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14 Airfields found in New Caledonia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bourail - Poé Airport (NWWB)21.60969925S 165.39700317ECIV
Canala Airport (NWWX)21.52020073S 165.97200012ECIV
Île Art - Waala Airport (Belep Islands Airport) (BMY/NWWC)19.72060013S 163.66110229ECIV
Île des Pins Airport (ILP/NWWE)22.58889961S 167.45582581ECIV
Koné Airport (KNQ/NWWD)21.05361938S 164.83918762ECIV
Koumac Airport (KOC/NWWK)20.54622078S 164.25611877ECIV
Maré Airport (MEE/NWWR)21.48146057S 168.03752136ECIV
Nouméa Magenta Airport (GEA/NWWM)22.25830078S 166.4730072ECIV
Oua Tom Airport (NWWT)21.81970024S 165.86099243ECIV
Ouanaham Airport (LIF/NWWL)20.77479935S 167.23953247ECIV
Ouvéa Airport (UVE/NWWV)20.6406002S 166.57299805ECIV
Poum Airport (PUV/NWWP)20.28919983S 164.09899902ECIV
Tiga Airport (TGJ/NWWA)21.09609985S 167.80400085ECIV
Touho Airport (TOU/NWWU)20.79000092S 165.25900269ECIV