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38 Fields found in Morocco. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Agadir Al Massira Airport (AGA/GMAD)30.3226738N 9.41245651WCIV
Anfa Airport (CAS/GMMC)33.55651855N 7.66156149W
Bassatine Air Base (MEK/GMFM)33.87382889N 5.50911188WMIL
Ben Slimane Airport (GMD/GMMB)33.65539932N 7.22144985WCIV/MIL
Beni Mellal Airport (GMMD)32.40094376N 6.31710815WCIV
Bouarfa Airport (UAR/GMFB)32.51430511N 1.98305559WCIV
Casablanca Heliport33.54932785N 7.64723778WCIV
Casablanca International Airport (CMN/GMMN)33.36241531N 7.58327818WCIV/MIL
Charif Al ldrissi Airport (AHU/GMTA)35.17555237N 3.83929753WCIV
Essaouira Airport (ESU/GMMI)31.39753532N 9.68218517WCIV
Fes Hospital Helipad34.00258636N 4.96356106WCIV
Fes Sefrou Airport (GMFU)34.00336838N 4.96543121W
Fes-Saïss Airport (FEZ/GMFF)33.92723846N 4.97840691WCIV
Goulimime Airport (GLN)29.02669907N 10.05029964WCIV/MIL
Ifrane Airport (GMFI)33.50576401N 5.15242815WCIV
Inezgane Air Base (GMAA)30.38139915N 9.54631042WMIL
Kenitra Air Base (NNA/GMMY)34.2989006N 6.59588003WMIL
Khouribga Air Base32.85602188N 6.94889021WMIL
Marrakech-Ménara International Airport (RAK/GMMX)31.60687256N 8.03565121WCIV/MIL
Moulay Ali Cherif Airport (ERH/GMFK)31.94699097N 4.39875937WCIV
Nador Al Aaroui Airport (NDR/GMMW)34.98907852N 3.02902842WCIV
Ouarzazate Airport (OZZ/GMMZ)30.9374733N 6.90611219WCIV/MIL
Ouezzane Airport (GMFA)34.79217911N 5.6356473WCIV
Oujda-Angads Airport (OUD/GMFO)34.79185104N 1.92715454WCIV
Rabat-Sale Airport (RBA/GMME)34.04651642N 6.7551403WCIV/MIL
Safi Airport (SFI/GMMS)32.27404785N 9.23496056W
Sania Ramel Airport (SII/GMMF)29.36894417N 10.18020439W
Sania Ramel Airport (TTU)35.59426498N 5.32010603WCIV
Sidi Slimane Air Base (GMSL)34.23059845N 6.0501399WMIL
Sidi Zouine Airfield31.63857841N 8.34828663W
Tan Tan Airport (Plage Blanche Airport) (TTA/GMAT)28.44820023N 11.16129971WCIV
Tangier International Airport (TNG/GMTT)35.73114395N 5.91737366WCIV
Taouima Nador Airport (GMFN)35.15301895N 2.91854501W
Tarfaya Airport (TFY)27.94869995N 12.91660023WCIV
Taroudant Airport (GMMO)30.5031414N 8.8229084WCIV
Taza Airport (GMFZ)34.23202133N 3.94669557WCIV
Tit Mellil Airport (GMMT)33.59424591N 7.46448517WCIV
Zagora Airport (OZG/GMAZ)30.32029915N 5.86667013WCIV