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12 Unpaveds found in Costa Rica. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Agropecuaria Playa Caletas Airport (MRPT)9.75397301N 85.25701904WCIV
Babilonia Airport (MRBB)10.16058064N 83.59312439WCIV
Boca Naranjo Airport (MRBO)9.39454269N 84.12542725WCIV
Carrillo Airport (RIK/MRCR)9.8705101N 85.48139954WCIV
Ciruelas Airport (MRCI)10.50679398N 85.35501862WCIV
Finca Airport (MRET)9.52529144N 84.45044708WCIV
La Cueva Airport (MRLV)10.68073654N 85.52736664WCIV
La Zampoña Airport (MRLA)10.30982208N 85.46611786WCIV
Las Islas Airport (MRIS)10.55728722N 83.9715271WCIV
Murcielago Airport (MRMC)10.91059875N 85.71877289WCIV
Nuevo Palmar Sur Airport (MRFI)8.91635036N 83.50730133WCIV
Rancho Nuevo Airport (MRRN)9.5597477N 84.55979919WCIV