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16 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Azerbaijan. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Baku, Azerbaijan40.34718704N 49.96325302EL-29Military1 December 2015
Baku, Azerbaijan40.47156143N 50.06756973ETu-154Civil1 November 2016
Baku-Lala, Azerbaijan40.39889908N 50.20339584EVariousCivil6 April 2013
Baku-Lala, Azerbaijan40.40192032N 50.20362091E6x Mi-24Military6 April 2013
Baku-Lala, Azerbaijan40.42091370N 50.20837402EMi-24Military6 April 2013
Baku-Zabrat, Azerbaijan40.49348450N 49.96816635EHelicopterMilitary6 April 2013
Baku-Zabrat, Azerbaijan40.49697495N 49.97085571EMi-2Unknown29 October 2017
Ganja, Azerbaijan40.71909714N 46.35847473EMiG-17Military21 September 2013
Kupchal, Azerbaijan41.35680771N 48.46392059ETu-134 forward fuselage. Abortive attempt to open a roadside restaurant.Civil29 October 20171
Kyurdamir, Azerbaijan40.27648926N 48.17755508ELarge number of L-29Military17 May 2018
Nasosnyy, Azerbaijan40.59694290N 49.54987717E3x jet fuselageMilitary6 April 2013
Nasosnyy, Azerbaijan40.59854889N 49.53955078E2x MiG-25Military6 April 2013
Nasosnyy, Azerbaijan40.60358429N 49.54766846ELarge number of MiG-25 (all wfu?)Military6 April 2013
Nasosnyy, Azerbaijan40.60072708N 49.54110718EYak-28Military6 April 2013
Samaxi, Azerbaijan40.62181854N 48.65840912ESu-15Military1 December 2015
Yevlax, Azerbaijan40.62836838N 47.14139175EAn-2Civil6 April 2013