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40 Heliports found in Mexico. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Camino Rancho Vista Heliport25.64871216N 100.41216278WCIV
Campo Militar 1 Heliport19.25592613N 99.14963531WMIL
Ciudad Acuña Helipad29.33342361N 100.98007202WCIV
Durango Hospital Helipad24.05730438N 104.64289093WCIV
Ecatepec de Morelos Hospital Helipad19.5937233N 99.01945496WCIV
Emiliano Zapata Hospital Helipad18.84740067N 99.1975174WCIV
Guadalajara Military Hospital Heliport20.66869926N 103.33315277WMIL
Halcón León Heliport21.06595612N 101.68226624WCIV
Heroica Escuela Naval Militar Heliport19.05613327N 95.97994995WMIL
Hospital Angeles Lindavista19.4871788N 99.12945557WCIV
Hospital Central Militar Heliport19.43662643N 99.21450043WMIL
Hospital Regional del Bajío Helipad21.06212234N 101.57789612WCIV
Huixquilucan Hospital Helipad19.39418983N 99.28197479WCIV
ISSSTE Hospital Heliport19.6286869N 99.16360474WCIV
Ixtapaluca Hospital Helipad19.31818962N 98.85557556WCIV
La Joya Helipad18.6790638N 99.44805908WCIV
La Paz Hospital Helipad24.11129379N 110.31904602WCIV
Magdalena Contreras Hospital Helipad19.31142616N 99.22106171WCIV
Mexico City ABC Hospital Helipad19.40065384N 99.20396423WCIV
Mexico City Belizario Domínguez Hospital Helipad19.30755043N 99.06642914WCIV
Mexico City Cruz Roja Heliport19.43824196N 99.20898438WCIV
Mexico City Four Seasons Hotel Helipad19.42284775N 99.1745224WCIV
Mexico City Helipad19.43517685N 99.24308014WMIL
Mexico City Police Helipad19.31612587N 99.22038269WCIV
Mexico City Police Heliport19.37263489N 99.06092834WCIV
Mexico City Policia Federal Helipad19.39464378N 99.22090149WCIV
Mexico City Tláhuac Hospital Helipad19.28688049N 99.0524826WCIV
Minatitlan Barracks Helipad18.00007439N 94.53212738WMIL
Morelia Heliport19.71282578N 101.22898102WCIV
Naucalpan de Juárez Hospital Helipad19.48783684N 99.2371521WCIV
Polanco Heliport19.43799591N 99.20968628WCIV
Queretaro Airbus Heliport20.62359619N 100.17070007WCIV
Queretaro Heliport20.62498856N 100.36800385WCIV
Querétaro Hospital Helipad20.59321213N 100.40716553WCIV
San Jeronimo Escuale Superior de Guarra Helipad19.31997871N 99.23101044WMIL
Tampico Hospital Helipad22.26727676N 97.85477448WCIV
Tapachula Hospital Helipad14.81060219N 92.3459549WCIV
Tlapan Hospital Helipad19.29038429N 99.16139984WCIV
Toluca CONALEP Helipad19.254879N 99.56578064WCIV
Veracruz Regional Hospital Helipad19.18531036N 96.13163757WCIV