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19 Unpaveds found in Zimbabwe. Click on an airfield name to go to the airfield page, or click on the coordinates to find it on the map.

Field nameCoordinates
Beit Bridge Airport (FVBB)22.19626617S 30.0137825ECIV
Bumi Airport (FVBM)16.81675339S 28.34562302ECIV
Cam and Motor Airport (FVCM)18.30044746S 29.97974396ECIV
Chipinge Airport (CHJ/FVCH)20.20698166S 32.62937164ECIV
Chirundu Airport (FVCD)15.99818516S 28.89909935ECIV
Chivu Airport (FVCV)19.01612282S 30.9211998ECIV
Deka Airport (FVDE)18.09326935S 26.71429443ECIV
Filabusi Airport (FVFI)20.53593445S 29.2551136ECIV
Gokwe Airport (FVGO)18.23872566S 28.96637535ECIV
Hippo Valley Airport (FVHY)21.05003929S 31.65841675ECIV
Mabikwa Airport (FVMF)18.74486732S 27.54690552ECIV
Mashumbi Airport (FVMB)16.17211151S 30.56451035ECIV
Middle Sabi Airport (FVMS)20.2161541S 32.37639999ECIV
Mkwasine Airport (FVKW)20.79121399S 31.81365204ECIV
Nyanyadzi Airport (FVNY)19.72427368S 32.42596054ECIV
Spray View Airport (FVSV)17.92980003S 25.77352715ECIV
Tinfields Airport (FVTD)19.94201279S 31.42656326ECIV
Tuli Airport (FVTU)21.93492508S 29.19633865ECIV
Zisco Airport (FVZC)19.02845764S 29.7217617ECIV