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40 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Bangladesh. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Barisal, Bangladesh22.69777870N 90.36949158EMiG-19Military15 May 20171
Bogra, Bangladesh24.88887405N 89.36033630EMiG-19Military15 May 20171
Chittagong, Bangladesh22.26079559N 91.81057739EVariousMilitary14 October 20163
Chittagong, Bangladesh22.25451469N 91.81295013E4x MiG-19Military14 October 20162
Chittagong, Bangladesh22.31374359N 91.80187225EMiG-19Military11 March 20131
Chittagong, Bangladesh22.26351357N 91.82817078EMiG-19Military14 March 20161
Chittagong, Bangladesh22.26029205N 91.81286621EMiG-19Military14 October 20161
Chittagong, Bangladesh22.26367378N 91.81576538E2x MiG-19, 6x A-5Military14 October 20168
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh21.44896126N 91.96623230ESeveral commutersCivil11 November 20174
Dhaka, Bangladesh23.82678413N 90.40534210EMiG-19Military11 March 20131
Dhaka, Bangladesh23.83417702N 90.39900208EMiG-21Military11 March 20131
Dhaka, Bangladesh23.85567284N 90.39702606EVarious airlinersCivil11 March 20131
Dhaka, Bangladesh23.73655510N 90.39752197EMiG-19Military11 March 20131
Dhaka, Bangladesh23.82818794N 90.39768982EMiG-21Military14 March 20161
Dhaka, Bangladesh23.85318947N 90.40447998ECe.150
credits: Shadman al Samee
Civil30 May 20161
Dhaka, Bangladesh23.83776093N 90.35765839ECM.170 at Military Institute of Science and Technology
credits: Shadman al Samee
Military14 October 20161
Dhaka, Bangladesh23.83899689N 90.41201019EPA-34Civil11 October 20171
Dhaka - Bangladesh Liberation War Museum, Bangladesh23.73193359N 90.40705872EHunterMilitary17 July 20161
Dhaka - Border Guard Museum, Bangladesh23.73108864N 90.37953186EP.136
credits: Shadman al Samee
Civil30 May 20161
Dhaka - Liberation War Museum, Bangladesh23.77552986N 90.36961365EAlouette 3Military2 February 20181
Dhaka - National Science Museum, Bangladesh23.77908325N 90.37184906EMiG-19, 2x DHC-2
credits: Shadman al Samee
Both14 October 20163
Dhaka-Tejgaon, Bangladesh23.78056908N 90.38916016EMiG-21Military11 March 20131
Dhaka-Tejgaon, Bangladesh23.77234650N 90.38955688EMiG-21Military11 March 20131
Dhaka-Tejgaon, Bangladesh23.76512718N 90.38366699EMiG-19Military11 March 20131
Dhaka-Tejgaon - Bangladesh Air Force Museum, Bangladesh23.77988434N 90.38107300EVariousMilitary21 May 201518
Khulna, Bangladesh22.82891655N 89.54949951EMiG-19
credits: Shadman al Samee
Military14 October 20161
Matiur Rahman, Bangladesh23.18570137N 89.15776825E4x CM.170Military21 May 20154
Matiur Rahman, Bangladesh23.18229866N 89.15753174ECM.170, T-37Military20 May 20172
Matiur Rahman, Bangladesh23.18377876N 89.15652466EMiG-19? in piecesMilitary21 May 20151
Matiur Rahman, Bangladesh23.18793488N 89.15552521ECM.170Military11 March 20131
Matiur Rahman, Bangladesh23.18475342N 89.15436554E3x T-37, A-5Military14 October 20162
Matiur Rahman, Bangladesh23.18457603N 89.15220642ECM.170Military21 May 20151
Matiur Rahman, Bangladesh23.18189430N 89.15143585EMiG-19Military21 May 20151
Mouchak, Bangladesh24.02270699N 90.29362488EMiG-19Military15 May 20171
Patuakhali, Bangladesh22.45368004N 90.34098816EMiG-19Military15 May 20171
Saidpur, Bangladesh25.76239586N 88.91578674ET-37Military15 May 20171
Shamshernagar, Bangladesh24.39806366N 91.90731049ECM.170Military5 October 20131
Shamshernagar, Bangladesh24.40296745N 91.91083527E2x T-37Military15 May 20172
Sylhet, Bangladesh24.94798088N 91.97103119EAn-26
credits: Shadman al Samee
Civil14 October 20161
Uttara, Bangladesh23.87488174N 90.38748169ECe.150 i/a at Aeronautical College of Bangladesh (needs to be confirmed the plane is at this location)Civil6 December 20161