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302 Airfields found in Venezuela. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Acañana Airport3.23333311N 65.94999695W
Adícora Airport (SVAR)11.93606567N 69.8117218WCIV
Agropecuaria Gamma Airport (SVGA)8.75N 70W
Agropecuaria Los Araguaneyes Airport (SVGG)9.58333302N 63.04999924W
Alberto Carnevalli Airport (MRD/SVMD)8.58207798N 71.16104126W
Altagracia de Orituco Airport (SVAO)9.86197948N 66.29024506WCIV
Anaco Airport (AAO/SVAN)9.42988682N 64.47046661WCIV
Andres Miguel Salazar Marcano Airport (SVIE)10.79454327N 63.98156738WCIV
Antabare Airport (SVTE)6.48333311N 62.8833313W
Antonio José de Sucre Airport (CUM/SVCU)10.45033264N 64.13047028W
Apruna Airport (SVCE)9.35030556N 65.28065491WCIV
Apurito Airport (SVAP)7.91884995N 68.48300171W
Arekuna Airport6.48333311N 62.89166641W
Arichuna Airport (SVAI)7.86666679N 67.03333282W
Aricuaisa Airport9.58187008N 72.78800201WCIV
Arismendi Airport8.4841671N 68.36694336W
Armando Schwarck Airport (LPJ/SVAS)6.57805014N 66.81690216W
Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN/SVVA)10.14973259N 67.92839813W
Asisa (Alto Asisa) Airpòrt4.46888924N 65.76916504W
Asita Airport5.19999981N 65.58333588W
Bachaquero Airport (SVBQ)10.00099277N 71.08391571W
Barcelona Airport (BLA/SVBC)10.10709953N 64.68920135WCIV/MIL
Barinas Airport (BNS/SVBI)8.61960697N 70.22103119WCIV
Belen Airport3.74666691N 65.76333618W
Bocon Airport (SVBN)6.5999999N 62.73333359W
Boquemonte Airport (SVBT)9.19999981N 69.75W
Buena Vista del Caño Airport3.5N 65.33333588W
Buena Vista del Caño Medio Airport (SVVM)6.91666698N 68.15000153W
Cabuya Airport4.06666708N 66.8666687W
Cacique Aramare Airport (PYH/SVPA)5.62033176N 67.60580444WCIV
Cacuri Airport4.82166719N 65.33999634W
Cacurito Airport6.05000019N 66.90000153W
Caicara de Orinoco Airport (CXA/SVCD)7.62585068N 66.16443634WCIV
Calabozo Airport (CLZ/SVCL)8.92465591N 67.41709137W
Camani Airport5.10833311N 66.2583313W
Camatagua Airport9.81145954N 66.89279938W
Campo de Palma Airport8.62049007N 72.22599792W
Canaima Airport (CAJ/SVCN)6.23194647N 62.85494614WCIV
Caño Negro Airport (SVKN)5.5N 65.61833191W
Caño Santo Airport5.55000019N 66.25W
Capitán Manuel Ríos Airbase (SVCZ)9.37222672N 66.92271423WMIL
Carbonero Airport (SVBR)10.41666698N 68.66666412W
Carona Airport4.5999999N 63.93333435W
Carora Airport (VCR/SVCO)10.17560291N 70.06521606W
Cayoateri (Coyowateli) Airport2.42151999N 64.29730225W
Cerro Bolívar Airport7.5N 63.40000153W
Chajuraña Airport5.14833307N 64.84833527W
Chivapure Airport6.03333282N 66.26667023W
Churuguara Airport (SVHH)10.8075943N 69.63874054WCIV
Ciudad Piar Airport (SVDW)7.49379015N 63.26979828W
Cocuiza Airport (SVDC)8.59000015N 66.25499725W
Cordereño Airport (SVDR)7.93333292N 69.90000153W
Coshiloateri Airport3.08333302N 65.81500244W
Cumarebo Airport (SVRB)11.48666668N 69.35500336W
Doña Bella Airport (SVDB)9.33333302N 68.43333435W
Dos Mosquises Airport (SVDM)11.794384N 66.89259338WCIV
El Capitán Airport (SVEK)10.08250332N 72.59548187WCIV
El Carmen Airport6.1500001N 67.06666565W
El Cedral Airport7.43166685N 69.32666779W
El Cubo Airport (CUV/SVCG)8.75648499N 72.5368576WCIV
