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37 Fields found in Ethiopia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aba Segud Airport (JIM/HAJM)7.66609001N 36.8166008E
Alula Aba Airport (MQX/HAMK)13.4673996N 39.53350067ECIV/MIL
Arba Minch Airport (AMH/HAAM)6.03939009N 37.59049988E
Asosa Airport (ASO/HASO)10.01850033N 34.5862999E
Axum Airport (AXU/HAAX)14.14675808N 38.77254486ECIV
Baco Airport (BCO/HABC)5.78316879N 36.56204224ECIV
Bahar Dar Airport (BJR/HABD)11.60809994N 37.32160187E
Beica Airport (BEI/HABE)9.39151287N 34.51906967ECIV
Bole International Airport (ADD/HAAB)8.97689247N 38.79920959ECIV
Combolcha Airport (DSE/HADC)11.10972691N 39.72610855ECIV
Debre Marcos Airport (DBM/HADM)10.32154465N 37.74197388ECIV
Debre Tabor Airport (DBT/HADT)11.88386154N 38.00909805ECIV
Dembidolo Airport (DEM/HADD)8.55431747N 34.85769272ECIV
Dire Dawa Airport (DIR/HADR)9.62469959N 41.85419846E
Dodola Airport (HADO)7.0209856N 39.050457ECIV
Fincha Airport (FNH/HAFN)9.58460808N 37.3783226ECIV
Gambela Airport (GMB/HAGM)8.12876034N 34.56322861ECIV
Geladi Airport (GLC)6.98426962N 46.42131042ECIV
Gode Airport (Iddidole Airport) (GDE/HAGO)5.93513012N 43.57860184E
Gondar Airport (GDQ/HAGN)12.51990032N 37.43399811ECIV
Gore Airport (GOR/HAGR)8.16139984N 35.55289841ECIV
Humera Airport (HUE/HAHU)14.25N 36.58300018E
Kabri Dar Airport (ABK/HAKD)6.7328496N 44.24398804ECIV
Kelafo Airport (Kelafo Airport) (LFO/HAKL)5.65700006N 44.34999847ECIV
Lalibela Airport (LLI/HALL)11.97500038N 38.97999954E
Mena Airport (MZX/HAML)6.40806007N 39.72389984E
Mendi Airport (NDM/HAMN)9.7670002N 35.09999847E
Mizan Teferi Airport (MTF/HAMT)6.95709991N 35.55469894ECIV
Moyale Airport (MYS)3.46971989N 39.10139847E
Nekemte Airport (NEK/HANK)9.05000019N 36.59999847E
Robe Airport (GOB/HAGB)7.11810732N 40.04583359ECIV
Shilabo Airport (HIL)6.08333015N 44.76670074E
Shire Inda Selassie Airport (SHC)14.0781002N 38.27249908E
Tippi Airport (TIE/HATP)7.20222998N 35.41521454ECIV
Tume Airport (HAMJ)5.83300018N 35.53300095E
Waca Airport (WAC/HAWC)7.16699982N 37.16699982E
Warder Airport (WRA/HAWR)6.97240019N 45.33340073ECIV