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37 Airfields found in Zimbabwe. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Binga Airport (FVBI)17.64752769S 27.3169632ECIV
Buffalo Range Airport (BFO/FVCZ)21.00810051S 31.57859993E
C.C. Strip (FVCC)17.43300056S 30.29999924E
Centenary Airport (FVCN)16.73410034S 31.12199974E
Charles Prince Airport (FVCP)17.75151825S 30.92478561ECIV
Chizarira Airport (FVCR)17.68300056S 27.89999962E
Dudley Airport (FVDU)18.28300095S 31.4829998E
Fylde Air Base18.16444588S 29.96460152EMIL
Gwanda Airport (FVGD)20.89999962S 29E
Gweru Airport (FVGW)19.54999924S 29.7329998E
Hwange Airport (WKI/FVWT)18.36266136S 26.52069092ECIV
Hwange National Park Airport (HWN/FVWN)18.62989998S 27.02099991ECIV/MIL
Induna Airport (FVIN)20.07989693S 28.70699501E
Inyati Airport (FVYT)19.70000076S 28.85000038E
Itafa Airport (FVIT)18.29999924S 29.88299942E
Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport (BUQ/FVBU)20.02183533S 28.62772751ECIV
Kariba Airport (KAB/FVKB)16.51980019S 28.88500023E
Kotwa Airport (FVOT)16.98480034S 32.67269897E
Kwekwe Airport (FVKK)18.93309784S 29.841856ECIV
Kwekwe East Airport19.01112366S 30.02535057ECIV
Langford Airport (FVLA)17.93300056S 30.95000076E
Longuiel Airport (FVLG)17S 29.63299942E
Lusulu Airport (FVLU)18.08300018S 27.86700058E
Mabalauta Airport (FVBL)21.91699982S 31.46699905E
Marondera Airport (FVMA)18.18756676S 31.46935844ECIV
Masvingo International Airport (MVZ/FVMV)20.05529976S 30.85910034E
Mhangura Airport16.91010094S 30.24230003E
Mount Darwin Airport (FVMD)16.76919937S 31.55979919E
Mutara Grand Reef Airport (FVGR)18.97750092S 32.45080185ECIV
Mutare Airport (UTA/FVMU)18.99697113S 32.62713623ECIV
Mutoko Airport (FVMT)17.43190002S 32.18450165E
Renroc Airport (FVRE)16.96699905S 29.56699944E
Rusape Airport (FVRU)18.53300095S 32.13299942E
Thornhill Air Base (GWE/FVTL)19.43664169S 29.8618145EMIL
Tonje Airport (FVTJ)20.31699944S 32.34999847E
Zisco Airport (FVSC)19.02899742S 29.72211647ECIV
Zvishavane Airport (FVSH)20.28961945S 30.08828545ECIV