El Diamante Airport6.43472195N 65.8188858W
El Embrujo Airport (SVMB)8.6716671N 66.50499725W
El Esterero Airport (SVEE)7.90833282N 68.69667053W
El Frío Airport (SVFR)7.82333279N 68.89833069W
El Fuentero Airport (SVFT)7.0999999N 69.58333588W
El Guayabo de Cojedes Airport (SVEG)9.69999981N 68.33333588W
El Guayabo del Zulia Airport (SVEB)8.67615986N 72.33560181WCIV
El Jabillal Airport (SVEJ)9.45275116N 70.77366638WCIV
El Lechozo Airport (SVLU)9.30000019N 66.67832947W
El Libertador Air Base (MYC/SVBL)10.18337536N 67.55731964WMIL
El Manteco Airport (SVET)7.36107016N 62.53210068W
El Milagro Carabobo Airport (SVGR)10.15299988N 68.37519836W
El Milagro Cojedes Airport (SVMK)9.22999954N 67.97000122W
El Milagro Sureste Airport (SVML)7.26666689N 67.28333282W
El Morichal Airport (SVNR)6.98333311N 68.6333313W
El Paraiso Airport (SVEM)8.33333302N 70.375W
El Paují Airport (SVPI)4.46666718N 61.5933342W
El Pueblito Airport (SVPL)7.81666708N 62.71666718W
El Rosario Airport (SVRO)10.43666744N 63.91666794W
El Samán de Apure Airport (SVES)7.91235018N 68.69270325W
El Samán de Barinas Airport8.54333305N 70.16666412W
El Samán de Guárico Airport8.82499981N 67.01833344W
El Toco Airport (SVTO)9.19999981N 64.84999847W
El Yagual Airport (SVYG)7.46666718N 68.44999695W
Elorza Airport (EOZ/SVEZ)7.0596962N 69.49668121WCIV
Encontrados Airport (SVEN)9.11166668N 72.26999664W
Entrerios Airport5.95833302N 64.43333435W
Erebastina Airport5.13333321N 64.84999847W
Espino Airport (SVPN)8.5635004N 66.01830292W
Fagotrans Airport (SVFS)9.40163994N 66.64309692W
Francisco de Miranda Airport (SVFM)10.48503304N 66.84351349W
Fundo Santa María Airport (SVSM)8.32166672N 70.24666595W
General Bartolome Salom International Airport (PBL/SVPC)10.48050022N 68.07299805WCIV/MIL
General José Francisco Bermúdez Airport (CUP/SVCP)10.66001415N 63.2616806W
Guanare Airport (GUQ/SVGU)9.02694416N 69.75514984W
Guanarito Airport8.67333317N 69.18499756W
Guanay Airport5.68280983N 66.35800171W
Guasipati Airport (SVGT)7.4749999N 61.90000153W
Guaviarito Airport5.63333321N 66.21666718W
Guesipo Airport (SVGP)9.63333321N 67.18333435W
Guiria Airport (GUI/SVGI)10.57407761N 62.31266785WCIV
Hacienda Bella Vista Airport8.05000019N 69.84999847W
Hacienda El Calvario Airport (SVHD)9.89594078N 72.55086517WCIV
Hacienda Las Lomas Airport (SVMJ)10.59833336N 68.53500366W
Hacienda Río Yaza Airport (SVRX)9.84346962N 72.54720306WCIV
Hacienda San José Airport (SVSS)9.40676403N 71.03990173WCIV
Hacienda Santa Elena de Mirand Airport (SVSL)10.3166666N 66.30000305W
Hato Aguaro Airport8.11666679N 66.58333588W
Hato Altamira de Bolívar Airport (SVHA)7.5999999N 63.21666718W
Hato El Burro Airport (SVBW)7.13166714N 63.45666885W
Hato El Cujicito Airport8.96666718N 67.80000305W
Hato El Gallo de Oro Airport8.84000015N 63.6016655W
Hato El Rosero Airport (SVOO)7.6500001N 69.41666412W
Hato El Samán Airport8.80500031N 67.13166809W
Hato El Sesenta Airport (SVHS)8.25N 65.58333588W
Hato Guaribe Airport9.83833313N 63.57333374W
Hato La Chaconera Airport (SVHN)8.10540962N 68.71910095W
Hato la Guaca Airport (SVHK)9.39999962N 67.78333282W
Hato La Laguna del Junco Airport (SVJU)9.1833334N 68.09999847W
