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14 Airfields found in Lesotho. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Katse Airport (FXKA)29.36370087S 28.52729988E
Matabeng Store Airport (FXMT)29.78300095S 28.7670002E
Matabeng Village Airport (FXMV)29.81350708S 28.80944443ECIV
Mejametalana Airbase (FXMU)29.30335236S 27.50276947ECIV
Mohale's Hoek Airport (FXMH)30.14450073S 27.4708004E
Mokhotlong Airport (MKH/FXMK)29.28179932S 29.07279968E
Moshoeshoe International Airport (MSU/FXMM)29.46197128S 27.55205536ECIV
Nkaus Airport (NKU/FXNK)30.02169991S 28.19689941E
Nohanas Airport (FXNH)30.06671143S 27.8673439ECIV
Qacha's Nek Airport (UNE/FXQN)30.11099434S 28.67160034ECIV
Quthing Airport (UTG/FXQG)30.40749931S 27.69330025E
Sehlabathebe Airport (FXSE)29.91580009S 29.03879929E
Semonkong Airport (SOK/FXSM)29.83921432S 28.05847549ECIV
Thaba-Tseka Airport (THB/FXTA)29.52280045S 28.61580086E