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24 Unpaveds found in Tanzania. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Amani Gomvu Airport (HTAG)6.9353528S 39.49304581ECIV
Geita Airport (GIT)2.81383848S 32.17255783ECIV
Inyonga Airport (HTIY)6.7194829S 32.06231689ECIV
Kibambawe Airstrip (HTBB)7.74824095S 38.00183487ECIV
Kikwetu Airport (LDI/HTLI)9.85094166S 39.75909042ECIV
Kilimatinde Airport (HTKT)5.83137798S 34.96660233ECIV
Kilwa Masoko Airport (KIY/HTKI)8.91061401S 39.50849915ECIV
Kondoa Airport (HTKD)4.89430857S 35.7682991ECIV
Kongwa Airport (HTKO)6.16314173S 36.42060471ECIV
Lake Manyara Airport (LKY/HTLM)3.37575316S 35.81844711ECIV
Liuli Airport (HTLL)11.11692619S 34.65262604ECIV
Loliondo Airport (HTLD)2.07007599S 35.53994751ECIV
Mafinga Airport (HTSH)8.33573341S 35.30008698ECIV
Malya Airport (HTML)2.96075964S 33.52810287ECIV
Mbinga Airport10.96298885S 35.00978088ECIV
Mikumi Airport (HTMK)7.33078909S 37.11395645ECIV
Morogoro Airport (HTMG)6.79722023S 37.65309906ECIV
Musoma Airport (MUZ/HTMU)1.50300002S 33.80210114ECIV
Mvumi Airport6.37638903S 35.8988266ECIV
Same Airport (HTSE)4.06613445S 37.70335007ECIV
Shinyanga Airport (SHY/HTSY)3.6092999S 33.50350189ECIV
Sumbawanga Airport (SUT/HTSU)7.94829893S 31.61172485ECIV
Tunduru Airport (HTTU)11.0518198S 37.33627319ECIV
Urambo Airport (HTUR)5.07503653S 32.07866669ECIV