Hato La Romereña Airport (SVRM)9.5N 67.66666412W
Hato La Vergareña Airport (SVVR)6.83333302N 63.58333206W
Hato Las Yeguas Airport (SVHY)8.72000027N 68.47166443W
Hato Los Pozos Airport9.63500023N 65.80332947W
Hato Mikitole Airport (SVNK)8.41777802N 63.56777954W
Hato Puga Airport (SVDX)8.46666718N 62.48333359W
Hato Rancho Alegre Airport (SVHE)9.5666666N 67.56666565W
Hato Rancho Novillero Airport8.78499985N 63.73833466W
Hato San Francisco Airport7.66833305N 69.32499695W
Hato San Leonardo Airport6.98999977N 68.26166534W
Hato Santa Clara Airport (SVXF)7.1500001N 69.25W
Hato Servio Tulio Airport8.70499992N 64.62000275W
Hato Veladero Airport (SVDV)9.44999981N 63.17499924W
Hato Yavi Airport5.58967018N 65.86070251W
Higuerote Airport (SVHG)10.46245289N 66.09275818W
Icabaru Airport (ICA/SVIC)4.33631992N 61.73960114W
Isla Ratón Airport5.05027819N 67.8172226W
Jacinto Lara International Airport (BRM/SVBM)10.04274654N 69.35861969WCIV/MIL
Jobito Airport (SVBP)7.5999999N 67.19999695W
José Leonardo Chirinos Airport (CZE/SVCR)11.4149437N 69.68090057WCIV
Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso Airport (VIG/SVVG)8.62413883N 71.67266846W
Juan Vicente Gómez International Airport (SVZ/SVSA)7.84082985N 72.43969727WCIV
Junglaven Airport5.05000019N 66.23332977W
Kamarata Airport (KTV/SVKM)5.75N 62.41600037W
Kanarakuni Norte Airport4.43333292N 64.1333313W
Kanarakuni Sur Airport4.41666698N 64.1166687W
Kavac Airport5.71500015N 62.4066658W
Kavanayén Airport (KAV/SVKA)5.6329999N 61.78300095W
La Batalla Airport (SVBG)9.19999981N 68.16666412W
La Bendición Ramera Airport7.48333311N 68.90000153W
La Calzada Airport (SVKB)7.98333311N 70.09999847W
La Centella Airport (SVTL)6.94166708N 65.89167023W
La Culata Airport9.27499962N 68.3666687W
La Divina Pastora Airport (SVDP)4.73000002N 60.96500015W
La Esmeralda Airport3.16666698N 65.53333282W
La Fortuna Airport (SVFU)7.58333302N 71.46666718W
La Fria Airport (LFR/SVLF)8.23916721N 72.27102661WCIV
La Gran China Airport (SVGC)9.77707958N 72.48680115WCIV
La Guacharaca Airport (SVGH)9.53499985N 66.72499847W
La Orchila Airport (SVLO)11.80837631N 66.17999268WCIV
La Paragua Airport (SVPU)6.8499999N 63.31666565W
La Reforma Airport (SVRF)9.11999989N 66.42333221W
La Trinidad De Amazonas Airport5.0999999N 65.93333435W
La Trinidad de Ferro Airport (SVTF)7.4000001N 67.94999695W
La Trinidad de Orichuna Airport (SVTK)7.13833284N 69.77500153W
La Verdad Airport (SVVK)7.13333321N 69.05000305W
La Vieja Airport (SVLJ)9.6833334N 64.18333435W
La Yagua Airport (SVLY)7.28333282N 68.53333282W
La Yegua Airport8.73166656N 68.47000122W
Las Clavellinas Airport (SVKL)9.32499981N 70.97499847W
Las Flecheras Airport (SFD/SVSR)7.88331985N 67.44400024W
Las Flores Airport (SVLM)9.49794006N 62.90130615W
Las Guadalupes Airport (SVGX)8.75500011N 63.52500153W
Las Lagunitas Airport (SVLP)6.93333292N 68.3666687W
Las Majaguas Airport (SVLG)9.64999962N 68.98332977W
Las Mercedes Airport (SVNE)7.76666689N 70.26667023W
Los Aguacates Airport (SVLW)10.06833267N 68.02166748W
Los Andes Airport (SVAX)10.00004196N 72.58303833WCIV
Los Caballos Airport9.31166744N 68.16333008W
