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35 Unpaveds found in Honduras. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Ahuas Airport (AHS)15.47323418N 84.35034943WCIV
Amapala Airport (MHAM)13.28311729N 87.61751556W
Auca Airport (MHUC)14.93705559N 83.84354401WCIV
Brus Laguna Airport (BHG)15.76237679N 84.54302216WCIV
Choloma Airport (MHCM)14.89011669N 88.40439606WCIV
Chumbagua Airport (MHGA)15.24396133N 88.49012756WCIV
Concepción Airport14.02660465N 88.34358978WCIV
Cristo Te Quiere Airport14.08591366N 86.64976501WCIV
Durzona Airport (MHDU)14.98856163N 84.22054291WCIV
El Aguacate Airport (MHGE)14.87553883N 85.77490997WCIV
El Cubo Airport (MHEC)14.45765305N 87.05639648WCIV
El Porvenir Airport (MHPV)15.53046417N 86.27392578WCIV
Flefil Airport (MHLF)14.42399788N 87.11942291WCIV
Fort Cay Airport (MHFC)16.40400124N 86.28665924WCIV
Guayape Airport (MHGY)14.78513718N 86.86318207WCIV
Hacienda Galeras Airport (MHHG)14.59542179N 86.46189117WCIV
Higuerito Central Airport15.19042397N 87.93849945WCIV
La Alondra Airport (MHLA)14.1089201N 88.53411865WCIV
La Katabila Airport (MHTB)15.17543507N 83.68158722WCIV
Luz Y Vida Airport (MHLU)15.13420963N 88.44208527WCIV
Noveno Batallón Airport (MHNB)14.04329967N 86.42079926WCIV
Nueva Jerusalen Airport (MHJE)15.84899426N 84.75007629WCIV
Puerto Lempira Airport (PEU/MHPL)15.26220036N 83.78119659WCIV
Rancho Jamastran Airport (MHRJ)14.06183243N 86.40747833WCIV
Raya Airport (MHRY)15.06833649N 83.29614258WCIV
Rus Rus II Airport (MHRD)14.78639221N 84.37032318WCIV
Sangrelaya Airport (MHGR)15.96846676N 85.09094238WCIV
Sinaloa Airport (MHSN)15.69304371N 85.95252991WCIV
Sur Agropecuaria Airport (MHAG)13.25004196N 87.35773468WCIV
Tamara Airport (MHTA)14.17864799N 87.3494873WCIV
Trojes Airport (MTRH)15.40419579N 86.68264771WCIV
Wampusirpi II Airport (MHWD)15.15916729N 84.59833527WCIV
Warunta Airport (MHWR)15.34861088N 84.23444366WCIV
Wasma Airport (MHWS)15.47296619N 84.35172272WCIV
Yodeco Airport15.18238068N 87.06545258WCIV