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18 Unpaveds found in Vanuatu. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Aniwa Airport (AWD/NVVB)19.23392105S 169.6007843ECIV
Craig Cove Airport (CCV/NVSF)16.26432037S 167.92352295ECIV
Futuna Airport (FTA/NVVF)19.51603508S 170.23225403ECIV
Lamen Bay Airport (LNB/NVSM)16.58501816S 168.15956116ECIV
Longana Airport (LOD/NVSG)15.30607605S 167.96751404ECIV
Malekoula Island Airport (LPM/NVSL)17.48639297S 168.50030518ECIV
Norsup Airfield16.07849312S 167.40000916ECIV
North West Santo Airport (OLJ/NVSZ)14.88140965S 166.55809021ECIV
Quion Hill Airport (UIQ/NVVQ)17.54000092S 168.44200134ECIV
Redcliffe Airport (RCL/NVSR)15.47129726S 167.83505249ECIV
Sara Airport (SSR/NVSH)15.47091866S 168.15231323ECIV
Siwo Airport (EAE/NVSE)17.08748436S 168.34165955ECIV
Sola Airport (SLH/NVSC)13.85249138S 167.53726196ECIV
Southwest Bay Airport (SWJ/NVSX)16.4864006S 167.44720459ECIV
Tavie Airport (PBJ/NVSI)16.43212509S 168.23524475ECIV
Tongoa Island Airport (TGH/NVST)16.89109993S 168.5514679ECIV
Uléi Airport (ULB/NVSU)16.32970047S 168.30110168ECIV
Valesdir Airport (VLS/NVSV)16.79610062S 168.17700195ECIV