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40 Heliports found in Colombia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Banco De La Republica Heliport1.67222202N 78.14221954W
Banco De La Republica Heliport1.196944N 77.27999878W
Banco De La Republica Heliport5.0999999N 76.64944458W
Banco De La Republica Heliport3.63416696N 76.40888977W
Banco De La Republica Heliport7.98972178N 75.19777679W
Banco De La Republica Heliport4.2994442N 74.81083679W
Banco De La Republica Heliport10.98944378N 74.78916931W
Banco De Occidente Heliport3.45105743N 76.5357132WCIV
Banco De Occidente Heliport4.61777782N 74.08721924W
Baru Heliport10.21027756N 75.6166687WCIV
Bavaria Heliport4.67816544N 74.04704285WCIV
Beneficiencia De Cundinamarca Heliport4.63861084N 74.09666443W
Caja De Vivienda Militar Heliport4.64352322N 74.09496307WMIL
Caja De Vivienda Militar Heliport4.6437211N 74.09420776WMIL
Camara De Comercio De Bogota Heliport4.65722179N 74.10694122WCIV
Centro Administrativo Municipal Heliport3.45638895N 76.53694153W
Centro Comercial Andino Heliport4.66916704N 74.0561142W
Centro Internacional Tequendama Heliport4.61722183N 74.08833313W
Clinica Shaio Heliport4.70083284N 74.06749725W
Cofa Buga Heliport3.89555597N 76.30583191W
Cofa Roldanillo Heliport4.41361094N 76.14333344W
Cofa-Palmira Heliport3.51472211N 76.30555725W
Drummond Heliport11.05972195N 74.21111298WCIV
Ecopetrol Heliport7.07749987N 73.86499786W
El Mirador Hospital Helipad4.58157492N 74.20054626WCIV
El Pailon Heliport3.41055608N 76.35055542W
Estacion De Bomberos Heliport7.11361122N 73.12916565W
Fiscalia General De La Nacion Heliport4.64194393N 74.10333252W
Fundicion Escobar Heliport6.2447257N 75.57393646WCIV
Fundicion Gutierrez Heliport6.25N 75.57861328W
Helicentro Heliport4.74369431N 74.14263153WCIV
Hospital De Caldas Heliport5.0625N 75.5008316W
Hospital De Engativa Heliport4.71055603N 74.11000061WCIV
Hospital General De Medellin Heliport6.23500013N 75.57277679WCIV
I.N.G. Barings Heliport4.66055584N 74.05444336WCIV
Isa Medellin Helipad6.20051336N 75.57187653WCIV
Isa Palmira Heliport3.53676057N 76.40020752WCIV
Parque Central Bavaria Heliport4.61726761N 74.07052612WCIV
Taumarena Heliport5.02346706N 72.76535034WMIL
Tunja Helipad5.53928185N 73.35389709WCIV