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13 Airfields found in Portugal. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Alcochete Airstrip38.76728439N 8.80262089WMIL
Alverca Airport (LPAR)38.88330078N 9.03009987WCIV/MIL
Aveiro Air Base (LPAV)40.65654755N 8.74153328WMIL
Beja Air Base (BYJ/LPBJ)38.07871628N 7.93233109WCIV/MIL
Lajes Airport (TER/LPLA)38.76124954N 27.09419441WCIV/MIL
Monte Real Air Base (LPMR)39.83119965N 8.88726044WMIL
Montijo Air Base (LPMT)38.70389938N 9.03592014WMIL
Ota Air Base (LPOT)39.08750153N 8.96278WMIL
Ovar Air Base (LPOV)40.91590118N 8.6459198WMIL
Porto Santo Airport (PXO/LPPS)33.07350922N 16.34998322WCIV/MIL
Santa Margarida Airstrip39.40203476N 8.28974628WMIL
Sintra Air Base (LPST)38.83110046N 9.33955002WMIL
Tancos Air Base (LPTN)39.47400665N 8.37384987WMIL