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8 Airports found in Saudi Arabia. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Dammam International Airport (DMM/OEDF)26.46849823N 49.78756332ECIV
Gizan Airport (GIZ/OEGN)16.90372086N 42.58428192ECIV/MIL
Ha'il Regional Airport (HAS/OEHL)27.4385376N 41.68854523ECIV/MIL
Hafar Al-Batin Domestic Airport (HBT/OEKK)[no coordinates available]
King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED/OEJN)21.68842316N 39.15433884ECIV/MIL
King Khalid International Airport (RUH/OERK)24.95995903N 46.70368958E
Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport (MED/OEMA)24.55410004N 39.70800018ECIV
Ta'if Airport (TIF/OETF)21.27027702N 40.41583252E