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35 Unpaveds found in Paraguay. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bahía Negra Airport (BFA/SGBN)20.22761917S 58.16945648WCIV
Colonia Carmelo Peralta Airport21.68099976S 57.91249847WCIV
Estancia Coeyu Airport23.93634033S 57.73504257WCIV
Estancia Cunataí Airport21.55516052S 57.96935654W
Estancia Herradura Airport26.49563217S 58.20323944WCIV
Estancia Lomas Airport24.61700058S 57.1487999WCIV
Estancia Pai Quara Airport23.22311401S 55.94601059WCIV
Estancia Trementina Airport22.73600006S 56.84220123WCIV
Filadelfia Airport (FLM/SGFI)22.36000061S 60.05381775WCIV
Fuerte Olimpo Airport (OLK/SGOL)21.04520035S 57.88249969WCIV
Hugo Stroessner Airport25.40751839S 56.55416107WCIV
Isla Pucu Airport25.29833031S 56.90116119WCIV
Iturbe Airport26.06208038S 56.49386597WCIV
Ñu Guazú Air Base25.27368927S 57.5322113WMIL
Nueva Australia Airport25.42000008S 56.56999969WCIV
Paraguari Airport25.60259247S 57.15180206WCIV
Pelayo Prats Gill Airstrip (SGPG)22.55581856S 61.61399078W
Pozo Colorado Airport (SGPC)23.49912643S 58.78591537WCIV
Puerto Abente Airport22.94878006S 57.79247284WCIV
Puerto Alegre Airport22.44319916S 57.83229828WCIV
Puerto Boqueron Airport23.98132133S 57.24591064WCIV
Puerto Calera Airport22.54529953S 57.82249832WCIV
Puerto Guaraní Airport21.27319908S 57.92419815WCIV
Puerto La Esperanza Airport22.04310036S 58.01660156WCIV
Puerto La Victoria Airport (PCJ)22.29488182S 57.86616135WCIV
Puerto Lidia Airport (PBT)20.90708542S 57.92744446WCIV
Puerto Max Airport22.63100052S 57.77050018WCIV
Puerto Michi Airport24.13570023S 57.28409958WCIV
Puerto Pinasco Airport (SGPO)22.6336441S 57.83866882WCIV
Puerto Risso Airport22.37050056S 57.81510162WCIV
Rosario Airport (SGRO)24.43000031S 57.11999893WCIV
San Cosme y Damian Airport27.2844696S 56.31303024WCIV
San Pedro Airport (SGSP)24.08288383S 57.08811188WCIV
Villa Hayes Sarg Airport (SGNB)25.15503693S 57.56223297WCIV
Villa Rey Airport24.68915367S 57.23124313WCIV