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58 Heliports found in Portugal. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Águas de Moura Bombeiros Helipad38.58372879N 8.69817543WCIV
Alcácer do Sal Bombeiros Helipad38.3691597N 8.50624275WCIV
Alcochete Helipad38.78537369N 8.87174988WMIL
Alfragide heliport38.73839188N 9.21506119WMIL
Aveiro Hospital Helipad40.63441467N 8.65581036WCIV
Beja Helipad38.05802155N 7.87536097WCIV
Bragança Hospital Helipad41.80265045N 6.76876402WCIV
Castelo Branco Bombeiros Heliport (LPCB)39.81921768N 7.50520992WCIV
Castelo Branco Hospital Helipad39.82199478N 7.49898005WCIV
Coimbra Hospital Helipad (LPCI)40.19481277N 8.46020794WCIV
Covilha Hospital Helipad (LPCL)40.2675705N 7.49130678WCIV
Espinho Heliport (LPIN)40.97261429N 8.64229393WCIV
Estoril Circuit Helipad38.75179291N 9.39196873WCIV
Evora Hospital Helipad (LPER)38.56796646N 7.90244198WCIV
Funchal Helipad32.64464569N 16.91319656WCIV
Funchal Hospital Helipad32.64763641N 16.92370987WCIV
Funchal Hotel Pestana Helipad32.64142609N 16.92157555W
Guilhufe Hospital Helipad41.19581604N 8.30994034WCIV
Hospital Amadora heliport38.74214935N 9.24574757WCIV
Hospital Biatriz Ângelo Heliport38.82182693N 9.17424297WCIV
Hospital de Santa Cruz heliport38.72613525N 9.23408318WCIV
Hospital de Sao Teotonio heliport40.64908218N 7.90578794WCIV
Hospital Distrital de Abrantes heliport (LPAB)39.45614243N 8.19982147WCIV
Hospital Distrital de Faro heliport37.02529144N 7.92947721WCIV
Hospital Distrital de Guarda heliport40.52984238N 7.27800322WCIV
Hospital Distrital Leiria heliport39.74453354N 8.79310513WCIV
Hospital Divino Espirito Santo heliport37.7529068N 25.6758976WCIV
Hospital Garcia de Orta Heliport38.67506409N 9.17740154WCIV
Hospital Nossa Senhora da Graça Heliport39.61051559N 8.39523411WCIV
Hospital Pedro Hispano heliport (LPPH)41.18101883N 8.66257954WCIV
Hospital Santa Maria Da Feira heliport40.92937851N 8.54830742WCIV
Hospital Santa Maria Helipad38.74936676N 9.16063404WCIV
Lamego Barracks Helipad41.09394836N 7.80780983WMIL
Leiria Helipad39.74092865N 8.74552059WCIV
Lisbon Navy Heliport38.6554718N 9.13133621WMIL
Lisbon Navy Heliport38.65146637N 9.13751411WMIL
Lisbon-Algés Heliport38.695755N 9.23574066WCIV
Loule heliport37.13152313N 8.03316784WCIV
Macedo de Cavaleiros Heliport (LPMC)41.52528N 6.96635008WCIV
Mafra Helipad38.9430542N 9.3538723WCIV
Mirandela Hospital Helipad (LPMD)41.4847641N 7.19065285WCIV
Monchique Heliport37.32010651N 8.55231571WCIV
Montejunto Radar Station Helipad39.17971802N 9.05123234WMIL
Morgado de Apra Heliport (LPMB)37.14978409N 7.95386744WCIV
Nisa heliport39.5051651N 7.64426231WCIV
Paredas Baltar Heliport (LPPB)41.19002151N 8.38560009WCIV
Peso da Régua Helipad41.15917587N 7.79746723WCIV
Porto Moniz Helipad32.86697006N 17.16497803WCIV
Portuguese Air Force Hospital Helipad38.76766968N 9.17414188WMIL
Salames Heliport (LPSA)38.87480927N 9.19484234WCIV
Santa Comba Dão (LPCD)40.39847183N 8.13415813WCIV
Santa Maria Da Feira heliport40.93014908N 8.54239082WCIV
Santarem Hospital Helipad39.24182129N 8.6975584WCIV
Sines heliport37.95500946N 8.87935829WCIV
Tomar Heliport39.6122551N 8.39942741WMIL
Torres Novas Hospital Helipad39.46936417N 8.53720474WCIV
Trás-os-Montes Hospital Helipad41.31047058N 7.75922298WCIV
Vila Real Bombeiros Helipad41.31458282N 7.73054504WCIV