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31 Unpaveds found in Namibia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aminuis Airstrip (FYAM)23.65579987S 19.35169983ECIV
Auob Lodge Airport24.82279968S 18.76280022ECIV
Beenbreek Landing Site23.4747963S 17.94849777ECIV
Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Club Airfield (FYBJ)23.86683655S 17.98320389ECIV
Bush Breaks Lodge Landing Site22.32799911S 19.75060081ECIV
Dirico Airport (DRC)17.98204613S 20.76788902ECIV
Epukiro Airport (FYEK)21.7866993S 19.10627174ECIV
Georgia Peter Schomarz Landing Site23.28063965S 18.63398361ECIV
Gomnab Airport23.69215202S 18.27158356ECIV
Helmering Airstrip25.86205864S 16.81437683ECIV
Intu Africa Pan Airport (FYIA)24.0883007S 17.95170021ECIV
Julia Landing Site22.9714222S 18.19415665ECIV
Kalahari Game Lodge Airport (FYKE)25.63779068S 19.85801506ECIV
Kamanjab Airport (FYKJ)19.52096367S 14.82299995ECIV
Kamombombe East Airport21.61515808S 16.05521202ECIV
Koes Airport25.93623924S 19.11567879ECIV
Lidfontein Landing Site24.07842445S 18.18253708ECIV
Louwater S M7 Airport23.25873375S 17.97011566ECIV
Maltahoehe Airstrip (FYMH)24.77190018S 16.97940063ECIV
Mount Etjo Airport (FYME)21.02330017S 16.45280075ECIV
Ohlsenhagen Landing Site22.27137756S 19.00189972ECIV
Okosongoro Airport Airport21.11805916S 16.08571434ECIV
Onjossa Airport22.16830063S 16.30170059ECIV
Operet Airport (FYOU)18.60728455S 17.15630913ECIV
Osona Airstrip (FYSN)22.10471725S 16.98349762ECIV
Pokweni Glider Airport (FYPO)23.64995956S 17.73034286ECIV
Rag Rock Airport (FYRR)20.53639221S 14.42842197ECIV
Schlip Kalkrand1 Landing Site24.00252724S 16.89542198ECIV
Solitaire Airport (FYSO)23.9008007S 16.00469971ECIV
Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH/FYWH)22.47999954S 17.47053146ECIV
Witvlei Airport (FYWI)22.40534019S 18.45937157ECIV