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79 Fields found in Egypt. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
(QUD)7.82756519S 147.08094788ECIV
Abu Rudeis Airport (AUE)28.89982605N 33.20198441ECIV
Abu Simbel Airport (ABS/HEBL)22.37474632N 31.61253166ECIV/MIL
Abu Simbel Canal Helipad 122.63772011N 31.85166931ECIV
Abu Simbel Canal Helipad 222.8177948N 31.46256828ECIV
Abu Simbel Canal Helipad 323.00922966N 31.51765633ECIV
Abu Suwayr Air Base30.5727005N 32.09529877EMIL
Al Ismailiyah Airport30.59880066N 32.23460007EMIL
Al Mansurah Airport30.96759987N 31.43420029EMIL
Al Rahmaniyah Air Base31.04330063N 30.66451836EMIL
Alexandria International Airport (ALY/HEAX)31.1838932N 29.94892311ECIV/MIL
Almaza Air Base (HEAZ)30.09180069N 31.36000061EMIL
As Salihiyah Air Base30.79520035N 32.04259872EMIL
As Sallum Airport31.45730019N 25.28370094E
Assiut Airport (ATZ/HEAT)27.04569435N 31.01219368ECIV
Aswan International Airport (ASW/HESN)23.96715355N 32.81952667ECIV/MIL
Az Zaqaziq Air Base30.59470367N 31.66493034EMIL
Badr El Din Airport29.87439919N 27.94059944E
Baluza Airport31.00020027N 32.55279922E
Beni Suef Air Base (HEBS)29.1993084N 31.01934624EMIL
Bilbeis 2 Airfield30.42060089N 31.67889977E
Bilbeis Air Base30.40537453N 31.60264397EMIL
Bir Abu Rahal Airport24.99430084N 33.50099945E
Bir Hasanah30.19440079N 33.41279984E
Bir Jifjafah Airport30.41468811N 33.15839005E
Birma Air Base30.83659935N 30.93600082EMIL
Borg El Arab Airport (HBE/HEBA)30.92124557N 29.69295502ECIV/MIL
Cairo Al Qubbaah Palace Helipad30.09091759N 31.2944088EMIL
Cairo Helipad30.06105995N 31.31953239ECIV
Cairo Heliport30.08413315N 31.31786728EMIL
Cairo Hospital Helipad30.08466148N 31.29728889ECIV
Cairo International Airport (CAI/HECA)30.12583733N 31.4072094ECIV/MIL
Cairo West Airport (CWE/HECW)30.11639977N 30.91565704EMIL
Dakhla Oasis Airport (DAK/HEDK)25.41160011N 29.00309944E
Daraw Air Base24.41568375N 32.95545578EMIL
Deir El Gill Airport30.73209953N 27.01919937E
Dheraa Al Bahri Heliport31.04204559N 29.65473557EMIL
El Alamein International Airport (DBB/HEAL)30.92449951N 28.46139908ECIV
El Arish International Airport (AAC/HEAR)31.07304382N 33.8358078ECIV/MIL
El Gora Air Base (EGH/HEGR)31.0726757N 34.14816666EMIL
El Gouna Airport (HEGO)27.36689949N 33.66802979ECIV
El Kharga Airport (UVL/HEKG)25.47360039N 30.59070015ECIV
El Minya Air Base (EMY/HEMN)28.10042953N 30.72995758EMIL
El Sharqi Airport30.02607346N 32.97146606ECIV
Fa'id30.32999992N 32.26779938E
Gebel El Basur Air Base30.54050064N 30.56019974EMIL
Giza Embaba Airport (HEEM)30.0746994N 31.19140053E
Habata Airport31.10750008N 25.45210075E
Hulwan29.82250023N 31.33090019E
Hurghada International Airport (HRG/HEGN)27.17745018N 33.79330444ECIV/MIL
Inshas Airport30.33400345N 31.44639206EMIL
Jiyanklis Air Base (HEGS)30.81979942N 30.19120026EMIL
Kibrit Air Base30.24627113N 32.49113846EMIL
Kom Awshim Airport29.55410004N 30.89509964EMIL
Luxor International Airport (LXR/HELX)25.67250633N 32.70532227ECIV/MIL
Malan Frein Airport29.81110001N 28.54770088E
Marsa Alam (RMF/HEMA)25.55738258N 34.58353043ECIV
Mersa Matruh Airport (MUH/HEMM)31.3253994N 27.22170067ECIV/MIL
Misheifa Airport31.02860069N 25.85110092E
October Airport (HEOC)29.81206131N 30.82330322ECIV
Port Said Air Base (PSD/HEPS)31.27939987N 32.24000168EMIL
Quwaysina Air Base30.57903671N 31.12894249EMIL
Ras Banas Airport23.9720211N 35.46098709EMIL
Ras Jimsah New Airport27.83498573N 33.5256691ECIV
Ras Shukhayr New Airport28.19659996N 33.20629883E
Ras Sudr29.60300064N 32.6896019ECIV
Sharm el-Sheikh Hospital Helipad27.8821106N 34.29709625ECIV
Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (SSH/HESH)27.97806358N 34.39286804ECIV
Sharq Al-Owainat Airport (GSQ/HEOW)22.58530235N 28.71660042ECIV
Sidi Barrani Airport31.46557617N 25.87645531EMIL
Siwa Oasis North Airport (SEW)29.34624863N 25.50554276ECIV
Sohag International Airport (HMB/HEMK)26.34200859N 31.74324989ECIV
St. Catherine International Airport (SKV/HESC)28.6847744N 34.06267166ECIV
Taba International Airport (TCP/HETB)29.59054375N 34.77979279ECIV
Tour Sinai City Airport (ELT/HETR)28.20884895N 33.64558411ECIV
Uthman Air Base29.55632019N 25.58754158EMIL
Wadi Abu Rish Airport28.97570038N 31.69890022E
Wadi Abu Shihat26.55641174N 33.12111282EMIL
Wadi Al Jandali Air Base30.05068779N 31.83849907EMIL