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22 Airfields found in Guyana. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Annai Airport (NAI/SYAN)3.95943999N 59.12419891W
Apoteri Airport (SYAP)4.01387978N 58.60499954W
Baramita Airport (BMJ/SYBR)7.37012005N 60.48799896W
Bartica Airport (GFO/SYBT)6.37477016N 58.63809967W
Ebini Airport (SYEB)5.6170001N 57.76699829W
Imbaimadai Airport (IMB/SYIB)5.70810986N 60.2942009W
Kaiapit Airport (KIA)5.17613125N 59.49058151WCIV
Kamarang Airport (KAR/SYKM)5.86534023N 60.61420059W
Karanambo Airport (KRM/SYKR)3.75194001N 59.30970001W
Karasabai Airport (KRG/SYKS)4.03332996N 59.53329849W
Kato Airport (KTO/SYKT)4.64915991N 59.8321991W
Kwakwani Airport (SYKW)5.28332996N 58.04999924W
Lethem Airport (LTM/SYLT)3.37276006N 59.78939819W
Linden Airport (SYLD)5.96591997N 58.27030182W
Mabaruma Airport (USI/SYMB)8.19999981N 59.78329849W
Manari Airport (SYMN)3.43300009N 59.56700134W
Matthews Ridge Airport (MWJ/SYMR)7.48811197N 60.18477631W
Monkey Mountain Airport (MYM/SYMM)4.48332977N 59.68330002W
New Amsterdam Airport (QSX/SYNA)6.24432421N 57.47417068W
Ogle Airport (OGL/SYGO)6.80628014N 58.10589981W
Skeldon Airport (SKM/SYSK)5.8599N 57.14894104W
Wichabai Airport (SYWI)2.86666989N 59.53329849W