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27 Unpaveds found in Spain. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Alfes Airport (LEAT)41.54861832N 0.65141618ECIV
Almansa Airport (LELM)38.89500046N 1.11318004WCIV
Binissalem Airfield39.68151093N 2.87785912ECIV
Calaf-Sallavinera Airport (LECF)41.74477768N 1.55758369ECIV
Calamocha Airport (LECH)40.90000153N 1.30411994WCIV
Campolara Airport (LECX)40.90293503N 4.52083778WCIV
Castejón de los Monegros Airport (LECJ)41.60779953N 0.218327WCIV
Dhaguera Airfield40.22384262N 3.86749101WCIV
Don Benito Airstrip38.9783783N 5.86674881WCIV
E. Castellanos-Villacastín Airport (LEEV)40.78390121N 4.46278WCIV
El Manantío Airport (LEEM)38.77750778N 6.99112415WCIV
Guadalupe Airport (LEGU)39.34569931N 5.19735003WCIV
La Cervera Airstrip39.32886505N 6.34306908WCIV
La Mancha-Toledo Airport (LEMX)39.56209946N 3.25075006WCIV
La Nava - Corral De Ayllón Airport (LECA)41.41080093N 3.44832993WCIV
Leon-Villamarco Airfield42.4524765N 5.28456879WCIV
Madrigalejo Del Monte Airport (LEJO)42.13439941N 3.73102999WCIV
Mafé - Gibraleón Airport (HEV/LEMF)37.36429977N 6.92093992WCIV
Manresa Airport (LEMS)41.76530075N 1.86167002ECIV
Morante Airport (LETE)39.03689957N 6.69055986WCIV
San Enrique Airport (LESE)38.73080063N 4.31305981WCIV
San Torcuato Airfield42.47522354N 2.87290502WCIV
Sangüesa Airport (LESG)42.56658173N 1.2893548WCIV
Tordera Airfield41.68716431N 2.74789095ECIV
Torozos Airport (LETZ)41.78530121N 4.86472988WCIV
Valdelagua Airfield40.66022873N 3.59449506WCIV
Vinaròs Airfield40.51972198N 0.39027777ECIV