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20 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Albania. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Farke, Albania41.31514359N 19.88023567EMi-4Military12 January 20171
Farke, Albania41.31624603N 19.88534927EVarious stored Mi-4Military12 January 201729
Gjader, Albania41.87562561N 19.58887100EMany stored jets inside mountain hangarMilitary12 January 201731
Gjirokaster, Albania40.07382202N 20.14018250ET-33Military2 September 20121
Kucove, Albania40.78681946N 19.89204597EVariousMilitary12 January 20175
Kucove, Albania40.78373337N 19.89729881Evarious stored jets and CJ-6Military12 January 201718
Kucove, Albania40.78198242N 19.90106964E2x MiG-19, CJ-6Military12 January 201710
Kucove, Albania40.77454758N 19.93190002EMany stored jets, more inside the mountain hangarMilitary12 January 201750
Kucove, Albania40.78536224N 19.89459038EMiG-19, CJ-6Military11 October 2016
Lundër 1, Albania41.28351212N 19.85619164EMiG-21Military10 October 20161
Tirana, Albania41.30532455N 19.75391960EMiG-19Military2 September 20121
Tirana, Albania41.41413879N 19.71434021E2x MiG-19Military12 January 20172
Tirana, Albania41.41302872N 19.71463966EIl-28Military2 September 20121
Tirana, Albania41.41418076N 19.70475197EShelter complex with many stored planes inside shelters and on the flightline - this location is probably empty by now, with all planes relocated to other locations on the airfield (#16351 & #16352) or elsewhere for display.Military2 November 20167
Tirana, Albania41.41996002N 19.71345139EAn-2Unknown12 January 20171
Tirana, Albania41.40428543N 19.71793365Evarious stored airlinersCivil1 November 20164
Tirana, Albania41.41202927N 19.71397781EVarious storedMilitary2 November 201611
Tirana, Albania41.41107178N 19.71383858EVarious dumpedMilitary2 November 20161
Tirana - Armed Forces Museum, Albania41.34147263N 19.83860207EVariousMilitary8 October 20164
Vlore, Albania40.47750473N 19.48431587EMiG-15, CJ-6Military12 January 20172