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13 Unpaveds found in Peru. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Bellavista Airport (SPBS)5.28839016S 76.292099WCIV
Caraveli Airport (SPVL)15.77893543S 73.36193085WCIV
Chala Airport (SPHC)15.80823612S 74.28705597WCIV
Hacienda El Valor Airport (SPVA)5.67274904S 78.64385986WCIV
Manu Airport (SPNU)12.28912258S 70.89012909WCIV
Masisea Airport (SPSS)8.61113358S 74.30987549WCIV
Nauta Airport (SPTA)4.5007S 73.56468201WCIV
Obenteni Airport (SPBT)10.75351238S 74.22158813WCIV
Puerto Victoria Airport (SPGT)9.90318012S 74.96320343WCIV
Quince Air Base (UMI/SPIL)13.23238087S 70.7533493WCIV
Tintay Airport (SPTY)13.96553898S 73.19212341WCIV
Tournavista Airport (SPTR)8.91784763S 74.71292114WCIV
Vicco Airport (SPVI)10.84784412S 76.24695587WCIV