Los Conucos Airport (SVQQ)9.85000038N 65.31666565W
Los Lajeros Airport (SVJL)8.01666737N 67.3833313W
Los Oripopos Airport (SVOP)7.5999999N 68.43333435W
Los Quitasoles Airport (SVQT)7.63333321N 69.92500305W
Los Roques Airport (LRV/SVRS)11.94580078N 66.67060089WCIV
Los Siete Samanes Airport (SVSN)8.87563992N 66.83989716W
Luepa Airport (SVPP)5.79171896N 61.44022369WCIV
Luisa Airport9.61666679N 68.40000153W
Macagua Airport (SFX)8.27912998N 62.66440964WCIV
Macana Airport (SVNA)9.92403507N 72.07770538WCIV
Macanillal Airport (SVMH)7.31666708N 68W
Machiques North Airport10.08829975N 72.55480194WCIV
Majagua Airport5.46666718N 65.91666412W
Majawa Airport5.13333321N 65.03333282W
Mantecal Airport (SVMZ)7.55757999N 69.14160156WCIV
Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport (PZO/SVPR)8.28853035N 62.76039886WCIV
Maraca Airport5.96666718N 66.91666412W
Maroa Airport (SVMV)2.69250011N 67.51889801W
Marueta Airport4.30166721N 66.29666901W
Mata Airport (SVMX)9.19999981N 64.05000305W
Mata Charo Airport (SVMF)8.53333282N 69.94999695W
Mata de Bárbara Airport8.41666698N 68.44999695W
Mata de Guama Airport7.98963022N 69.27829742W
Mata de Juajua Airport (SVAJ)8.81892967N 65.88670349W
Mata de Turagua Airport (SVNT)7.69999981N 69.30000305W
Mata Palos Airport (SVAZ)8.4333334N 68.55000305W
Maturín Airport (MUN/SVMT)9.74898911N 63.15340805WCIV/MIL
Mavaca I Airport2.53770995N 65.20279694W
Mavaca II Airport2.52068996N 65.19909668W
Mawhishiña Airport4.16666698N 65.19999695W
Mayobateli Airport2.73333311N 64.08333588W
Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport (STD/SVSO)7.5653801N 72.03510284W
Mene Grande Airport (SVMN)9.80605125N 70.89643097WCIV
Menoreño Airport7.13166714N 69.23332977W
Merecure Airport (SVAW)7.48333311N 67.84999847W
Metropolitano Airport (SVMP)10.13311672N 66.78792572WCIV
Miguel Urdaneta Fernández Airport (STB/SVSZ)8.97421074N 71.94295502WCIV
Mikuski Airport5.58333302N 65.94999695W
Miquelon Airport (SVQP)9.05000019N 71.36805725W
Misión Padamo Airport3N 65.28333282W
Montellano Airport (SVAE)10.32873344N 72.48097229WCIV
Moriche Airport4.71666718N 66.33333588W
Morichito II Airport (SVNJ)8.96666718N 66.08333588W
Ocamo Airport2.78958988N 65.21679688W
Oro Negro Airport (CBS/SVON)10.33010864N 71.32233429WCIV
Oscar Machado Zuluaga Airport (SVCS)10.28682899N 66.81606293WCIV
Oswaldo Guevara Mujica Airport (AGV/SVAC)9.55337524N 69.23786926WCIV
Pacicuchero Airport6.5999999N 68.43333435W
Palmarito Airport (PTM/SVPT)7.56666994N 70.1832962W
Paramillo Airport (SCI/SVPM)7.80132008N 72.20290375W
Pariaguán Airport (SVPF)8.81895065N 64.73927307WCIV
Parima Airport2.78333306N 64.23332977W
Parupa Airport5.48166704N 63.62166595W
Pedernales Airport (PDZ/SVPE)9.97873306N 62.23083115WCIV
Pedraza La Vieja Airport (SVPV)7.91666698N 71.03333282W
Pendare Airport6.10208988N 67.0684967W
Platanal Airport2.42922997N 64.90859985W
Playa Pintada Airport (SVTP)10.14106369N 65.43799591W
Puerto Paez (SVDZ)6.23333311N 67.43360901W
Punta Brava Airport (SVPB)10.78390026N 68.34369659W
Punta de Mata Airport9.66666698N 63.65000153W
Punto Fijo International Airport (LSP/SVJC)11.78077507N 70.15149689WCIV
