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25 Unpaveds found in Kenya. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Baragoi Airport1.77952063N 36.80630493ECIV
Garba Tula Airport (HKGT)0.5231728N 38.51682663ECIV
Green Park Airport0.66717809S 36.31075287ECIV
Intrepid Mara Airport1.40873504S 35.11060715ECIV
Ithumba Airport2.21633601S 38.38650513ECIV
Kakuma Airport3.70482564N 34.87170029ECIV
Kamboyo Airport2.75295782S 38.12128448ECIV
Kapenguria Airport1.27329075N 35.06862259ECIV
Kerio Valley Airport (KRV)0.31877971N 35.66474915ECIV
Kiwayu Airport (KWY)1.96055996S 41.29730606ECIV
Laikipia Ranch Airport0.58238894N 36.43316269ECIV
Laisamis Airport1.60036504N 37.72001648ECIV
Lokichar Airport2.38843536N 35.6489296ECIV
Loloroi Airport0.63569325N 37.37968445ECIV
Lomolo Airport0.02848208N 35.99087143ECIV
Magadi Airport1.94685614S 36.28045654ECIV
Makindu Airport2.29022741S 37.82443619ECIV
Meru Mulika Airport (HKMK)0.23070405N 38.17063904ECIV
Nakuru Airport (NUU/HKNK)0.29821721S 36.1592598ECIV
Oldonyo Farm Airport0.10101163N 37.30051804ECIV
Olpejeta Airstrip0.02318665N 36.9029808ECIV
Private Airstrip0.230699N 37.36209869ECIV
Segera Ranch Airport0.18509123N 36.90956879ECIV
Shompole Airport1.9751755S 36.04779053ECIV
Wanguru Airport0.69508827S 37.37648392ECIV