52805328W
Hospital del Salvador Heliport (SHHS)33.43611145S 70.62110901W
Hospital FACH Heliport (SHHF)33.39194489S 70.54305267W
Hospital Naval Almirante Nef Heliport (SHHN)33.99666595S 71.53583527W
Hospital Naval Viña Del Mar Helipad32.9994812S 71.5421524WMIL
Hospital Ramón Barros Luco Heliport (SHBL)33.48527908S 70.64444733W
Hospital Regional de Temuco Heliport (SHSS)38.73605728S 72.59854889WCIV
Hospital San Camilo Heliport (SHFE)32.74833298S 70.70999908W
Hospital San José Heliport (SHJO)33.4086113S 70.65222168W
Hospital Santiago Oriente Heliport (SHSO)33.5027771S 70.57888794W
Isidora 3000 Heliport (SHIS)33.41389084S 70.59777832W
Jose Miguel Carrera Heliport (SHRE)33.44138718S 70.65499878W
Kipreos Heliport (SHKI)33.56027603S 70.7444458W
La Aurora Heliport (SHAU)33.42527771S 71.02305603W
Lan Courier Heliport (SHLC)33.38388824S 79.75055695W
Las Americas Heliport (SHLA)33.43583298S 70.64333344W
Las Brisas De Chicureo Heliport (SHBC)33.23972321S 70.69611359W
Las Condes Heliport (SHHL)33.37329865S 70.5243988W
Las Salinas Helipad (SHLS)32.98031998S 71.54533386WCIV
Lo Ovalle Heliport (SHOV)33.2508316S 71.36833191W
Los Cerrillos Military Heliport (SHFA)33.49638748S 70.69527435W
Los Paltos Heliport (SHAL)33.72555542S 70.93027496W
Mercedez Benz Heliport (SHMB)33.46166611S 70.71472168W
Ministerio de Defensa Nacional Heliport (SHMD)33.43527603S 70.63805389W
Mutual de Seguridad Helipad (SHMS)33.45736694S 70.70025635WCIV
Naval Heliport (SHHV)18.47220039S 70.32060242W
Nazareno II Heliport (SHAH)33.40000153S 70.57389832W
Nueva de Lyon Heliport (SHNL)33.41749954S 70.60805511W
Papudo Heliport (SHPP)32.50027847S 71.45916748W
Portillo Heliport (SHPT)32.83638763S 70.13111115W
Posesión 5 Heliport (SHSI)52.26833344S 69.07333374W
Posesión Heliport (SHSE)52.24930954S 68.93623352WCIV
Punta Catalina Heliport (SHPU)52.54583359S 68.7583313W
Quinn Heliport (SHQN)39.85250092S 73.25720215W
Rapel Heliport (SHRP)34.21277618S 71.45305634W
Rodelbahn Heliport (SHRB)33.45914459S 70.51681519WCIV
San Esteban Heliport (SHET)35.70222092S 71.57221985W
San Francisco Heliport (SHFR)34.15972137S 71.75166321W
Santiago Heliport (SHST)33.44111252S 70.64527893W
Santiago Military Hospital Helipad33.4512825S 70.53684235WMIL
Servicios Aéreos Copters Heliport (SHCP)34.13639069S 70.77055359W
Skua 1 Heliport (SHSK)52.40916824S 68.78527832W
Skua 4 Heliport (SHSU)52.3758316S 68.78861237W
Sonda Heliport (SHSD)52.24940109S 68.93669891W
Sotracer Heliport (SHTR)37.47861099S 72.32666779W
Subteniente Marcelo Topali Heliport (SHTO)33.43888855S 70.63500214W
Sumaya Heliport (SHYA)33.67691803S 70.54736328WCIV
Torre Interamericana Heliport (SHTI)33.43638992S 70.64360809W
Valle Nevado Heliport (SHDO)33.36388779S 70.25166321W
Villarica Park Lake Helipad (SHVI)39.30210114S 72.08898926WCIV
World Trade Center Heliport (SHWT)33.40361023S 70.60333252W