Aermacchi MB-339 info and construction numbers

All known Aermacchi MB-339 construction number are shown in the table below. Logged in users with recorded sightings will see the construction numbers for which they have sightings in the database highlighted in yellow.

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Line numbers are shown in brackets behind the construction numbers. If a line number is not yet assigned it is left open. The list can be sorted by construction number or line number.

Full type:
Aermacchi MB-339
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Search aliasses:
MB-339, MB.339, MB339
Produced in:
In production:
Total known c/n's:
Seen on c/n:
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The line numbers as quoted are believed to be the correct order. However, there are several gaps and discrepancies. There are very likely some incorrect ones, besides the missing line numbers.
More info:
6573 (001)6629 (024)6653/AC007 (056)6678/AD012 (074)6702/AA044 (098)6726/AF004 (122)6760/AA071 (148)6795/CB006 (171)6862/CD003 (196)6951/CD021 (220)
6574 (002)6630 (025)6654/AC008 (057)6679/AC015 (075)6703/AA045 (099)6727/AF005 (123)6761/AA072 (149)6797/CB007 (172)6863/CE001 (209)6952/CD022 (221)
6597/AA001 (004)6631 (026)6655/AC009 (058)6680/AC016 (076)6704/AM010 (100)6728/AA062 (124)6762/AA073 (150)6798/CB008 (173)6864/CE002 (210)6953/CD023 (222)
6598/AD001 (005)6632 (027)6656/AC010 (059)6681/AD013 (077)6705/AA046 (101)6730/AA063 (126)6763/AA074 (151)6799/CB009 (174)6865/CD004 (197)6954/CD024 (223)
6599/AA002 (006)6633 (028)6657/AC011 (060)6682/AD014 (078)6706/AA047 (102)6731 (127)6764/AA075 (152)6800/CB010 (175)6866/CD005 (198)6955/CD025 (224)
6600/AA003 (007)6634/AA017 (031)6658/AC012 (061)6683/AD015 (079)6707/AM011 (103)6732 (128)6765/AA076 (160)6801/CB011 (176)6867/CD006 (199)6956/CD026 (225)
6601/AA004 (008)6635/AA018 (032)6659/AC013 (063)6684/AA035 (080)6708/AA048 (104)6733 (129)6766/AA077 (154)6802/CB012 (177)6868/CE003 (211)6957/CD027 (226)
6602/AA005 (009)6636/AA019 (033)6660/AC014 (064)6685/AA036 (081)6709/AA049 (105)6735 (130)6767/AA078 (155)6805/CB013 (178)6869/CE004 (212)6958/CD028 (227)
6603/AA006 (010)6637/AA020 (034)6661/AA030 (044)6686/AA037 (082)6710/AM012 (106)6736 (131)6768/AA079 (156)6806/CB014 (179)6870/CD007 (200)6959/CD029 (228)
6604/AA007 (011)6638/AA021 (035)6662 (045)6687/AA038 (083)6711/AA050 (107)6737 (132)6769/AA080 (157)6807/CB015 (180)6871/CD008 (201)6960/CD030 (229)
6605/AA008 (012)6639/AA022 (036)6663/AA031 (046)6688/AA039 (084)6712/AA051 (108)6738 (133)6770/AA081 (158)6828/CB016 (181)6872/CD009 (202)6995 (230)
6606/AA009 (013)6640/AA023 (037)6664/AA032 (047)6689/AA040 (085)6713/AA052 (109)6739/AM013 (134)6771/AA082 (159)6829/CB017 (182)6873/CE005 (213)6996
6607/AA010 (014)6641/AA024 (038)6666/AA033 (048)6690/AA041 (086)6714/AA053 (110)6740/AA067 (135)6772/AD0186830/CB018 (183)6874/CE006 (214)6997
6608/AA011 (015)6642/AA025 (039)6667/AA034 (049)6691/AA042 (087)6715/AA054 (111)6741/AA068 (136)6773/AD0196835 (184)6875/CD010 (203)6998
6609/AA012 (016)6643/AA026 (040)6668/AD002 (062)6692/AA043 (088)6716/AA055 (112)6742/AA069 (137)6774 (162)6836 (185)6876/CD011 (204)6999
6610/AA013 (017)6644/AA027 (041)6669/AD003 (065)6693/AM001 (089)6717/AA061 (113)6743/AD016 (138)6775 (163)6842/AH003 (186)6877/CD012 (205)7000
6611/AA014 (018)6645/AA028 (042)6670/AD004 (066)6694/AM002 (090)6718/AA057 (114)6745/AF007 (139)6776/AH001 (164)6846/AA083 (188)6878/CD013 (206)
6622/AA015 (029)6646/AA029 (043)6671/AD005 (067)6695/AM003 (091)6719/AA058 (115)6747/AF008 (140)6777/AH002 (165)6847/AA084 (189)6879/CD014 (207)
6623/AA016 (030)6647/AC001 (050)6672/AD006 (068)6696/AM004 (092)6720/AA059 (116)6749/AF009 (141)6778/AH004 (187)6848/AA085 (190)6880/CD015 (208)
6624 (019)6648/AC002 (051)6673/AD007 (069)6697/AM005 (093)6721/AA060 (117)6751/AF010 (142)6783/CB003 (168)6849/AA086 (191)6946/CD016 (215)
6625 (020)6649/AC003 (052)6674/AD008 (070)6698/AM006 (094)6722/AA061 (118)6753/AF011 (143)6786/CB001 (166)6852/AA087 (192)6947/CD017 (216)
6626 (021)6650/AC004 (053)6675/AD009 (071)6699/AM007 (095)6723/AF001 (119)6755/AF012 (144)6790/CB002 (167)6853/AA088 (193)6948/CD018 (217)
6627 (022)6651/AC005 (054)6676/AD010 (072)6700/AM008 (096)6724/AF002 (120)6757/AD017 (145)6792/CB004 (169)6859/CD001 (194)6949/CD019 (218)
6628 (023)6652/AC006 (055)6677/AD011 (073)6701/AM009 (097)6725/AF003 (121)6759/AA070 (146)6794/CB005 (170)6861/CD002 (195)6950/CD020 (219)

Although every effort is made to ensure correctness and completeness of the construction number lists, errors are bound to be made. It cannot be guaranteed that the information displayed on this page is completely accurate. If you do find errors (e.g. missing construction numbers or incorrect construction numbers) please notify Spottingmode through this form.