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28 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Angola. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Caboledo, Angola9.6462965S 13.27582932E2x Il-76, B727, An-12Both25 December 20172
Catumbela, Angola12.47307491S 13.49602318EvariousMilitary12 October 2016
Catumbela, Angola12.47225475S 13.50087547E2x L-29Military12 October 2016
Catumbela, Angola12.46769047S 13.49550819EVarious jets across the airfieldMilitary16 December 2017
Coemba, Angola12.14581871S 18.09065437EAn-32Civil12 October 2016
Cuito Cuanavale - Memorial Park Museum, Angola15.16076279S 19.16471100EMiG-23, Su-22Military1 December 20153
Dundo, Angola7.40300894S 20.81160736EAn-8 wreckCivil25 December 20171
Huambo, Angola12.7992754S 15.75306416EGulfstream 2Civil25 December 2017
Huambo, Angola12.80135727S 15.75127220EAn-12Unknown12 October 20161
Lobito, Angola12.37021923S 13.53897285EPC-7Military12 October 20161
Luanda, Angola8.85836029S 13.22918510EVariousUnknown12 October 2016
Luanda, Angola8.85323143S 13.22742653EVariousNotset14 April 20133
Luanda, Angola8.84916115S 13.22703838EMiG-17Military12 October 20161
Luanda, Angola8.8454771S 13.24374485EVariousCivil16 December 2017
Luanda - Fortaleza de São Miguel, Angola8.80870628S 13.22299385E2x T-6Military18 May 20162
Luanda - Museu da Força Aérea Nacional, Angola8.84948444S 13.22823143EVariousMilitary12 October 20166
Lubango, Angola14.93058872S 13.56992245EMiG-21Military14 April 20131
Lubango, Angola14.92151833S 13.56259632EVarious MiG-21/23 in dispersals, some probably wfuMilitary14 April 2013
Lucapa, Angola8.44283295S 20.73100281EAn-12Civil19 December 20171
Lucapa, Angola8.43951607S 20.73020172EAn-12, B727Civil19 December 20172
Luena, Angola11.78492737S 19.91594887EMiG-21 should be in this park, covered by trees. Not clearly visible, exact location needs to be confirmedMilitary12 October 20161
Luzamba, Angola9.12229824S 18.04520226EAn-12 wreck?Notset14 April 2013
Luzamba, Angola9.1149025S 18.05127335E2x wreckNotset14 April 20131
Luzamba, Angola9.10938358S 18.05272675EwreckNotset14 April 20131
Menongue, Angola14.6624155S 17.72197342EPlane partsUnknown28 September 2013
Mocamedes, Angola15.26038361S 12.14064217EB727Civil12 October 2016
Saurimo, Angola9.69638538S 20.42548561EMi-8Military1 April 2018
Saurimo, Angola9.69353008S 20.42832947EMiG-23Military1 April 2018