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52 Fields found in Libya. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Al Bumbah North Air Base32.45289993N 23.11860085E
Al Hamada Con 66 East Airport29.53109932N 12.94369984E
Al Khadim Airport31.99850082N 21.19179916E
Al Khuwaymat Airport27.25729942N 21.61809921E
Al Marj Airport32.52529907N 20.87509918E
Al Wigh Airport24.18589973N 14.53279972E
Amal V12 Airport (HLAM)29.47949982N 21.12240028ECIV
As Sidr Airport (HLSD)30.64235497N 18.3214016ECIV
Beda (M-3) Airport (HLBD)28.50329971N 19.00279999E
Beni Walid Airport31.73920059N 13.95400047E
Benina International Airport (BEN/HLLB)32.09550858N 20.26836967ECIV/MIL
Bir Umran Airport26.33239937N 13.42210007E
Bu Attifel Airport (HLFL)28.79540062N 22.08090019E
Dahra Airport (HLRA)29.47260094N 17.93490028E
Gabr Airstrip29.87388802N 23.34791756E
Gamal Abdel Nasser Airport (TOB/HLTQ)31.86100006N 23.90699959ECIV/MIL
Gardabya Airport (SRX/HLGD)31.06349945N 16.59499931E
Ghadames Airport (LTD/HLTD)30.14628029N 9.70303631ECIV
Ghat Airport (GHT/HLGT)25.14559937N 10.14260006E
Habit Awlad Muhammad Airport30.70190048N 12.48400021E
Houn Airport (HUQ/HLON)29.11009979N 15.96560001E
La Braq Airport (LAQ/HLLQ)32.7887001N 21.96430016E
Marsa Brega Airport (LMQ/HLMB)30.37809944N 19.57640076E
Martubah Airport (DNF)32.54199982N 22.74500084ECIV
Matan al-Sarra Air Base21.68770027N 21.83090019E
Matratin Airport30.64299965N 18.32080078ECIV
Misrata Airport (MRA)32.32500076N 15.06099987E
Mitiga International Airport (MJI/HLLM)32.8917923N 13.287673ECIV/MIL
Nafurah 1 Airport (HLNR)29.21319962N 21.5923996E
Nanur Airport31.7052002N 14.91160011E
Oxy A 103 Airport (HLZG)29.00629997N 20.78610039ECIV
Qaryat Al Karmal Airport31.97537231N 20.02694321ECIV
Ras Lanuf Oil Airport (HLNF)30.5N 18.5272007E
Sabha Airport (SEB/HLLS)26.9928894N 14.46550465ECIV/MIL
Sarir Airport (HLSA)27.662323N 22.5083847ECIV
Sarir Nw Airport27.97570038N 22.35740089ECIV
Sidi Salih Airport32.49480057N 13.2901001E
Taminhint Airport27.24010086N 14.65629959E
Tripoli International Airport (TIP/HLLT)32.89164734N 13.28840733ECIV/MIL
Ubari Airport (QUB)26.56749916N 12.82310009E
Waddan Airport29.13920021N 16.1602993E
Wadi Buzanad Sw Airport28.96190071N 17.58810043ECIV
Warehouse 59A Airport (HLWA)28.32239914N 19.93000031E
Warehouse 59e Airport (HLGL)28.63232231N 21.43825722ECIV
Warehouse ? Airport28.16880035N 19.20949936E
Waw Al Kabir Airport25.35680008N 16.80999947E
Zella 74 Airport (HLZA)28.58989906N 17.29389954ECIV
Zelten C6 Airstrip28.95401001N 19.77377129E
Zelten Sw New Airport28.58709908N 19.30340004E
Zueitina Airport (HLZU)30.87010193N 20.07553482ECIV
Zuetina Airport30.8701992N 20.07550049ECIV
Zwara Airport (WAX/HLZW)32.95244598N 12.01481342ECIV