Rancho Grande de Apure Airport (SVRG)7.3499999N 69.34999847WCIV
Rancho Pando Airport4.80000019N 65.3833313W
Río Chico (Club Miami)10.28333282N 65.80000305W
Río de Agua Airport (SVRA)10.5717001N 62.99229813W
Río Hacha Airport4.78333282N 65.34999847W
Roblecito Airport (SVRU)9.20022011N 66.31111145W
Rosario Airport (SVRW)9.19999981N 72.3833313W
San Antonio De Amazonas Airport3.58333302N 66.81666565W
San Antonio De Falcon Airport (SVSF)11.05000019N 68.38500214W
San Carlos Airport (SVCJ)9.64772034N 68.5746994W
San Carlos Río Negro Airport (SVSC)1.92147076N 67.05618286WCIV
San Diego De Cabrutica Airport8.40443039N 65.01550293W
San Fernando de Atabapo Airport (SVAT)4.05104017N 67.6996994W
San Francisco De Carabobo Airport (SVSW)10.10222244N 68.08333588W
San José de Kayama Airport6.31833315N 65.37666321W
San José de Río Cuao Airport5.5N 66.71666718W
San Juan de los Cayos Airport (SVSX)11.17500019N 68.42166901W
San Juan de Los Morros Airport (SVJM)9.90688992N 67.37974548WCIV
San Pablo De Barinas Airport (SVOT)7.76666689N 70.6333313W
San Pablo Paeño Airport (SVOZ)7.78333282N 68.5W
San Pedro de Adawaña Airport5.36166716N 64.24333191W
San Simón de Cocuy Airport1.25520003N 66.82630157W
San Tomé Airport (SOM/SVST)8.94514656N 64.1510849WCIV
Santa Bárbara de Barinas Airport (SBB/SVSB)7.803514N 71.16571808W
Santa Bárbara de Monagas Airport (SVOF)9.69849968N 63.62229919W
Santa Elena de Uairen Airport (SNV/SVSE)4.55499983N 61.15000153W
Santa Juana Airport (SVQD)8.95833302N 65.13833618W
Santa María de Erebato Airport4.94999981N 64.80000305W
Santa Rosa de Guanare Airport (SVQU)8.74896526N 69.72208405WCIV
Santa Rosalía Airport (SVQA)7.46666718N 65.56666565W
Simaraboshe Airport3.81666708N 64.59999847W
Sub Teniente Nestor Arias Airport (SNF/SVSP)10.27869987N 68.75520325WCIV/MIL
Tama Tama Field3.14861107N 65.8611145W
Tamatal Airport (SVQW)8.83333302N 66.3666687W
Tavi Tavi Airport4.6500001N 66.30000305W
Tencuk Airport5.03333282N 65.51667023W
Tenqua Airport5.03333282N 65.6333313W
Tinaquillo A Airport9.9333334N 69.66666412W
Tocomita Airport (SVQL)7.75776005N 63.08229828WCIV
Toky Airport3.16666698N 65.16666412W
Tomás de Heres Airport (CBL/SVCB)8.12216091N 63.53695679WCIV
Torunos Airport (SVQN)8.3166666N 70.05000305W
Trial Airport8.10833263N 66.43333435W
Tucupido Airport (SVQI)9.35000038N 65.80000305W
Tucupita Airport (TUV/SVTC)9.08899403N 62.09417343WCIV
Tumeremo Airport (TMO/SVTM)7.24897814N 61.52954865WCIV
Turagua Airport (SVTU)7.78333282N 69.23332977W
Turapa Airport (SVTB)7.4000001N 64.3666687W
Turen Airport (SVTV)9.27005577N 69.11301422WCIV
Uon Quen Airport (SVUQ)4.98333311N 61.72833252W
Upata Airport (SVUP)7.97908974N 62.32863617WCIV
Urica Airport9.69999981N 64.03333282W
Uruyen Airport (SVUY)5.6800499N 62.4571991W
Uverito Airport8.67031956N 62.62540054WCIV
Valera Airport (VLV/SVVL)9.3406477N 70.58435822WCIV
Valle de la Pascua Airport (VDP/SVVP)9.22202778N 65.99337006WCIV
Valle Grande Airport (SVVD)8.26666737N 67.16666412W
Wanana Airport4.33333302N 65.25W
Wasara Airport4.73910999N 65.21530151W
Washina Airport3.46666694N 65.33333588W
Yajanamateli Airport3.61666703N 65.19999695W
Zaraza Airport9.33831024N 65.31700134W