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28 Heliports found in Pakistan. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Attock Helipad33.76042557N 72.36773682EMIL
Bhurban Heliport (BHC)33.96099854N 73.45200348E
Chaklala Joint Services HQ Helipad33.59598541N 73.09227753EMIL
Chashma Airport32.42295074N 71.4552002EMIL
Dalbandin Heliport28.87475777N 64.40392303ECIV
Gilgit Heliport35.9178009N 74.34329987E
Gurha Salim Heliport32.88130188N 73.60140228E
Jiwani Helipad25.06783867N 61.77636719ECIV
Karachi Naval Port Helipad24.82637978N 66.97006226EMIL
Karachi Nuclear Powerplant Helipad24.84741783N 66.78660583ECIV
Karachi SAC Helipad24.89594841N 67.10258484EMIL
Korangi Creek Heliport24.78219986N 67.13639832EMIL
Malir Helipad24.92405701N 67.19550323EMIL
Malir Heliport24.96875191N 67.22137451EMIL
Nushki Heliport29.54019928N 66.02449799E
PNS Ahsan Helipad25.18948555N 64.60513306EMIL
PNS Bahadur Helipad24.89527321N 67.09899902EMIL
PNS Himalaya Helipad24.81353188N 66.94940186EMIL
PNS Igbal Helipad24.82183266N 67.04444122EMIL
PNS Jauhar Helipad24.88971138N 67.09070587EMIL
PNS Jinnah Helipad25.2016983N 64.67451477EMIL
PNS Qasim Helipad24.79160118N 66.97863007EMIL
PNS Rahat Helipad24.88464737N 67.09365082EMIL
PNS Rahbar Helipad24.80026627N 66.97239685EMIL
Sakesar Helipad32.54893112N 71.942276EMIL
Sanjwal Helipad33.78807449N 72.40962219EMIL
Sialkot Cantonment Airport32.51472092N 74.52889252E
Zamzama Heliport (ZIZ)26.71094513N 67.66725159E