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17 Airfields found in Vanuatu. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Anatom Airport (AUY/NVVA)20.24920082S 169.77099609E
Aniwa Airport (AWD/NVVB)19.23999977S 169.60499573E
Forari Airport (NVVJ)17.7010994S 168.5269928E
Futuna Airport (FTA/NVVF)19.51639938S 170.23199463E
Gaua Airport (ZGU/NVSQ)14.21809959S 167.58700562E
Lenakel Airport (NVVK)19.51300049S 169.25999451E
Maewo-Naone Airport (MWF/NVSN)15S 168.08299255E
Mota Lava Airport (MTV/NVSA)13.66600037S 167.71200562E
Quion Hill Airport (UIQ/NVVQ)17.54000092S 168.44200134E
Santo Pekoa International Airport (SON/NVSS)15.50500011S 167.22000122E
Tanna Airport (TAH/NVVW)19.45509911S 169.22399902E
Tavie Airport (PBJ/NVSI)16.43899918S 168.25700378E
Tongoa Island Airport (TGH/NVST)16.89109993S 168.55099487E
Torres Airstrip (TOH/NVSD)13.32800007S 166.63800049E
Uléi Airport (ULB/NVSU)16.32970047S 168.30110168E
Valesdir Airport (VLS/NVSV)16.79610062S 168.17700195E
Walaha Airport (WLH/NVSW)15.4119997S 167.69099426E