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50 Unpaveds found in Chile. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Alempue Airport (SCAM)34.86544037S 71.09970856WCIV
Alto Cauquenes Airport (SCCN)35.8818779S 72.32748413WCIV
Cacique Blanco Airport (SCBC)44.23000336S 71.85240936WCIV
Calpulli Airport (SCPL)40.12889862S 72.66169739WCIV
Carolina Airport (SCMY)22.70357132S 70.28009796WCIV
Casas Viejas Airport (SCZC)32.59536743S 71.34735107WCIV
Coquimbo Airport (COW/SCQB)30.19888878S 71.24694061WCIV
Corte Alto Airport (SCPR)40.94223022S 73.1688385WCIV
Cuatro Pantanos Airport (SCVQ)34.83732986S 72.06547546WCIV
Curacaví Airport (SCCV)33.41279984S 71.16573334WCIV
El Alamo Airport (SCVK)34.84658051S 72.01924133WCIV
El Carrizal Airport (SCRZ)34.44333267S 71.70610809WCIV
El Rosario Airport (SCRS)33.48892212S 71.40555573WCIV
El Salto Airport (SCEO)36.12950134S 71.85852814WCIV
Estancia Río Cisnes Airport (SCRE)44.50079727S 71.31556702WCIV
Fundo La Caña Airport (SCNA)35.97402954S 71.60121155WCIV
Hueicolla Airport (SCHK)40.15981293S 73.6531601WCIV
Lago Verde Airport (SCVE)44.27571869S 71.9211731WCIV
Las Aguilas Oriente Airport (SCMR)34.17026901S 71.53192902WCIV
Las Mercedes Airport (SCLM)35.49116135S 71.8806839WCIV
Las Quemas Airport (SCQM)40.63770676S 73.12823486WCIV
Litueche Airport (SCTU)34.111763S 71.71797943WCIV
Lontuecito Airport (SCUP)35.28264236S 71.23638916WCIV
Los Maitenes Airport (SCYR)36.03121567S 71.74055481WCIV
Los Maitenes de Villa Vieja Airport (SCVV)40.31657791S 72.97907257WCIV
Malloco Airport (SCMF)39.25873947S 72.34702301WCIV
María Ester Airport (SCVO)38.23059845S 72.4834137WCIV
Municipal de Panguipulli Airport (SCPG)39.65533447S 72.35847473WCIV
Palo Alto Airport (SCAO)34.73259735S 71.74053955WCIV
Piedra Negra Airport (SCKE)35.85524368S 72.64691162WCIV
Pillán Airport (SCPN)42.54702759S 72.49480438WCIV
Posesión Airport (SCBS)52.29265213S 68.9331665WCIV
Poyo Airport (SCYO)42.22557068S 72.69493866WCIV
Puerto Ingeniero Ibañez Airport (SCII)46.29398727S 71.94962311WCIV
Punta Chungo Airport (SCHO)31.88336182S 71.47599792WCIV
Punta Gaviota Airport (SCGV)29.08444405S 71.46722412WCIV
Purrahuín Airport (SCRR)40.36763S 72.77597809WCIV
Queilén Airport (SCQX)42.89399719S 73.47398376WCIV
Quivolgo Airport (SCCT)35.30858231S 72.39239502WCIV
Río Murta Airport (SCRU)46.45519638S 72.67670441WCIV
Río Pascua Airport (SCTP)48.22860718S 73.30013275WCIV
Rucamalen Airport (SCUR)36.81074142S 72.16726685WCIV
San Damian Airport (SCDM)34.87872314S 72.14595795WCIV
San Lorenzo Airport (SCDQ)37.52578354S 71.72434998WCIV
Santa Adriana Airport (SCAD)30.6289978S 71.27292633WCIV
Santa Luisa Airport (SCTA)37.74388885S 71.70999908WCIV
Santa Rita Airport (SCCS)33.27678299S 71.45587921WCIV
Santa Teresa del Almendral Airport (SCTS)33.57444382S 71.26237488WCIV
Tres Chorrillos Airport (SCTH)52.52219391S 70.72299194WCIV
Yendegaia Airport (SCNY)54.83104324S 68.83467102WCIV