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19 Fields found in Pakistan. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bahawalpur Airport (BHV/OPBW)29.3482132N 71.71808624ECIV/MIL
Chaklala Joint Services HQ Helipad33.59598541N 73.09227753EMIL
Chashma Airport32.42295074N 71.4552002EMIL
Faisal Air Base (OPSF)24.87420082N 67.11849976EMIL
Islamabad International Airport (ISB/OPRN)33.61591339N 73.10044098ECIV/MIL
Karachi-Jinnah International Airport (KHI/OPKC)24.90449524N 67.15853119ECIV/MIL
Korangi Creek Heliport24.78219986N 67.13639832EMIL
Malir Heliport24.96875191N 67.22137451EMIL
Masroor Air Base (OPMR)24.89360046N 66.938797EMIL
Multan International Airport (MUX/OPMT)30.20319939N 71.4190979ECIV/MIL
Murid Airport32.90855789N 72.77651978EMIL
Mushaf Air Base (SGI/OPSR)32.04859924N 72.66500092EMIL
Peshawar Airport (PEW/OPPS)33.9939003N 71.51460266ECIV/MIL
Qasim Airport (OPQS)33.56019974N 73.03320312EMIL
Quetta International Airport (UET/OPQT)30.25147438N 66.93925476ECIV/MIL
Rajanpur Airport29.26399994N 70.18640137EMIL
Sukkur Airport (SKZ/OPSK)27.72184753N 68.79187012ECIV/MIL
Talhar Airport (BDN/OPTH)24.84208298N 68.83844757EMIL
Tarbela Dam AAF (TLB/OPTA)33.98435593N 72.60938263EMIL