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49 Heliports found in New Zealand. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
ASB Bank Centre Heliport (NZBC)36.84989929S 174.7623291E
Aukland Hospital Helipad (NZJL)36.85919952S 174.76899719ECIV
Avalon Heliport (NZAL)41.18573761S 174.94493103ECIV
Bay of Islands Hospital Helipad (NZJI)35.38605118S 174.07040405ECIV
Burwood Hospital Heliport (NZBW)43.47969818S 172.68699646E
Christchurch Hospital Heliport (NZJC)43.53685379S 172.6210022ECIV
Dargaville Hospital Helipad (NZJE)35.92883301S 173.87559509ECIV
Dunedin City Heliport (NZDC)45.88330078S 170.50799561E
Dunedin Hospital Heliport (NZDH)45.86859894S 170.51100159E
Fern Gully Heliport (NZFG)46.89467239S 168.11109924ECIV
Fox Glacier Heliport (FGL/NZFH)43.46316147S 170.00006104ECIV
Garden City Heliport (NZGI)43.49330139S 172.54800415E
Gisborne Hospital Heliport (NZJG)38.64110184S 178.0039978E
Hastings Hospital Heliport (NZJH)39.62924194S 176.82409668ECIV
Kaitaia Hospital Heliport (NZJK)35.11845016S 173.26094055ECIV
Kauaroa Bay Helipad (NZWE)36.82928467S 175.06602478ECIV
Kenepuru Hospital Heliport (NZKH)41.14500046S 174.83500671E
Kupe Helipad (NZKU)39.79999924S 174.11700439E
Maari Heliport (NZMX)39.97499847S 173.29200745E
Maui A Heliport (NZUA)39.55830002S 173.44999695E
Maui B Heliport (NZUB)39.65000153S 173.30799866E
Mechanics Bay Heliport (MHB/NZMB)36.8465271S 174.78787231ECIV
Murchison Hospital Heliport (NZUR)41.8064003S 172.32899475E
Nelson Hospital Heliport (NZNH)41.28829956S 173.27200317E
North Shore Hospital Helipad (NZJN)36.78108215S 174.75888062ECIV
Oaonui Heliport (NZMQ)39.39989853S 173.80986023ECIV
Ocean Beach Heliport (NZOB)46.58969879S 168.30599976E
Palmerston North Hospital Heliport (NZJM)40.33779907S 175.6190033E
Queens Wharf Heliport (NZQW)41.28559113S 174.78018188ECIV
Rawene Hospital Helipad (NZJW)35.40715027S 173.5065155ECIV
Rotorua Hospital Heliport (NZJO)38.13180542S 176.24655151ECIV
Rotorua Lakefront Heliport (NZLF)38.12934875S 176.25283813ECIV
Southland - Kew Hospital Heliport (NZJS)46.43720627S 168.35934448ECIV
Taharoa Iron Sands Heliport (NZAH)38.16622925S 174.70510864ECIV
Taranaki Base Hospital Heliport (NZJQ)39.07329941S 174.05499268E
Taumarunui Hospital Heliport (NZJT)38.88970184S 175.25100708E
Taupo Hospital Heliport (NZJZ)38.69850159S 176.09844971ECIV
Tauranga Hospital Heliport (NZJA)37.70691681S 176.14802551ECIV
Te Kuiti Hospital Heliport (NZTQ)38.33390045S 175.1519928E
Te Puia Springs Hospital Heliport (NZJP)38.0548172S 178.30429077E
Tokoroa Hospital Heliport (NZJX)38.23197174S 175.86079407ECIV
Tui Helipad (NZUI)39.43190002S 173.23300171E
Waikato Hospital Heliport37.80620193S 175.28105164ECIV
Wairarapa Hospital Heliport (NZMH)40.94749832S 175.67500305E
Wairau Hospital Helipad (NZJB)41.53659439S 173.94369507ECIV
Wairoa Hospital Heliport (NZJY)39.04249954S 177.41400146E
Wanganui Hospital Heliport (NZJU)39.94329834S 175.03900146E
Wellington Hospital Heliport (NZWH)41.30857086S 174.77928162ECIV
Whangarei Hospital Helipad (NZJR)35.73518753S 174.3033905ECIV