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36 Unpaveds found in Mexico. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Abreojos Airport (AJS)26.72719955N 113.55899811WCIV
Aerodromo San Miguel de Allende20.90835381N 100.70307159WCIV
Alfonsina's Airstrip29.80449104N 114.39684296WCIV
Autlan Airport19.74522018N 104.33721161WCIV
Bahía Asunción Airstrip27.18265724N 114.27735138WCIV
Bahía Ballenas Airstrip26.80591965N 113.47638702WCIV
Cabo Roja Airstrip21.72659683N 97.55361938WCIV
Cadejé Airstrip26.37083244N 112.51361084WCIV
Carlos A. Carillo Airstrip18.3920269N 95.72647858WCIV
Isla Natividad Airstrip27.85777855N 115.16500092WCIV
Isla San Marcos Airstrip27.1875N 112.06987WCIV
Laguna San Ignacio Airport26.85110664N 113.14003754WCIV
Los Cerritos Airfield25.81196594N 108.93147278W
Mascota20.53849983N 104.80529785WCIV
Meling Ranch Airstrip30.97516251N 115.73789978WCIV
Melitón Albáñez Domínguez Airstrip23.66812515N 110.4419632WCIV
Mulegé Airport (MUG/MMMG)26.89543533N 111.95639038WCIV
Nuevo Casas Grandes West Airfield30.42423058N 107.97138214WCIV
Palo Blanco Airstrip26.1483326N 112.10666656WCIV
Pinotepa Nacional Airport (PNO)16.35045815N 98.0622406W
Puerto Cortés Airstrip24.47472191N 111.82553101WCIV
Punta Chivato Airport (PCV)27.06920052N 111.96199799WCIV
Punta Colorada Airport (PCO/MMPL)23.5750103N 109.53582764WCIV
Punta Colorada Airport (PCO/MMPL)23.5750103N 109.53582764WCIV
Punta Final Airstrip29.73535919N 114.31227875WCIV
Punta San Carlos Airstrip29.61940002N 115.50279999WCIV
Rancho Grande Airstrip29.79276085N 114.40441132WCIV
Rancho Las Cruces Airstrip24.20666695N 110.08472443WCIV
Rancho Santa Ynes Airport29.72653389N 114.70017242WCIV
Real del Castillo Airstrip31.88089943N 116.19940186WCIV
Río de Agua de Vida Airstrip26.17723083N 112.11469269W
San Fernando Airfield24.82499886N 98.164711WCIV
San José Vista Hermosa Airfield18.64987755N 99.2614212WCIV
Santa María de Mulegé Airport27.39407921N 112.305336WCIV
Todos Santos Airstrip23.49845123N 110.20249939W
Yécora Airport28.35470009N 108.92482758WCIV