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26 Airfields found in Mozambique. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Alto Molocue Airport (AME)15.61027813S 37.68138885ECIV
Bazaruto Island Airport (BZB)21.54026222S 35.47294235ECIV
Beira Airport (BEW/FQBR)19.79678345S 34.90869522ECIV/MIL
Bilene Airport (FQBI)25.26637268S 33.23875809ECIV
Chimoio Airport (VPY/FQCH)19.15130043S 33.42900085E
Chingozi Airport (TET/FQTT)16.10521126S 33.64033127ECIV/MIL
Cuamba Airport (FXO/FQCB)14.8157053S 36.5302124ECIV/MIL
Indigo Bay Lodge Airport (IBL)21.70704269S 35.45211411ECIV
Inhaca Airport (IHC/FQIA)25.99741554S 32.92935181ECIV
Inhambane Airport (INH/FQIN)23.87639999S 35.40850067ECIV
Lichinga Airport (VXC/FQLC)13.27400017S 35.2663002ECIV
Lumbo Airport (LFB/FQLU)15.03290367S 40.67179489ECIV
Magaruque Airport (MFW)21.9672451S 35.42472839E
Marrupa Airport (FQMR)13.22509956S 37.55210114ECIV
Mocimboa da Praia Airport (MZB/FQMP)11.36180019S 40.35490036ECIV
Mueda Airport (MUD/FQMD)11.6729002S 39.56309891E
Nacala Airport (MNC/FQNC)14.48820019S 40.71230698ECIV
Nampula Airport (APL/FQNP)15.10560036S 39.28179932ECIV
Paradise Island Airport21.61499977S 35.33800125E
Pemba Airport (POL/FQPB)12.99268246S 40.52457047ECIV
Quelimane Airport (UEL/FQQL)17.85607147S 36.86871338ECIV
Songo Airport (FQSG)15.60270023S 32.77320099ECIV
Ulongwe Airport (FQUG)14.70493221S 34.35253143ECIV
Vila Franca do Save Airport21.16449928S 34.56069946E
Vilankulo Airport (VNX/FQVL)22.01780319S 35.31270218ECIV
Xai Xai Airport (VJB/FQXA)25.03779984S 33.62739944E