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30 Unpaveds found in Venezuela. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Agropecuaria Cuajarote Airport9.25608826N 67.55653381WCIV
Agua Linda Airport (SVGL)7.63891363N 70.85274506WCIV
Bella Vista Airport (SVWE)8.01621437N 69.83217621WCIV
Bernal Airport (SVBE)9.66666698N 72.58333588WCIV
Ceibana Airport9.40705967N 71.03919983WCIV
Central Matilde Airport (SVTJ)10.15629482N 68.86151886WCIV
Chinazón Airport (SVCW)9.32361794N 70.93286133WCIV
El Dorado Airport (EOR/SVED)6.71575212N 61.63869095WCIV
El Oasis Airport (SVHO)8.36822033N 69.95731354WCIV
El Respiro Airport (SVER)7.20644903N 68.97852325WCIV
Hacienda El Oasis Airport8.37622738N 69.97840118WCIV
Juan Mateo Airport7.42902851N 68.13859558WCIV
La Bananera Airport (SVWB)10.47949982N 68.47280121WCIV
La Blanquilla Airport (SVLB)11.82057858N 64.58621216WCIV
La Candelaria Airport (SVLN)10.72712135N 68.33281708WCIV
La Tigra Airport (SVTG)7.63420534N 68.70044708WCIV
Lagunillas Airport (LGY)10.1239996N 71.23799896W
Las Carmelitas de Apure Airport7.21166706N 69.84999847WCIV
Las Cruces Airport (SVLZ)8.32864666N 68.75221252WCIV
Manapiare Airport (SVMY)5.31260586N 66.04982758WCIV
Marieta Airport5.16863298N 66.52495575WCIV
Oritupano Airport (SVOK)9.06166744N 63.44499969WCIV
Pesurca Airport (SVPJ)6.27804327N 69.32619476WCIV
Piscuri Airport (SVKI)7.54665995N 71.78839874WCIV
Raudales de Danta Airport5.04021215N 67.55341339WCIV
Sabaneta Airport (SVOE)8.74413967N 69.9138031WCIV
San Antonio De Barinas Airport (SVSG)8.56119251N 70.04995728WCIV
Tierra Negra Airport (SVQK)9.67833328N 66.16333008WCIV
Venelac Airport (SVVQ)10.24237728N 70.50182343W
Yutaje Airport (SVYT)5.6099081N 66.11069489WCIV