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15 Unpaveds found in Myanmar. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Gangaw Airport (GAW/VYGG)22.17469978N 94.13439941ECIV
Hpapun Airport (PPU/VYPP)18.04560471N 97.43574524E
Lanywa Airport (VYLY)20.94136047N 94.82286072ECIV
Momeik Airport (MOE/VYMO)23.09250069N 96.64530182ECIV
Mong Tong Airport (MGK/VYMT)20.29669952N 98.89898682ECIV
Myauk U Airport (VYMU)20.51781082N 93.25012207ECIV
Naungmom Airport (VYNM)27.51111412N 97.81459808ECIV
Pauk Airport (PAU/VYPK)21.44919968N 94.48690033ECIV
Pearl Island Airport (VYPI)11.27605534N 98.21351624ECIV
Phonngbyin Airport (VYPB)24.25011826N 94.8139801ECIV
Saw Airport (VYSA)21.15582466N 94.16049957ECIV
Shinbweyang Airport26.69338226N 96.21304321ECIV
Tanyang Airport (VYTY)22.49192238N 98.40704346ECIV
Tilin Airport (TIO/VYHN)21.69934273N 94.09519196ECIV
Ye Airport (XYE/VYYE)15.30211163N 97.86420441ECIV