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24 Fields found in Viet Nam. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Cà Mau Airport (CAH/VVCM)9.17737007N 105.17726898ECIV
Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR/VVCR)11.99820042N 109.21951294ECIV/MIL
Cat Bi International Airport (HPH/VVCI)20.8169136N 106.72341156ECIV
Chu Lai Airport (VCL)15.40603065N 108.70595551ECIV/MIL
Co Ong Airport (VCS/VVCS)8.73182964N 106.63300323ECIV
Da Nang International Airport (DAD/VVDN)16.05304718N 108.20137787ECIV/MIL
Dien Bien Phu Airport (DIN/VVDB)21.39729881N 103.0059433ECIV
Dong Hoi Airport (VDH/VVDH)17.51499939N 106.59055328ECIV
Dong Tac Airport (TBB/VVTH)13.04876328N 109.33429718ECIV/MIL
Gia Lam Air Base (VVGL)21.04050064N 105.88600159ECIV/MIL
Haiphong Kien An Airport20.80340004N 106.60500336ECIV
Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport (HAN/VVNB)21.21517181N 105.80558777ECIV/MIL
Lien Khuong Airport (DLI/VVDL)11.75329113N 108.36794281ECIV
Phú Bài International Airport (HUI/VVPB)16.40047073N 107.7040329ECIV
Phù Cát Airport (UIH/VVPC)13.95516682N 109.04204559ECIV/MIL
Phu Quoc Airport (PQC/VVPQ)10.16955662N 103.99545288ECIV
Phung-Duc Airport (BMV/VVBM)12.66829967N 108.12021637ECIV
Pleiku Airport (PXU/VVPK)14.00450039N 108.01699829ECIV
Rach Giá Airport (VKG/VVRG)9.95798779N 105.13250732ECIV
Song Mao Airfield11.26018047N 108.4895401ECIV
Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN/VVTS)10.81754017N 106.66309357ECIV/MIL
Trà Nóc International Airport (VCA/VVCT)10.08510017N 105.71199799ECIV/MIL
Vinh Airport (VII/VVVH)18.73751831N 105.67070007ECIV
Vũng Tàu Airport (VTG/VVVT)10.37541294N 107.096138ECIV