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Around the world thousands of old planes can be found at various locations and in various conditions. In Museums, on sticks, in the middle of small villages, in use as bars and nightclubs, dumped by the roadside or quiet victims of all kinds of abuse. This site tries to create as accurate an overview as possible of all these planes that do not fly anymore. This is an ongoing effort as many of these planes still do move and find new homes, besides of course the 'new' old planes to appear. Check the list to find locations near you, view the pictures or simply download the complete overview!

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Latest updates on linked planes

Latest updates of planes linked to the wrecks & relics locations. Planes for which you have sightings in the plane log database are highlighted in yellow (light yellow if only a sighting by construction number).

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceLocationStatus
SP-KWN856Jetstream 3201PolandCivilCranfield, United KingdomDumped
VT-815719Vampire T.55FinlandAir ForceJyvaskyla - Museum, FinlandPreserved
64056N.2502APortugalAir ForceSintra - Museu do Ar, PortugalPreserved
F-BLHE/OH3N.262FranceCivilLa Ferte-Alais, FrancePreserved
914SH.1941SC.7OmanAir ForceMuscat, OmanDerelict
901SH.1879SC.7OmanAir ForceMuscat, OmanDerelict
902SH.1875SC.7OmanAir ForceMuscat, OmanDerelict
3535Super EtendardFranceNavyBrest, FrancePreserved
3333Super EtendardFranceNavyLandivisiau, FrancePreserved
6167Super EtendardFranceNavyLandivisiau, FrancePreserved
E30/7-PWE30Jaguar EFranceAir ForceSt Yan, FranceStored
319/33-CN319Mirage 3RFranceAir ForceSt Yan, FranceStored
5555N.262AFranceAir ForceSt Yan, FrancePreserved
RA06/61-ZBA06C-160RFranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
R154/61-ZTF154C-160RFranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
RA02/61-MIA02C-160RFranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
F42/61-MNF42C-160RFranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
R11/61-MFF11C-160RFranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
R215/64-GOF218C-160RFranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
R157/61-ZWF157C-160RFranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
R46/61-MRF46C-160RFranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
131131Da.20FranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
422/F-RAEH422Da.20FranceAir ForceChateaudun, FranceStored
5151N.262EFranceNavyChateaudun, FranceStored
4646N.262EFranceNavyChateaudun, FranceStored

Latest updates (of 13127 locations in the database)

Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Cranfield, England, United Kingdom52.06790924N 0.62765402WB737 i/a at Cranfield UniversityCivil26 June 2017
Montijo, Portugal38.70135117N 9.04339886W6x C-212Military25 June 2017
La Ferte-Alais, France48.49638367N 2.34273267EN.262, DC-3Both24 June 2017
Muscat, Oman23.59922218N 58.25915527E3x SkyvanMilitary24 June 2017
Landivisiau, France48.52693176N 4.13602543W2x Super EtendardMilitary24 June 2017
St Yan, France46.40810394N 4.02679110EMirage 3, Jaguar, in one of the hangarsMilitary23 June 2017
St Yan, France46.41120911N 4.02628517EN.262Military23 June 2017
Chateaudun, France48.05453873N 1.36793172EMany stored planesMilitary23 June 2017
Caen Carpiquet, France49.17938614N 0.47296464W3x Yak-54, MS.733
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil23 June 2017
Veen, The Netherlands51.77378845N 5.09202623EMi-2 at "DIY shop "Bouwie"Military22 June 2017
Yanliang, China34.64430618N 109.19024658E3x B737Civil21 June 2017
Yanliang, China34.64714050N 109.19126129EVarious planes and plane partsBoth21 June 2017
Murted, Turkey40.06399536N 32.55962753EF-104Military19 June 2017
Toulouse - Ailes Anciennes, France43.65725327N 1.35936654EVariousBoth19 June 2017
Toulouse - Aeroscopia, France43.65940857N 1.36011004EVariousBoth19 June 2017
Hakimpet, India17.53972816N 78.52478027ETS-11Military18 June 2017
Hyderabad, India17.49165535N 78.51772308EAjeetMilitary18 June 2017
Landivisiau, France48.52248001N 4.14076233WF-8, Etendard, Super EtendardMilitary17 June 2017
Cairo West, Egypt30.10365105N 30.91586304EMiG-21Military16 June 2017
Cairo West, Egypt30.10692787N 30.91526604EIl-28Military16 June 2017