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40 Airfields found in Congo. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aubeville Airport (FCBU)4.2670002S 13.53299999E
Bangamba Airport (FCPB)3.68300009S 13.19999981E
Boundji Airport (BOE/FCOB)1.03299999S 15.38300037E
Djambala Airport (DJM/FCBD)2.51645064S 14.75463486ECIV
Ewo Airport (EWO/FCOE)0.88300002S 14.80000019E
Gamboma Airport (GMM/FCOG)1.82940304S 15.88523674E
Gokango Airport (FCMG)3.03299999S 12.13300037E
Impfondo Airport (ION/FCOI)1.61699998N 18.06699944E
Irogo Airport (FCMI)2.71700001S 11.88300037E
Kibangou Airport (FCPG)3.48300004S 12.30000019E
Kindamba Airport (KNJ/FCBK)3.95000005S 14.5170002E
La Louila Airport (FCBA)4.08300018S 14.2329998E
Lague Airport (LCO/FCBL)2.45000005S 14.53299999E
Legala Airport (FCMY)2.21700001S 12.83300018E
Leganda Airport (FCPE)3.43300009S 12.93299961E
Loubetsi Airport (FCPI)3.70000005S 12.13300037E
Loubomo Airport (DIS/FCPL)4.20643568S 12.66007137ECIV
Loufoula Airport (FCMF)3S 12E
Loutete Airport (FCBT)4.28299999S 13.86699963E
M'passa Airport (FCBP)4.3670001S 14.14999962E
Makoua Airport (MKJ/FCOM)0.017S 15.58300018E
Mandoro Airport (FCMO)2.6500001S 12.88300037E
Maya Maya Airport (BZV/FCBB)4.25169992S 15.25300026E
Mossendjo Airport (MSX/FCMM)2.95000005S 12.69999981E
Mouyondzi Airport (MUY/FCBM)4.01487398S 13.96611214E
N'gongo Airport (FCMN)2.98300004S 12.19999981E
N'komo Airport (FCPK)3.91700006S 11.38300037E
N'Zabi Airport (FCMZ)3.16700006S 12.86699963E
N'Ziba Airport (FCMB)2.71700001S 12.53299999E
Noumbi Airport (FCPN)4.1500001S 11.38300037E
Nyanga Airport (FCMS)2.8670001S 11.94999981E
Okoyo Airport (OKG)1.44833004S 15.07330036E
Ouesso Airport (OUE/FCOU)1.61599004N 16.03790092E
Owando Airport (FTX/FCOO)0.53151095S 15.94887733ECIV
Pemo Airport (FCPO)2.8670001S 12.53299999E
Sibiti Airport (SIB/FCBS)3.68300009S 13.35000038E
Sidetra Airport (FCMD)2.8670001S 12.86699963E
Souanke Airport (SOE/FCOS)2.06699991N 14.13300037E
Yokangassi Airport (NKY/FCBY)4.21700001S 13.28299999E
Zanaga Airport (ANJ/FCBZ)2.8499999S 13.81700039E